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The "Products made up by QT" Topic

Imagine if they were actually apple flavoured :o

Does anyone no where i can get some Kahuna burger stuff. ;D

What ot brand do u like

i like Big Kahuna Burger & Red apple.

does anyone no where i can get some kahuna burgers or stuff like t’s and mugs cuz ebay sucks.

No, but I could tell you where you find the search button!
Cuz this is the 7th topic about the same stuff you made :o I merged some of them to this topic and pmed you after the very first double topic to use this one…

Gimme a break :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun, Dman.

haha! awesome site! :smiley: 8)

I don’t know if Avary did invent K-Billy cuz in my best friend’s birthday quentin plays Clarence, he works in a radio named…K-Billy!
maybe they wrote that part together I ain’t sure

Avary co-wrote Death Proof too, don’t you know that?!!


Death Proof:

Chatanooga Lager
Go Red
Red Apple Cigarettes
Big Kahuna Burger

in addition to a lot of fake brands in Death Proof QT used real brands for the very first time, which surprised me.

Ray Ban, Chesterfield and Red Bull

La Lousiane or whatever the tavern is called in Inglourious Basterds… Never been to France so I have no idea if it’s real as well as the film within a film, as far as I know.

Is G-O juice from Death Proof an actual drink? I’m in canada and I know we don’t have that here.

guess we can add the fake movies from Basterds to this now, also :wink:

you should place a spolier warning. I mean I want to these new fake movies without hearing it from anyone else. just my 2 cents.

what exactly is spoilerish about this?

Big Kahuna Burger is a real restaurant here in San Diego, where I live. It was a restaurant long before QT wrote and shot Pulp Fiction.

Jack Rabbit Slim’s is a real restaurant in Philadelphia, PA.

Hey everyone,

I’m currently writing a masters dissertation investigating whether fictional brands in film and tv have value in real life. As a case study, I’m focusing on Tarantino’s use of fake brands such as Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple Cigarettes. I came across this post and I’d really love to hear from true Tarantino fans on this topic because nobody knows these brands better than you!

My thesis question asks whether consumers would buy these brands if they became available in real life or if they would just be a novelty or gimmick.

I made a survey to assess the value of these iconic fake brands and I’d really appreciate it if you could spare 3 minutes to fill it out. Also, feel free to post replies on this post about what you think.

Who knows, if the evidence suggests that there is a demand for these brands in reality, we may one day get to taste that tasty burger!

Here is the survey:

Thanks guys!

Look who’s back :slight_smile:

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