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[vol 1 OST] General Kill Bill volume 1 soundtrack talk



so, here we go. we don’t know much about the Kill Bill soundtrack yet. What we know is, that theres that cool asian rockband called “the 5,6,7,8s” and know i wanna make “let’s gather info” topic here.

anybody who has full-lenth mp3s of them, please send me urls or whatever, i don’t have real-player but i wanna listen to mp3s of them.

do you think they are cool?


I think they are very cool!

Im hoping Quentin uses more of that 60s surf music in Kill Bill too. That would be so cool. Hes described surf music as “rock n roll spaghetti western music”. And he said Pulp Fiction was like a rock n roll spaghetti western. 8)

I also hope he uses some strange country music like he did in Maynards Pawn Shop in PF.

And another kind of music Id like to hear is some rockabilly. Like the song by Charlie Sexton at the beginning of True Romance, its called “Graceland”. I love that tune!


Strange country music in the PAwn Shop?

That would considered a surf song…the great thing about surf is that it has different mixes with Rock, Country, and it’s own sound.

But using surf in Kill Bill? I don’t know…I’d be nice if he used one or two for a battle sequence…but he hit big with it in Pulp, he used great songs…


The strange country song I was talkin about is Maria McKees “If Love is a Red Dress”. I wasnt talking about “Comanche” by The Revels. Comanche is the ass rape theme music.


So is there a confirmation that KILL BILL will have a score by a film composer? Or will it carry the tradition song-compilations as in QT films of the past?


there will definitely be a lot of compilation stuff, there are rock songs, flamenco tunes, spanish stuff and the’s stuff and a lot more… i hope i’ll hear more soon.


We don’t know of any official composer yet, but what I think Quentin will do is get different famous composers for each piece of music…for instance Lalo Schifrin would write the DiVAS-credits, Ennio Morricone would do the Elle and I-spaghetti western theme, a group like Goblin The Vengeance Theme, and so on. Thus creating some sort of best of compilation, like with his previous films, only this time with all music written especially for the movie. What do you guys think ? I think he could pull it off in theory, seeing the Asian dream team of choreographers involved in this film, why could he not do the same with the composers ? And in practice, it really is what I believe he has in mind…I don’t think he’d let all these different sorts of music (heavy metal, spaghetti western, rockabilly,…) be written by one composer. Wouldn’t it be helluva cool to have Morricone, Schifrin, Goblin,… -music all in one movie ?


I think that would be the bomb! Lalo Schifrin, Ennio Morricone AND Goblin! That would be unbelievable if it actually happened. Ive never seen 3 composers work on one film before so that would be a first as well. Even if QT just had Shifrin and Morricone, that would be great. I really hope QT gets Morricone to do original spaghetti western music for the film. It would be so awesome.




Id love to see that 8)


I thought I read somewhere that Llao Schifrin was confirmed to write a piece for it. All I know, is that QT does the most kickass soundtracks for his movies. I went out and bought the Jackie Brown soundtrack last night. Very good collection of music.


QT has a little bit of heavy metal in the film too. Im wondering whos gonna be doing that part of the film. The Showdown at House of Blue Leaves soundtrack is heavy metal too.

QTs soundtracks are all great. I have all of them so I listen to them alot. Lately Ive been listening to the From Dusk Till Dawn soundtrack. I love the music on that one.

So far from what Ive read and heard the following types of music will be on the soundtrack:

  • An unknown sad female song as the Kill Bill title credits music. Im thinking a R&B Blues song by someone like Janis Joplin, Ricki Lee Jones, Maria McKee, etc. might be used. Hopefully it will be a cool 60s or 70s hit.

  • Spanish flamenco guitar music

    -Spaghetti western music
  • Heavy Metal
  • Punk Rock (the 5678s)
  • Spanish rock music

    Other types I hope to hear:


    Surf music



I think he should try and get Yoko Kanno to do some of the music. Anyone heard the Cowboy Bebop soundtracks?


Christ that idea is inspired. Cowboy Bebop, while being just a decent show, has fucking amazing music. The 5678’s are playing at the House of Blue Leaves while the fight is occuring.


“Across 110Th Street” is one of my favourites songs in tarantino soundtracks. Could be cool this type of music in Kill Bill.


QT does the same thing with songs that he does to actors, he makes the uncool cool as all hell.


You think Cowboy Bebop is just a decent show? It’s like my most favorite show of all time. I think it’s kinda like pulp fiction, in the way that it dosn’t seem to complex at first, but it has tons of under lying themes running through it.

Plus the music is great.


It has some good episodes, but it can get very boring.


Cowboy Beepop is the best anime in the last years. How many episodes has the serie? I see about 26 episodes. Are there more?


It doesn’t touch Akira or Ghost in the Shell. I know they are movies.


Ya, it has 26 episodes. plus a movie (which I saw recently) it’s amazing. It’s like an episode of the show just extended about an hour and 45 minutes longer. The action scenes blew my mind.

Track it down if ya can.


Music is just plain fun in movies