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Tarantino favorites on DVD and BluRay


I finally finished Volume 2 of my series, so this deservers a new forum topic for those out there trying to make their home video collections a little bit more complete…

10 Tarantino favorites on BluRay & DVD [Vol. 1]

10 Tarantino favorites on BluRay & DVD [Vol. 2]

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Also given the generally poor quality of the previous releases of The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, I would advise picking up the new edition by Kino Lorber, which I haven’t seen yet but easily looks to be the most definitive home video release (I don’t buy for a second that Leone intended the hideous yellow pallette of the previous release). It also contains both versions of the film, the original mono soundtrack as well as the 5.1 mix, and a host of special features (although the older ones seem to be presented in fairly poor quality here). It also happens to be on sale from the KL website right now (Nov. 2017).


Unfortunately it’s not all perfect, but for newcomers it might be the best out there. Only fans will notice or take issue with its flaws possibly…


I’d consider myself a fan, and it may not be perfect, but just from what I’ve read I think it will be good enough for me, and miles better than any previous release. I just noticed that Kino Lorber is planning releases of A Fistful of Dollars and For A Few Dollars More as well. Anyway, sorry if I’m cutting into your revenue with that link, but it seemed worth mentioning.


Yea they will release those in 2018, they’re even considering a 4K UHD BluRay of GBU


That is a really neat collection. I wasn’t able to purchase a new BluRay player last Black Friday before I’ve bought a set of nerf bars for my truck first. I’ll just try to have one this Christmas.


After further reading I see what you mean Seb. And I was really hoping this would be the one.