Would you buy a Big Kahuna Burger or Red Apple Cigarettes?

Hey everyone,

I’m currently writing a masters dissertation investigating whether fictional brands in film and tv have value in real life. As a case study, I’m focusing on Tarantino’s use of fake brands such as Big Kahuna Burger and Red Apple Cigarettes.

My thesis question asks whether consumers would buy these brands if they became available in real life or if they would just be a novelty or gimmick. I’d really love to hear from true Tarantino fans on this topic because nobody knows these brands better than you!

I made a survey to assess the value of these iconic fake brands and I’d really appreciate it if you could spare 3 minutes to fill it out. Also, feel free to post replies on this post about what you think.

Who knows, if the evidence suggests that there is a demand for these brands in reality, we may one day get to taste that tasty burger!

Here is the survey:

Thanks guys!

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I would eat the delicious Big Kahuna burger then sit back and light up the Big Apple cigarette, making slow drags and blowing smoke circles​:smoking::smoking::smoking:

Ooops, Red Apple​:apple::apple::apple::smoking::smoking::smoking::smoking:

Exactly. I’d wolf down a Big Kahuna Double (in my head that’s a thing) then smoke a Red Apple outside processing my guilt for the choices I’d just made.

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Red Apple cigarettes. Ain’t hungry.

I would totally do both <3

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I would definitely eat a Big Kahuna cuz it’s a tasty burger! Then I would light up a Red Apple cigarette to enjoy an after dinner smoke following the delicious meal.

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I wouldn’t smoke any red apples, for two reasons. One, my brother has been struggling to quit smoking for some time now and I refuse to end up addicted like him or, through second hand, cause him to plummet back into his addiction. The other is that I just can’t stand the smell of tobacco. It’s fucken gross. However, I may buy a pack just to feed my Tarantino fandom. I would DEFINITELY eat a BKB though. I love meat of all kinds, but ground beef is my favorite. I could eat burgers all day every day (until the inevitability that I’d suffer health issues from not enough variety in my diet). So feeding my love of burgers and my Tarantino fandom at the same time is a definite yes. Plus, there’s an actual recipe online for a BKB and it has pineapple on it!!! Hell to the yes!