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Your Tarantino history

Care to share your history of Quentin Tarantino?

When did you first hear the name? How/Where did you first see his work? Etc…

As for me, It all began while browsing through an issue of PREMIER magazine. Apparently, Steve Buscemi (A rising actor who I liked) had won some sort of “best supporting” actor prize at Sundance in a film called RESERVIOR DOGS(?) “What the hell kinda title is that”? I said to myself. “Ehh, its just one of those good ol’ werido Independent films I guess”.

Even though I didn’t catch a description of the film, there turned out to be some sort of praise for it, and it was directed by this guy who had this memorable, retro-sounding name.

About a year later, DOGS landed in video stores. I immediately remembered it and wanted to give it a look. The clerk had told me it was one of the most bloodiest movies he had ever seen. “Thanks! Lookin’ forward to it!”, I said. Halfway in through the film and I knew that I was watching something very special, but shortly after the “commode” story, I was left disappointed. Why? Simply for the fact that it all had to end. I wanted more! So much more.

And within the next year, I would get it.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY had their “Fall film lineup” and one of the images presented in the article was a familiar looking one. It was the image of 2 tuxedo’ed guys standing side by side aiming their gats at somebody. I immediately looked to see who was directing this movie and sure enough, It was that Tarantino guy and…Again…this film had another weird title. But here’s the good news, it looks like Tarantino is picking up exactly where he left off with DOGS! And look at this! That’s John Travolta as one of those tough guys! Whoa! Isn’t that homey from JUNGLE FEVER and WHITE SANDS? What’s up with his 'fro? GOTTA see this!

Fall had arrived and ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY had this “Pulp Fiction” cast on the cover of the magazine. Not surprisingly, I glanced through Owen Glieberman’s review of the film which recieved an “A”. I was not surprised. It was even apparent that I didn’t even have to read what the film was about! (Which would explain why I haven’t visited the KILL BILL threads due to the fact that I don’t want to be “spoiled”) I just knew that the film was going to be that good, but had no idea that the film would eventually become my all-time favorite.

good story.

well I am younger than most of you guys and girls in here, that’s why my story starts much later.

It began somewhere in 97 or sometime before or after when I first saw Pulp Fiction on free TV. I was still very young and my dad was angry that I watched it because of the blood and the rape scene and all. But I liked the movie. And I taped it. And that tape I watched over and over again. I didn’t count how often. I started to memorize facts, dialogues and all. And after some time (half a year or so) I started to check out who that guy was that had the “written and directed” credit. Well, so came that I started to read bios and all.

The second Tarantino film I watched is, I guess, Desperado, which had his cameo in it.

And that started it all, in end of 1998 I started to collect QT info with the help of a school computer on the internet. I started to put that information together with MsWord, and in 1999 I decided to make a website, because it was so frustrating to me that I went online and just couldn’t find all the information I wanted on one place. And in 1999 I watched Reservoir Dogs, Four Rooms, Jackie Brown. Oh, Jackie Brown. I actually watched a documentary (one of those mixtures between making-of and trailer you know) on tv as it came out in germany. but that was too early for me. My tarantino story hadn’t really started back then.

One of the films I watched very late was From Dusk Till Dawn because it was hard to get here, if you wanted the uncut one.

And now, 2002, summer. Kill Bill is on the rise. And we are all sitting here and chewing finger-nails… till 2003.


The first time I saw Reservoir Dogs was in the Fall of 1992. I just graduated high school and I was in college for my first year. One of my friends from school had this flick called “Reservoir Dogs” that he rented on a whim from the local video store. When I was watching it for the first few minutes I said to myself “Theres an awful lot of talking in this movie”. I had yet to get into the groove of QTs dialogue style. Plus, up until that time I really hadnt watched alot of “independent” films, Dogs was probably the first indie film I saw that I fell in love with. Anyway, after seeing the super cool intro of the Dogs walking menacingly towards the camera in slow mo, with that Little Green Bag beat, thats when I knew it was gonna rock the house. I was pulled in the moment I heard Mr Orange yelling “Im gonna die!! I know it!!”. The rest as they say is history.

