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[vol 1 OST] General Kill Bill volume 1 soundtrack talk



I don’t know if anybody knows this, but there is a song by Ennio Morricone called “Condor” that sounds exactly like Lonely Shepard, minus the pan flute.

Somebody posted the date of the Volume 2 Soundtrack somewhere. I think it might be late March.


I also thought that the middle part of “The Grand Duel” sounded quite similar to the theme in “Once Upon a Time in the West” when Claudia Cardinale arrives at the station.


[quote] The soundtrack and score for the second volume of Kill Bill has been completed. Some people have been complaining about the lack of RZA songs on the soundtrack but RZA has picked every song on there together with Quentin Tarentino plus he composed every bit of music in the movie including all the sound effects.




Vol. 2 Soundtrack is available to pre-order at Amazon with a release date of the 6th of April. Alas, there is no tracklisting…


This should be frontpage news


[quote]This should be frontpage news[/quote]

and it will


Where did you see that the OST will be released on april 6th?

If I look at it’s announced april 13th. At, as well.



My bad, Mr. Bill. In my over eagerness to share the news, I typed the wrong release date. The release date stated on Amazon is indeed the 13th of April…we must wait just a bit longer…


hey hey hey what is goin on here?


get it?

mr.belding used to…

say that on the show?..

saved by the bell?

oh sure i’m the only one who watched it


Hell no, I still watch it.


Fuckn rights! I even bought that fuckn dvd. It’s on Superstation all the time, I’ve watched that show since it was new, every fuckn saturday morning.


The college years kick ass.


Lisa turtle is kinda corny name for someone who wants to be in the design business

I wonder who Zacks doing now?

btw I recently chatted with Kinetic RZA’s assistant, but he woudlnt give me some names of tracks that would appear on the OST.

found Zack


hey, this is my first post, i watched saved by the bell too, zack was hot!


[quote]hey, this is my first post, i watched saved by the bell too, zack was hot![/quote]

Welcome to our lair! Kick-ass avatar.

On topic, why the hell do they insist on delaying everything for so long. The KB1 OST was out at least a week before the movie. It’s crap I tell you, crap!


I remember, I’ve had the JB-soundtrack a whole 3 months before they started it in Germany.


Anyobdy know what the thriller music(revenge music) is?


Does anybody know if “Il Triello” is going to be played in Volume 2???


Do you mean “Il Triello” or “Il Tramonto” by Ennio Morricone??


i mean “Il triello”, the same tune playing in the trailer!