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X - Box 360

I was just wondering if any of you guys owned an X - Box. And if you do, maybe we can hook up on X - Box Live, that is if you have it. My gamertag is : “Jo So Cool” - Biohazard and Stuntman Mike were taken so. . .you’ll find me playing Gears Of War or Halo 3 - around morning to miday or sometimes very late at night. But if you do have a gamertag let me know.

My gamertag is “Ify23”.

I only just got Live early this morning at like 1am, just randomly. Well actually, it was because the last two days have been very boring, and due to one one of my housemates havin gleft uni for good, and the other two friends I play with were away for the weekend, I took the plunge and joined Live. If I new how easy it was, I’d have done it ages ago. Anyway, I’m still a newbie, but I’ll add you on. Would be cool to play people from this forum. Btw, I play Halo 3 (I sold GOW after it got too repetitive for me). I dunno where you are, but I’m on GMT time (I live in England).

Houston, TX CT. My subscription was cancelled a week ago, so I’ve been downgraded to a silver membership. But I’m getting my gold membership sometime this week.

BTW, I’m hated on GOW, they call me the chainsaw whore. But I like the name though.

heya, my handle is KennethBranigan

I only play Halo3 and I’m a noob…

I’m away from my XBox for sometime now, but I’ll definaltely be online A LOT in february.

how does x box live stand up compared to ps3 online? never really played a xbox online

I think you will find that Xbox Live is far superior to PS3 online. There is a great magazine out at the moment that compares the consoles to pc’s. It has quite a bit of detail about all aspects including online play. Can’t remember the name, I think it was PC magazine or something. I don’t have the time to go into detail, but check these out:

whats the deal with paying for x box live, that must be a bit of a downer?

[quote=“mr blonde_22”]
whats the deal with paying for x box live, that must be a bit of a downer?

Well all 360’s come with a free one month subscription. I tried it out, was totally blown away and felt the £35 for 13 months thereafter, was well worth it! I guess it would be unfair to charge the PS3 peeps for online play given its very limited features. :slight_smile:

yeah thats a good point, ps3 is fairly limited online wise, i only went ps3 cos i had a ps2 and hd dvd is on its way out

[quote=“mr blonde_22”]
yeah thats a good point, ps3 is fairly limited online wise, i only went ps3 cos i had a ps2 and hd dvd is on its way out

What does HD-DVD have to do with this?

A PS3 comes with a blu-ray player right?


I’m in the process of deciding which system to buy right now. My whole reason for buying a new system is because my PS2 has died and I really want me some High-Def home video. PS3 was always the preference just because I’ve got a lot of PS2 games, but I think it’s gonna come down to money. Xbox is cheaper and even though HD-DVD is dead there’s still hundreds of HD DVD titles that will be dirt cheap in the coming months and years. I seem to change my mind every other day though, and I’ve still gotta couple weeks worth of money saving left to do, so who knows what’s gonna happen.

360 doesn’t play HD-DVD on its own, only with a special player.

I don’t know why people bring films into the equation. HD-DVD and Blu Ray have nothing to do with gaming. As a gaming console, the 360 right now is superior in everyway. I’d recommend it to anybody. There are quite a few reasons why I didn’t buy the PS3, and I’m happy to say I made the right choice. Watching films is a completely different matter altogether.

It’s not like I chose to bring films into the equation, it’s just a feature the systems happen to have so I take it into account. Car’s are for driving but you still factor in the other shit before you hand over the cash. HD-DVD and Blu Ray have everything to do with gaming (at least 360 and PS3 gaming), but I get what you mean. The reason film is important to me is because I can’t afford a new gaming console and new High Def movie hardware so I’m looking to upgrade on both fronts in one fell swoop.

Gaming is the priority though which is why I’m stuck in the middle. While I have a shit load of PS2 games that would be useless on a 360, the 360 has quite a few exclusive games that I want. I’m thinking I can buy a 360 and a used PS2 for less than the price of a ps3.

sorry for bringing up the hd war i was just looking at consoles at a whole instead of making a decision based on a few games, to be honest there’s not that much difference between the consoles they are both fantastic in many ways and each have amazing exclusives, halo 3, uncharted, and they both share quality games assasins creed, GTA 4 (once its out) and of course call of duty 4

personally though i think the xbox is a rip off why cant microsoft release it in one package instead of offering the arcade, premium and elite packages and how you have to purchase the HD add on thats a bit unfair Xobox owners as the 7th generation consoles promised to be next gen, thats one thing why the PS3 is better bang for your buck it might be more upfront but once you get a Xbox fully equiped your paying much more than a PS3

“fully equiped” ?

If by that, you mean buying that shitty HD-DVD addon, no thanks. i don’t need that shit. the 360 is fully equipped already: it can play games. that’s what it’s for. and in HD.

like i said im looking at it as a whole and thats how the creators are marketing these consoles, not just as gaming machines but full next generation entertainment packages hence the playstion slogan “This is living”

Well Microsoft give people a choice on what sort of 360 they want to suit their needs. They don’t force you to pay for things like Sony does with the PS3. Some people might not want the HD-DVD feature, and so don’t have to pay for it with the 360. But those who do can buy it. You might not want Blu Ray or SACD playback or any other of it’s non-gaming features, but you have to pay for them nonetheless hence the hefty price tag. Also, there are 4 versions of the PS3 out as well (the 20, 40, 60 and 80GB models), where some don’t have SACD playback or PS2 compatibility. So PS3 don’t have just the one package either. You don’t have to support Blu Ray or HD-DVD to be considered a next-gen console. Look at the Wii, it doesn’t even support DVD yet it is still a 7th generation console.

In terms of gaming (which is what a console is made for in the first place), I think the 360 is superior at this moment in time. I’ve seen so many real life comparisons of the same games on both the 360 and PS3 and there is a very little difference. Sometimes the PS3 looks letter, sometimes the 360 does. Also, the 360 has many more games (but then again the 360 has been out for longer). Furthermore, games released on both formats seem to be better or have more features on the 360 version. For example, the 360 version of GTA IV is going to have two extra exclusive episodes (adding hours of entire new gameplay to the game and not just a few new cars or something). The PS3 version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 has poor gameplay because of the bugs and lag. It is unplayable at times.

It’s no secret that Sony completely messed up the PS3’s launch. It was a laughing stock. Their biggest mistake was delaying the release by 5 months. Also, in terms of sales the 360 is doing much better. Here are the numbers:

Wii = 21.49M (44.4%)

360 = 16.98M (35.1%)

PS3 = 9.94M (20.5%)