True Romance: I loved it after just watching the first few minutes of the film. Then I saw “Written by Quentin Tarantino”, I was like “Ahhh no wonder”.

Pulp Fiction : I didnt know what to expect the first time I saw it. I knew it was by the same dude who directed Dogs, but I was totally thrown for a loop when I first watched it. I had to go see it again. I ended up seeing it about 5 times in the theater. What can I say, Im a Tarantino geek. :slight_smile:

Hmm, I’m afraid there’s a big gap in time between when I first HEARD of Quentin Tarantino and when I first saw one of his movies. The former was about the time Reservoir Dogs was released. I was only about ten years old, yet I eagerly followed all the movie-related newspaper articles and reviews…and that’s how I heard about this controversial new director who was going to be the next big thing. I was very intrigued, yet also a bit startled by the bloody Mr. Orange pictures that accompanied the article, and I was immediately fascinated by all the buzz surrounding this Tarantino guy.

Now of course, I was way too young to actually see it in cinema back then, but I got lucky when Pulp Fiction came out. No, I still wasn’t old enough to see that one on the big screen, but they showed Reservoir Dogs on tv to promote Pulp’s release. I took my chance, taped it, and loved it instantly. I watched that awful quality pan&scan tape six or seven times, and then Pulp came out on video. I bought the tape, and yes, soon the pan&scan version of that one had made a big impression on my cinematic conscience. I bought True Romance a week later and loved it as well.

My first cinema QT experience came with the release of From Dusk Till Dawn, which was a great experience - half of the audience was totally shocked and disgusted by the vampire twist, the other half was laughing out loud and having a riot of a time. I litterally skipped school to see the very first Belgian showing of Jackie Brown, and didn’t feel bad about it for a split second…which brings me to today, where I’m eagerly awaiting Kill Bill, sucking up every tidbit of info I can get.

I can’t wait to get PF and JB on DVD…come to think of it, I’ve never ever witnessed PF in its original cinemascope format >:( Well, soon I will :slight_smile:

Great stories, guys. Another reason of why I am such a Tarantino fan is that the fact that the guy has the same taste of movie genres that I love and thought that no other filmmaker would appreciate. So for this post, I’d like to share my history with 3 movie genres:

SPAGHETTI WESTERNS: It all began in early '94. The Good,The Bad,and The Ugly was set to air on Cinemax so I decided to give it a look since it was regarded as one of the best westerns. As the credits began, I thought to myself, “What da fuck is with all those foreign names in the cast?”, my dad later told me that this was an Italian-made movie and what a film these Italian guys ended up making. Not only did it introduce to a great, crafted director named Sergio Leone, but it also introduced me to my now, most-favorite film composer, Ennio Morricone.

From then on out, I kept glued to the TV set to see if any of these other badass “spaghetti westerns” would air (As it was easy to tell them apart from traditional American westerns) and I had luck by seeing several like The Big Gundown (With its Good,Bad,Ugly opening-credits sequence) The Dollars trilogy,Charly one eye,& Once upon a time in The West.

Although it would take a couple of years,more spaghettis began to (finally) appear in VHS/DVD. There are still several that I have yet to see but that just goes to show that this genre of film is a beloved one of mine.

BLAXPOITATION:I was born in '77 so I had just missed out out on the craze that was the “blaxpo” movement. Flashforward some 15 years later and I discover a brief article about the blaxpo films in one of my SOURCE mags. I was only familiar with about 10 of these films but (just like the spaghettis) I had no idea that hundreds of them were made.  A couple years later, ROLLING THUNDER books comes out with WHAT IT IS…WHAT IT WAS. I used this great book as a guide to to checking out all of these unbelievable films, and in the course, some now-personal favorites had emerged like Willie Dynamite,Cotton comes to Harlem,J.D.'s Revenge,Sweetback,Abby,Truck Turner,Across 110th Street  & The Human Tornado. Now I can see what all the hype was about and another genre favorite was born.


KUNG FU/SAMURAI:This post is dedicated to those of us who grew up in the south land of California during the early-mid 80’s. Even though we may have been too young to realize it, We have to give props to the local L.A. TV stations that aired some great cinematic treasures. If you didn’t go outside & play in the streets during weekend afternoons, those television stations would keep us busy with some great, vintage material.

-Channel 5 (KTLA) would air the Godzilla films along with the Planet of the Apes series.

-Channel 13 (KCOP) would play gritty war films like The Naked & The Dead & The Big Red One along with some westerns like High PLains Drifter & They call me Hallelujah (The latter being a “certain kind” of western that I would later go on to love)

-And Channel 9 (I dont remember the original station name, but it sure as hell wasn’t the now, Disney-themed KCAL) would show “Elvira:Mistress of the dark” presenting horror classics like The Blob,Pit & The Pendulem and several other HAMMER films.

And then they had “Black  Belt Theatre” which would show all 5 Bruce Lee films (on what it seemed to be) a weekly basis! If not the Lee films, then other notable classics like The Young Master,Bruce Lee/The Man/The Myth,Seven Blows of the Dragon, & Duel to the death. Our local TV GUIDE would even present printed ads of these films, possibly from their original posters! (Including an image that still lives in my avatar  ;D  )

However, as the 90’s approached, the TV stations had changed and the former programming was entirely eliminated.

Then came the WU TANG CLAN! I was a fan of their style,their lyrics,their beats, and perhaps most of all, those samples! And so the search began, to find all these films that my childhood was based on. It would take a couple of years, but slowly the sampled-classics began to appear in stores. With such great selections as Master Killer,Shaolin & Wu Tang,The Mystery of Chessboxing,The Streetfighter, & Five Deadly Venoms (Just outta curiosity, which one of you guys has the biggest martial arts collection on this board?)

It wasn’t just the Kung fu material though. Samurai flicks were a must have too (As had been evidenced in Gza’s LIQUID SWORDS) such films had to be ordered online like the gory classic Shogun Assassin as well as a few spaghetti westerns like The Great Silence and Django the Bastard.  Plus Kurosawa’s samurai work was later introduced to me (These are definite must-sees) And Kudos goes  to the Independent Film Channel who have now been airing The Zatoichi series every Saturday morning, bringing back the memories of “Black Belt Theater”.

It would come as no surprise that Tarantino was influenced by these genres since there were circumstances in his movies that relfected images of various films that I had been familiar with. What can I say? The guy has got some taste and I praise him for keeping the spirit of these genres alive.

I was born in 1974 at the height of the Blaxploitation craze. But alas it would be over 20 years until I actually saw a Blaxploitation film.

  • The first Blaxploitation film I saw was probably Shaft. Cant forget that one, it was probably one of the first big Blaxploitation films that made a hit in 1971 (After Sweet Sweetbacks Badassss Song of course). One thing that really stood out in the films other than the action and crazy clothes was the great music. I love it! Isaac Hayes’ Shaft score is classic pop music. The next Blaxploitation film that really got me into the genre even more was Coffy. I saw it on a movie channel years ago and ever since has been my all time favorite Blaxploitation film. My other favorites include: Foxy Brown, Superfly, The Mack, Black Caesar, Sweet Sweetback, Slaughter, Three The Hard Way, Black Belt Jones, Cleopatra Jones and The Casino of Gold, Dolemite, Truck Turner, Detriot 9000, Abby, Darktown Strutters and many more.

