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The "Products made up by QT" Topic


Hi and welcome!

Do you really think that a company would ad with “We want to take your money?”
And isn’t it strange that a company has a site with only this logo and no mare information, above all no email adress?
I will believe it after someone was there and send me a pic…

But there are some shops with the name Kahuna Burger:
Here you can read about it:
This shops are real.


Cicely, Alaska
Hazzard County, Georgia
Castle Rock, Maine
Lake Wobegon, Minnesota
Peyton Place, New Hampshire
East Clintwood, New Jersey
Mayberry, North Carolina
Twin Peaks, Washington

hahaha, cool ass site, somebody actually paid money for that


I don’t know, but i think i heard somewhere that the Big Kahuna Burger is Q.T. favorite hamburger… and because it’s not very famous and all known he put them into his movies.


What about the titty twister? I know its not a product, but he still made it up!


I know its not a brand by did QT make up K-BILLY’s super sounds of the 70’s?


I believe that was Roger Avary


Jack Rabbit Slim’s

Big Kahuna Burger




Teriyaki Donut[b

Anybody notice Marsellus Wallace, exiting Teriyaki Donut, carrying a box of a dozen donuts before getting hit by butch?

Fruit Brute Cereal

Web Page:

Kaboom Cereal

Hawthorne Grill

Red Apple Cigarette’s

Yes I have to much time on my hands… But it’s my day off work! aright!


Vasalube from Kill Bill was one I noticed today.


I’ve been looking for a good picture of the Red Apple cigarette-pack, like if someone had scanned the box art. Hook me up?


props to Dillon


Too bad about the quality. I really appreciate you’re trying, thanks :slight_smile:
If someone got it good quality please post. I’m gonna keep searching…



I laughed so hard when I first saw that. My friend was like “I swear it’s a real thing!!”… haha ;D


Bored so I made one out of the pic from the first reply.

phew…lots of skewing, stretching and rotatin in paint.


RedAppleCigs enters the forums with a bang!


i read that there are red apple cigs in every qt movie. where the hell are they in jackie brown and reservior dogs.


Hey, my first post on this forum, real nice. I was wondering if anyone knew where i can find a picture of Q.T’s Cig’s Red Apple ive looked all over google but get a small pic that’s all. I need to make my own pack of these for a small film im about to film…If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appriciated, thanks.


I’ve looked now, didn’t find any good pics but I am sure that I’ve seen good pics at this forum…

I’ll look some more…


Hi and welcome.
I merged your topic with this one. Johnny posted pics of the cigs before and luckily Sylvia found more.


Imagine if they were actually apple flavoured :o