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Your favorite Rodriguez movie

What is your favourite Robert Rodriguez movie?

  • El Mariachi
  • Desperado
  • Four Rooms segment “The Misbehavers”
  • From Dusk Till Dawn
  • The Faculty
  • Spy Kids
  • Spy Kids 2: Island of Lost Dreams
  • Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over
  • Once Upon a Time In Mexico
  • Sin City
  • The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  • Planet Terror

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1. Once Upon A Time In Mexico

2. Sin City

3. El Mariachi

4. Planet Terror

5. From Dusk Till Dawn

6. Desperado

7. The Faculty

Once Upon A Time In Mexico is the best I’ve seen out of Rodriguez, who beleive it or not filmed the entire thing in under two months! Well I think you’ve all seen the special features and heard the commentary track. Although I don’t get why Banderas is always saying the the who series is like a comedy to him. I see a bit of humor here and there but a comedy? Anyway, the soundtrack is also fantastic, especially the opening credit sequence which is one of my favorite openings in a film. The film has also that epic look to it, the images so crisp, it’s like watching an HD DVD (I don’t own one, too expensive). Johnny Depp is fantastic as Sands, he looks like a badass in the end with the black attire and the silenced machine-pistols. What a film.

El Mariachi

1.) Desperado

2.) Sin City

3.) Planet Terror

4.) El Mariachi

5.) From Dusk Till Dawn

6.) Once Upon A Time in Mexico

7.) The Faculty

8.) The Misbehavers (Four Rooms segment)

“Pit bull?”

"Yes pit bull"

El Mariachi is funny, and I don’t mean fucked up funny, the good type of funny. Of all the Mariachi movies this has more realism to it. In the new movies Robert merged Azul with El, so in a way he’s sensible yet has that quietness within his character like the man with no name. But in El Mariachi, he is mistaken for another person who also happens to be a Mariachi. Did any of you know that “Moco” stands for “Bugger”, that’s one weird fucking name to use for a character, anyway for a short film, this movie has more heart than any other of Robert’s movies. Seriously how many people can make their own feature with only 7,000 - 8,000 dollars! That’s crazy right there. Has anyone noticed that Pulp Fiction, El Mariachi, both used Silenced machine pistols?! I think that’s a refrence to Scarface.

Marta: “Quieto, no ti muevas cabronsito!!!” - what a bitch!

Marta’s hot

I won’t put Planet Terror(9/10 so far) here since I haven’t seen the single-movie-version. The Misbehavers gets 8/10 from me and Bedhead(7/10)

1). From Dusk Till Dawn (9/10)

2). Once Upon a Time in Mexico(9/10)

3). Desperado(8/10)

4). Sin City (7+/10)

5. El Mariachi (7/10)

1)Sin City

2)From Dusk Till Dawn


4)El mariachi

5)Planet Terror

6)Once Upon a time in mexico

7)the faculty

8)The Misbehavors

not putting spy kids films or shark boy and lava girl nor road racers because i have never seen it. Bedhead is a short film so i will not list that either.

1. Planet Terror - fuck yeah.

2. Sin City

3. Desperado

4. El Mariachi

5. From Dusk Till Dawn

6. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

1) From Dusk Till Dawn

2) Sin City

3) Desperado

4) Planet Terror

5) El Mariachi

1. Desperado

2. Sin City

3. Planet Terror

4. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

5. El Mariachi

6. From Dusk Till Dawn

7. The Faculty

1. From Dusk Till Dawn

2. Desperado

3. Sin City

4. Once Upon A Time In Mexico

5. The Faculty

6. El Mariachi

Haven’t seen Planet Terror yet


Planet Terror 8)

From Dusk Till Dawn

Sin City


El Mariachi

Once Upon a Time in Mexico


The Misbehavers (Four Rooms Segment)

The Faculty

Spy Kids 2

I haven’t seen his other kid films, not planning to either.

1. Once Upon A Time in Mexico

2. Sin City

3. Desperado

4. Planet Terror

5. El Mariachi

6. The Misbehavers

7. From Dusk Till Dawn

Has to be from Dusk till Dawn and Sin City for me :slight_smile:

1. Sin City

2. From Dusk Till Dawn

3. Once Upon a Time in Mexico

4. Planet Terror

5. El Mariachi

6. Desparado

7. Spy Kids

8. the rest of them.

From Dusk Till Dawn 9,5/10

Planet Terror 8,5/10

One Upon a Time im Mexico 8/10

Desperado 8/10

The Adventures of Shark Boy and Lava Girl 3-D 6/10

El Mariachi 5/10 (take or leave 1 point - only seen it once a looong time ago)

Sin City 1,5/10

the other ones i haven’t seen.

From Dusk till Dawn - 8/10

Desperado - 7.5/0

Sin City - 7.5/10

Planet Terror - 7/10

Once Upon A Time In Mexico - 6.5/10

The Faculty - 6/10

El Mariachi - 6/10

1 from dusk till dawn

2once upon a time in mexico


4sin city