  • Martial arts films: The first kung fu films I remember seeing were the Shaw Brothers Kung Fu films back in the late 70s-early 80s on “Kung Fu Theater”. I was really young, but the images from the films have stayed with me. I even saw several of the films in 3-D. Once a month or so, they would show a kung fu film in 3-D and you would get the 3-D glasses at your local Store 24. The funniest thing about Kung Fu theater was the dude that hosted it. He was an old Chinese guy. I wish I could remember his name. But he talked really fast, it was cool. :slight_smile:

    Right now in my collection I have only a few kung fu films (DVD): Fists of Fury, The Chinese Connection, Enter The Dragon, The Streetfighter, Return of the Streetfighter, Streetfighters Last Revenge, The Matrix.

    I do plan on collecting the Shaw Brothers films when they start coming out on DVD. I wanna see the TRUE kung fu, not the Van Damme/Seagal crap that Ive been hammered with over the years growing up.

    Spaghetti Westerns: I really dont know when I saw my first spaghetti western, but it was most likely Fistful of Dollars or The Good the Bad and the Ugly in the 80s. Ive been a fan of them ever since I first saw them. I liked the stange twist Leone put on the regular American western. The camera style was very distinctive too. You always know when your watching a Sergio Leone movie. Since then Ive collected over a dozen spaghetti westerns on VHS and DVD. The Dollars Trilogy, Sabata, Adios Sabata, Django, Keoma, Four of the Apocalypse, Once Upon a Time in the West, Navajo Joe, Five Man Army, The Hellbenders, Companeros, Bullet for the General, Duck You Sucker aka Fistful of Dynamite (actually called a ‘Zapata’ western), Sonny and Jed, The Big Gundown, My Name is Nobody, Adios Amigo, Death Rides a Horse, A Pistol For Ringo, a bunch more.

    Overall, its been a slow and steady journey into film geekdom for me. The first film I remember making the biggest impression on me was Brian DePalmas Scarface. I saw that when I was around 9 or 10 on VHS (This was wayyy before all the hip hoppers made it theyre favorite cult film). Ever since Ive been a DePalma fan and that got me started on the whole movie fanatic trip. I watch Scarface at least once a month and it remains one of my favorite films of all time.

    Since the mid-80s Ive collected over 3000 videos on tape, either from TV or bought (or very rarely stolen :wink: I have over 300 DVDs as of last week when I bought the Res Dogs films (2). So Im going along pretty good. I guess you could say “I got a good stash” :slight_smile:

    I love ALL kinds of movies, from Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton silent films all the way up to Pulp Fiction. My most favorite movie genres: Exploitation, Film noir, French New Wave, Mafia/Gangster films, Spaghetti westerns, Blaxploitation.

    I Love the AIP movies from the 60s and 70s!! Hammer horror films, Mario Bava, Lucio Fulci, Dario Argento, Sam Fuller war films, Sam Peckinpah, Martin Scorsese, DePalmas thrillers, Sergio Leone, Orson Welles, Kubrick, Woody Allen, The Coen Brothers. I could keep goin but Ill stop.

    Id also like to mention a great Blaxploitation soundtrack I bought a few years ago. Its called PIMPS, PLAYERS AND PRIVATE EYES. It was compilated by Ice-T. It has themes from: Across 110th Street, Trouble Man, Superfly, Foxy Brown, Cleopatra Jones, Shafts Big Score, Shaft, The Mack. Truly great R&B/Soul music to some classic Blaxploitation films. Check it out!

300 DVDs !? Holy shit, you must be filthy rich :wink:

As of now I got about 25 DVDs and about 125 movies on VHS (either taped from tv or bought). But I’m very selective as to what I buy on DVD - I only get my absolute favourites.

Well, i may be a bit late in the game on this one, but i figured i might as well kick in anyway…

My Tarantino history…

Like many i was introduced to Tarantino through Pulp Fiction, but even after that i wasn’t sold. I mean, i loved Pulp but it just didn’t make a strong impression on me at the time. I don’t even think i was paying attention to who directors were back then. So, skip forward a few years, i get a computer and i get the internet. After wandering the vast wastelands of the web i finally found my place, among the film geeks. Eventually i found a message board on the net that i started frequenting. I found out about all kinds of films that i normally would have probably looked over. My eyes were opened to the true world of cinema. So, it didn’t take long to hear about a little film called Reservoir Dogs.

