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"Who Shot Niceguy Eddie?" T-shirt?

does anyone know where I can get this shirt? it was shown in one of the interviews on the 10th anniversary edition dvd…

Yeah I was wondering the same I’m guessing it says ‘me.’

they were given out to the cast and crew of pulp, i know that. ive seen them on ebay a few times, id get one, but they are muy expensive. :-/

ahh, so it’s this super rare thing? goddamn artisan…

yea, they really shld mass-produce them, better than their shirts they have now.

yea, because the movie is so old, only the real fans would get them, not every cunt on the block…

Exactly. :wink:

Damn, now that i remember about this shirt, i really want one! Fuck you Artisn, I WANT MY FUCKING SHIRT!!! :’( :’( :’(

Well, that’ll certainly get Artisan to make them. Way to go QTFightClub!


Well, you could always just go to one of those stores in the mall that sell shirts and get “Who Shot Nice Guy Eddie” written across…

ok, so-it’s a thing or whatever that nobody knows who shot eddie? i just saw this movie a few days ago (loved it) and i was like, ‘wait a minute… who fricken shot eddie?’ so yeha, that clears things up…

Good to see the site back up and running again… ;D

Apologies if this has been posted previously but was there ever a ‘Who shot nice guy Eddie?’ T-Shirt available to the press \ public or is it a myth? If they do exist, do any ever surface on E-bay or is there anywhere that still sells them?

Want to put this one to bed once and for all!

Cheers… :smiley:

go here:

I hope someone else already knows this or has said it in another post, but it’s quite obvious that Mr. White shoots both Joe and Eddie. Look at the scene in slow motion; although the first shot is pistol smoke, White shoots Joe, turning the gun slightly and you see him fire yet another shot, this time with a spark, pointed at Eddie from an angle (you see him fire it just after being jostled by Eddie’s shot, with his ‘last ounce of strength’). If you look at the impact reaction times for the bullets for both Joe and Eddie, this theory is obviously a fact. Plus, obviously Pink doesn’t shoot Eddie because he was under the ramp, and the time it takes him to get out shows that his arm and gun could not have shot Eddie. The placement of the bullet wound on Eddie supports the White angle, and clearly it isn’t the Pink angle. Please don’t tell me Orange shot him either; his empty hands were in the air. It takes watching this scene only once to figure this out. ::slight_smile:

I heard it was a mistake, that Harvey’s Mr. White didn’t fire enough of the blank shells. Maybe they didn’t notice that mistake until it was too late, or maybe because it was such a low budget film, they didn’t have the budget or time.

Actually there are no other versions possible. It can be figured out easily by not repeating that scene. And again Mr. White is the cool “I can shoot anyone” guy.

If you watch the DVD carefully (or slow it down) you can see Mr.White takes numerous shots, Firstly at Joe, and then at Nice Guy Eddie. So its White, i dunno what the tshirt says though.

anyone find the shirt yet?

The title of this thread is ironic: ET has confirmed that actor CHRIS PENN, who is the younger brother of SEAN PENN and star of movies like ‘Reservoir Dogs’ and ‘Starsky & Hutch’ has died. Investigators were on the scene Tuesday, where Penn was found dead in Santa Monica, CA. He was 43. Penn played the role of Nice Guy Eddie in QUENTIN TARANTINO’s 1992 cult hit ‘Reservoir Dogs’; he also appeared in the movie ‘Rush Hour’ and on episodes of the television shows “Entourage” and “Everwood.” Penn is survived by his mother, EILEEN RYAN, and brothers Sean and MICHAEL.

Yea, i was actually thinking of that when he passed on. It would be spooky if he had been shot, then the shirt would have a whole new meaning. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wouldn’t wear this t-shirt anymore :wink: