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Quentin Tarantino Favorite Films

I’ll open this new topic to officially present this new page (still under work) from The Archives : Quentin Tarantino Favorite Films

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We collected every lists and tops mentionning Tarantino fav flicks. And some random quotes about movies or directors he likes.

We also opened this new page : Tarantino discusses his favorites

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This new category is also a way to introducte the new function on The archives : we can now add YouTube videos.

So you can discuss those new pages on this thread, help us to work on it, contribute and recommand us new links (like other tops and lists we might have forgotten, or other quotes about his favorite movies or directors, actors, and so on, or new videos from YouTube). Feel free to contribute in any way !

What do you want to do with this:

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The frist post was indeed a Tarantino top list, but the second is already a personal list from the user and the whole thread is about that, personnal Top 10. I saw it when I started to work on this wiki project. And the tops mentionned there are all included in the wiki page.

The thing is, most of the favorite movies said on the forum (like “Ive heard QT loves this or that, blabla”) have no sources. It’s not a problem when it comes to random quotes, but to include a top list, we HAVE to get the sources, if not it’s not useable.

I just saw that I already added QT’s top film list in the WIKI. In addition to the list you added, it means the two same lists have been added.

I just saw that I already added QT’s top film list in the WIKI. In addition to the list you added, it means the two same lists have been added.

Nope, I’ve kept the same page you created and kept your list, though I’ve edited it, and added the rest of the lists. So that we have no double-page. What do you think of the page ?

Send me the link.

Posted before already, here you are :

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Haha, oops, I’m not with it today. It’s a very nice looking page, lili. But I would say the “Coolest Movies of All Time” list needs listing from top-to-bottom (maybe in 2-3 columns), or if you’re going to have it as a paragraph like you have done at the moment, for it to have some sort of order so that it makes it easier to read/search. I realise I was supposed to do this back when I posted the films, but… I got nothing ;D

But I would say the “Coolest Movies of All Time” list needs listing from top-to-bottom (maybe in 2-3 columns)[/quote]

Good idea, I’ll try to see if I can do, see with Seb and Pete for the wiki codes to create columns.

Edit : okay, I’ve just talked with Seb. Colums will be weird since it’s supposed to be random, and only this list would be in column. We thought maybe we can sort them out by genres to group them a little bit, but again it’s not in the book. I guess the list might stay random that way, even if it looks messy…

the coolest movies of all time-list is at least from 1994. I don´t know if tarantino did this list by himself. He don´t like truffaut, he don´t like huston …

There are a few more lits of him I saw in different books. But all the movies from these lists are included in the coolest movies-list.

the coolest movies of all time-list is at least from 1994. I don´t know if tarantino did this list by himself. He don´t like truffaut, he don´t like huston …

He did that list for sure, I mean he has already mentionned it in interviews and all. And he might not love all Truffaut, how many movies directed by him are in the list anyway ? Jules and Jim ? And by Huston : Asphalt Jungle (which is obviously an EXCELLENT movie, even if you’re not fan of Huston), is that all ? Like there’s no other Scorsese movie except for Taxi Driver and he loves Scorsese. You shouldn’t take this list for granted, he might have done it in 1994 and this could be completely different now. It sure must be if you see the more recent list.

If you have any tops or list to submit, feel free to tell me. If I have the source, I can add it to the wiki. :wink:

ok, the list seems more like sources of inspiration for reservoir dogs (heist-movies) and pulp fiction (french nouvel vague).

Roy Bean is a Huston-movie too.

But there are no kung fu-flicks in there and only two spaghetti-western …

It would be like a dream come true if he would make such a list today for us.

That for sure, that’s an old list and if you see the recent top 20 he has given to The Deuce and to The Spaghetti Western Database, or other recent tops, he includes more grindhouse flicks.

Has anybody the entertainment weekly magazine 4/2004 with the specials about tarantino´s favourite film moments, his favourite make-out soundtrack …

and there must also be a list from him in entertainment magazine about his favourite films including japanese movies like all about lily chou-chou.