When I finally checked out Dogs i absolutely loved it. After that i was hooked, I checked out True Romance, Jackie Brown, FDTD and finally Pulp Fiction again. All the while i started reading up on Tarantino and i found out the guy had similar tastes in movies as me. Needless to say, my search for Tarantino eventually lead me here.

Now the genre stuff…

Spaghetti Westerns and Blaxploitation: I don’t have a huge knowledge of spaghetti westerns or blaxploitation. The only spaghetti westerns I’ve seen are the dollars trilogy and Once Upon a Time in the West. Other than those four i don’t know. I only have three blaxploitation films, Willie Dynamite, The Bad Bunch, and Blackenstein. Willie Dynamite is probably the closest to a real “Blaxploitation” film, the other two are just bad movies that make me laugh.

Kung Fu Films: Well, I’ve been watching Kung Fu films since i was a little kid. My uncle who is a big fan of Bruce Lee introduced me to his films and from there things have just steadily progressed. I don’t have a big collection at the moment, i’ve mostly been renting films throughout the years, but here’s what i’ve got.

Enter the Dragon, The Big Boss, The Chinese Connection, Return of the Dragon, The Streetfighter, Return of the Chinese Boxer, Five Deadly Venoms, Shaolin Master Killer, Five Fingers of Death, Chinese Super Ninjas, Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow, Fist of Legend, Twin Warriors, Once Upon a Time in China 1,2,3, Iron Monkey, and… Ricky-Oh… :stuck_out_tongue:

Samurai Films: I’ve really just been getting into samurai films this past year. So far I’ve only seen a few, but i have a great interest to see more. I was first introduced to the genre through Kurosawa’s films. Seven Samurai and Yojimbo being my first. My collection so far isn’t large, but it’s getting there…

Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, Shogun Assassin, The Return of Masseur Ichi (The Tale of Zatoichi Continues), and Chusingura (the Loyal 47 Ronin, 1962)

That’s only a brief look at the different genre’s i’m into. I’ve got quite a huge horror collection and i’m also really into the “new wave” of Japan. I’ve got a fairly decent Italian Cannibal/Zombie collection too, most are terrible but i still dig them. Just a lot of fun :slight_smile:

By first Tarantino movie I saw was True Romance. I saw it in the theater and I loved it. But seeing TR doesn’t count, because I didn’t know who Quentin Tarantino was at that time. I knew who he was after watching Pulp Fiction in the theater. Pulp Fiction was the first movie I had seen five times in the movie theater. After seeing Pulp Fiction, I saw anything and everything you wrote, directed or appeared in. I remember I was watching telelvision shows after seeing Pulp Fiction and looking for Tarantino’s name in the credits.

A couple of months ago I was finally able to see a new print of Reservoir Dogs on the big screen. I can finally say I have seen all of Tarantino’s movies on the big screen.


well, I’m a little bit younger than everyone else I assume (18) here’s my Tarantino history:

I guess it all started with my older brother who had a big box of VHS’s under his bed.  I liked snooping around in his room and what not, and he had tons of movies I had never heard of.  I was fairly young at the time, and Pulp Fiction just came out.  One night I decided to watch it and ever since then, I became a movie geek.  I really didn’t know who Tarantio was becuase I didn’t pay attention to directors then, but my brother said if I liked that one, then I should watch Reservoir Dogs.  Well, I got into his box and watched Reservoir Dogs.  And then the next night, I got into his box and I watched True Romance and then Natural Born Killers, and so on.  The only QT movie I’ve seen in theatres is Jackie Brown, but I remember seeing the trailer for it and thinking, “I’ve got to see that.”  So I did.  I bought Rum Punch, saw the movie, and then read the novel.  The rest is history. ÂÂ

