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The "Products made up by QT" Topic


1. red apple cigarettes

2. big kahouna burger

anything else?


Hawthorne’s Grill, or is that really a coffee shop?


I’m not sure about Hawthorne’s Grill. It’s possible that what was shot was based on a grill that Tarantino frequented in Hawthorne. I think he was more interested in the diner setting. There’s a lot of diners in the LA area.

As for products, what about that Chinese Fast Food in Jackie Brown?


and Teryaki doughtnuts


[quote]Hawthorne’s Grill, or is that really a coffee shop?[/quote]

It [b][i]was[/i][/b] a real coffee shop till they tore it down later in '96.

This is one that sounded like something Tarantino would create. When I was out in the valley is saw a [b]FIRESTONE[/b] called: [i][u]VIC'S FIRESTONE[/u][/i]. Sounds like something Tarantino would create.



Jack Rabbit Slim’s


KABOOM cerial


Quentin didn’t make that up though, General Mills actually makes that cereal.


[quote]KABOOM cerial[/quote]



House of Blue Leaves is a built set right? I assume this cause of all the insane shots with the camera…seems it’d be impossible with a REAL location.

on the trivia track commentary in Pulp Fiction is says the poptarts are fictionous along with the syringe that Lance has.

Then there’s items on the Jack Rabbit slim’s menue that are clever references.


QT used fake poptarts? He should be ashamed of himself! I’ll never watch Pulp again. HAHA


Big Jerry Cab Company in PF. Betcha didn’t thinka that one!


" “Dawn” director Robert Rodriguez, he adds, designed a label for a bottle of “Jose Quentin Tequila” for the scenes inside the Titty Twister saloon. (The slogan on the tequila label reads, “Drink with Quentin … and die.”) "


Is the airline in Jackie Brown fake?


Hi Everyone! Need a bit of Help.

Does anyone know a website where there is images of the logos for Big Kahuna Burgers and Red Apple Cigarettes???

Appreciate it if anyone could help!



Here’s the Big Kahuna logo…




Are red apple cigarretes real or just made up by QT?