Thanks for having pointed out this interview. I just found it and will add it to the wiki. Here you are :,609546_6,00.html

QT’s Dream Team

A look at the director’s all-time would-be favorite actress to work with, monster to center a movie around, director to promote, and imported cut of meat to savor on his day of execution.

ACTRESS ‘‘As much as I want to live a long time – like, I want to live to 100 – I would give up five years of my life to work with Tura Satana [circa her starring role in 1965’s Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!]. She is Japanese, Cheyenne, and something else – awesome.’’

OBSCURE DIRECTOR ‘‘I’m a big fan of Brian Trenchard-Smith. He did a Vietnam movie called The Siege of Firebase Gloria [1989], starring Wings Hauser. He also did a really terrific movie, Dead End Drive-In [1986], based on a Peter Carey short story.’’

DESERT-ISLAND DATE ‘‘Pauline Kael [the late New Yorker film critic] – if we’d have enough movies to watch and talk about.’’

LAST SUPPER, GUESTS ‘‘Of creative people I know who like me and get me: [left to right] Paul Thomas Anderson, Robert Rodriguez, Sofia Coppola, [producer] Stacey Sher – those in particular.’’

LAST SUPPER, FOOD ‘‘Kobe beef.’’

MONSTER ‘‘I have an idea for a Godzilla movie that I’ve always wanted to do. The whole idea of Godzilla’s role in Tokyo, where he’s always battling these other monsters, saving humanity time and again – wouldn’t Godzilla become God? It would be called Living Under the Rule of Godzilla. This is what society is like when a big f – -ing green lizard rules your world.’’

Tarantino: Testing His Tastes

On the Pulp Fiction DVD (Collector’s Edition), one of the special features is a deleted scene in which Mia conducts a Barbara Walters-style interview of Vincent – camcorder in tow – before their date. The line of questioning centers on his preference for certain pop-culture staples: The Partridge Family or The Brady Bunch? Betty or Veronica? Her goal: To get him ‘‘to reveal things you normally wouldn’t.’’ Just like we do here with Tarantino himself. (Thanks for the insider tip, Mia!)

[X] Star Trek OR [ ] Star Wars

[ ] Larry David OR [X] Jerry Seinfeld

[X] Pizza OR [ ] Doughnuts

[X] Strip Club OR [ ] Massage Parlor

[ ] Bugs OR [X] Daffy

[X] Suspicion OR [ ] Notorious

[ ] Gun OR [X] Sword

[X] The Great Escape OR [ ] The Getaway

[X] Electric Chair OR [ ] Hanging

5.5 Killer Movie Moments

Tarantino’s off-the-top-of-his-head best-of list: bullets, baseball bats, a bitchin’ score, and the bodaciously batty

1 The last shoot-out in Michael Cimino’s Year of the Dragon ‘‘You forget to breathe during it!’’

2 Joe Don Baker in the bar with the baseball bat in the original Walking Tall.

3 ‘‘All the early stuff by William Witney [On the Old Spanish Trail; Adventures of Red Ryder], who, for all intents and purposes, created the modernized, choreographed Western fight scene we see today. He came up with the cinematic language by watching Busby Berkeley musicals.’’

4 Sonny Corleone getting it in The Godfather.

5 Dean Stockwell and Dennis Hopper singing ‘‘In Dreams’’ in David Lynch’s Blue Velvet. ‘‘You’re like, Is this even happening? Am I watching this?’’

5.5 ‘‘There’s a Japanese movie, All About Lily Chou-Chou, by a really terrific director, Shunji Iwai. He has my career in Japan – he did a movie called Swallowtail Butterfly that was to Japan what Pulp Fiction was to America. The Lily Chou-Chou soundtrack is really cool to make out to.’’

I haven’t seen that before. Nice find.

Wow, thanks a lot!

really interesting stuff, thanks

I added it to the wiki. :wink:

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so he would choose daffy over bugs and a strip club over a message parlor interesting :angel: The man is full of surprises