I took a few years off from film until I saw Pulp Fiction on DVD one day at Blockbuster.  I bought it, and since then I’ve been a DVD addict pretty much.  Me and my cousin basically just introduce each other to new movies all the time, and make our way to Best Buy or Media Play or wherever.  I’ve just recently started buying the Reservoir Dogs “dolls” or whatever you want to call them.  I stole a bunch of 75% stickers from Media Play and just placed then on every single one.  I got each one for like $6.  Fuck payin $20 plus something for it.  Now…all Im doing is collecting DVDS and wating for Kill Bill to come out.  Can’t wait.

My sad sack tale begins when I was 11. My parents had rented PF and had forced me to stay upstairs while they watched in.


2 years. I was real into movies, had never seen any Tarantino. I had read about it.

My friends and I typically played midnight hide and go seek around the neighborhood. One day, I cam ehome early to discover PF on the tele. The rest is history… 6 yrs later…

QT history:

My grandmother came back after seeing Pulp Fiction and told my parents that it was the worst film ever made (she is old and can’t help it). Her words were gratuidous language, violence, drug use, and sex (Isn’t QT awesome?). My parents forbid me to ever watch it. So I was forced to hunt the internet for the screenplay and read it myself. After I read that I began to scour the internet for everything QT had done to that point. I became obsessed. I rented Resevoir Dogs claiming that it was mainly dalouge and very little violence (hahahaha) and after that I fell apart. I had to see every QT movie ever made. My parents naturally not knowing QT had done anyting but PF let me watch True Romance. After that things just went from there. I rented other films here and there (Natural Born Killers, From Dusk Till Dawn, etc.). It was just a slow process into the world of QT and I loved every second of my slow emersion.

A local tv station here in Toronto were running some previews of movies to be shown at the Toronto Film Festival '91. Sure enough the talk of the town was this flick called Reservoir Dogs, and the clip shown was the Mr. Pink escape scene. I was literally blown away, and have been a Tarantino fan since.

I saw Pulp Fiction on TV a while ago and i was blown away. I heard it was by Tarantino. I went onto the internet and typed in Tarantino. I saw that he had done another film called “Reservoir Dogs”. I looked at the plot. I went onto EBay and bid on the DVD. I won and got it. This movie freakin blew me away. This was THE MOVIE that made me a Tarantino fan. Now i just have to see Jackie Brown.

i’m a pretty new fan of QT. almost a year ago i saw Pulp Fiction on tv. i thought it was a cool movie, but i didn’t know anything about QT. months later my friend told me about reservoir dogs, so i saw it and it was also a really cool movie. i bought both of them and ever since then, i have learned more and more about QT. and recently i stumbled upon this website, and here i am now. good news: i bought jackie brown a few days ago so i hope to see it soon and i am also really looking forward to kill bill. QT rules!

I remember the first time that I saw Reservoir Dogs, I must’ve been about 11 or 12, I was big into Kevin Smith, I had Smith posters and clippings all over my room, I bought the book Spike Mike Slackers and Dykes (good book), in the book, Smith was talking about RD, it sounded good, and I knew who QT was, I remember hearing about Pulp when I was like 7, my mom saw Pulp and she said it was really good, but I was too young. I rented RD, and I FUCKING LOVED EVERY SECOND OF IT!!! the very next day, I went to Best Buy and bought Pulp Fiction, then Jackie Brown, the rest is history, but now, I have Tarantino posters and clippings all over my room. and a Bad Mother Fucker wallet on my dresser.

I love these kind of topics.

My first “any thing with tarantino’s name on it” was From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money…I watched it at a friends house and it scared me, I was only ten so gimmi a break :wink:

Then when I was in 8th grade (I’m a Junior in HS now) my dad was watching a move on TV one Saturday (I remember it was a Sat.) and it was at this really strange part in a cellar I thought…and it was right after Butch comes in with the Katana and slices Maynard. I remember being so facinated with this “movie” I was watching on TV (the whole Pawn Shop scene and Butch’s story is still my favorite part) I had no idea what the fuck was going but I loved it. The acting, the dialogue, the fucking characters. Then all of a sudden it cuts to the scene with Samuel L. Jackson and he’s giving this speech, I had heard it before in a short action figure film on which spoofed the scene…and I loved it. After it was over I knew I had to see this movie again, of course my parent’s wouldn’t let me.

So then on Monday back at school I’m talking to my friends and I use the phrase, “Get Medieval” and my friend Alex is like, “Hey! Did you see that movie on saturday tooo???” and I was like, “HELL YEAH! WASN’T THAT FUCKING AWESOME!?” We were inspired and started writing scripts (which we have gotten better at and now make short student films)

The great thing is the very next saturday it was on again…unfortunately I was at my grandparent’s and my grandpa didn’t like the idea of me watching it.

After that I just searched the internet and read EVERY article and EVERY script by Tarantino…finally in 9th grade I got to see REservoir Dogs & Pulp Fiction & JAckie Brown.

I have yet to experience Tarantino in the movie theatres…I think I’ll probably jizz my pants from excitement though.

Tarantino kicks ass.

Oh man, I saw Pulp at a screening in my hometown last winter, it was soooooooooooo fucking awsome, its a whole different experiance! they played it twice, at 7, and at 10, I stayed for both ;D sitting in different places both times, and front row is the way to go!

I remember a real long time ago, back in 6th grade, when I first heard about Pulp Fiction and this guy in my English class was telling me how fuckin awesome of a film it was. I really wanted to see it and it was probably about 7th grade when real late on a Saturday night I come out of my room and see my dad watching the “does he look like a bitch?” scene in Fiction. I was like “holy shit!” and later saw the movie on t.v. in either 7th or 8th grade. I liked parts of it and thought it was pretty cool, but I felt that it was way too slow and I forgot about it for a while.

I rented Pulp Fiction on VHS in the

summer after 9th grade and watched it with my sister, and I still liked the movie but thought that parts of it were way too slow. I became a huge Leone fan around 8th/9th grade and while reading Christopher Frayling’s book on Leone- Something to Do With Death, I found out that Tarantino was a big Leone fan and I gained mucho respect for him. Around September of 2002 when I was in 11th grade, as soon as I heard about Kill Bill my balls dropped to the ground and I couldn’t contain my excitement. I hadn’t seen alot of kungfu/samurai flicks, but what I had seen I knew that they were highly kickass (and I was already a huge Jackie Chan/Bruce Lee fan at that point also). Whenever I thought about making my own film, I always thought about putting a bunch of genres together so Kill Bill sounded like it would fuckin rock. And knowing how big of a Leone fan Tarantino was, I knew that finally someone could bring to the screen a movie so cool that it could rival all those great flicks from the 60’s (I was also a big fan of the WW2 Adventure movies like Great Escape, Dirty Dozen, etc.) So as soon as I heard about Kill Bill, I read the script in about a total of 3 1/2 hours and was amazed. I knew that this would be the single coolest film of all time.

It was right after Christmas of 2003 and I was in the theater to see Gangs of New York with my parents. We’re watching previews, and I see a flash of an airplane go over the screen and someone starting to play on the guiltar. As soon as I saw the words “The 4th Film By”, I immediately got shivers down my spine and almost fuckin pissed myself. Seeing those 30 seconds of the Kill Bill teaser was one of the greatest fuckin experiences of my life. After that, every day and every night I lived and breathed Kill Bill. That is all I could think about. Whenever I thought how much life might suck or was depressed, I just remembered Kill Bill and I could not wait at all. I told a couple people about how great this movie was going to be, but they were like “yeah whatever” or “uh huh, cool.” Bastards