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Who shot Nice Guy Eddy?

I’ve only seen this movie twice, and I can’t figure it out. I think it was Mr.Pink but I’m not sure.

Joe was aimming at Orange

White was aimming at Joe

Eddie was aimming at White

Joe shoots first, (missing orange?)

White shoots second killing Joe

Eddie shoots 3rd injuring White…


I believe White got off two shots and killed Joe & Eddie Cabot

Are you serious? If he was able to get off 2 shots, they must’ve had some slow ass fucking reactions.

serious as cancer.

anyhow - it’s speculation but why would PINK shoot him? that makes no sense.

he’s a fucking professional

Because he wants the diamonds for himself? That’s why he picks up the diamonds and leaves.

I strongly doubt it - he was just hiding under the ramp to get away from the blood bath.

Anyhow - I am pretty sure if you slow it down on DVD you can see White aiming at Joe and then at Eddie.

watch it in slow mo.

it’s Mr. White

Slowed the DVD down the other day, so here it goes.

Joe fires first, shot hitting right infront of Orange, a miss.

Mr. White then fires his first shot, hitting Joe, at about the same time Nice Guy Eddy fires, hitting Mr. White in his stomach.

Mr. White is already turning after he hits Joe, bringing his gun to bear on Eddy, firing as he gets hit by Eddy.

Mr. White, Joe, and Eddy both drop at about the same time, So Joe missed Orange, and White got Joe and then Eddy.

No one shot NIce Guy Eddy! It was a fuck-up. If you really want to know what happened read the script.

[quote]Because he wants the diamonds for himself?  That’s why he picks up the diamonds and leaves.[/quote]

He is always telling everyone to calm down and act like fucking professional. Indicating he wants everyone to get along, why would he kill anyone of his own team. If he was, why didn’t he kill Mr. White in the bathroom when he was talking to him. Mr. Pink wouldn’t kill anybody unless he was forced to.


Maybe he got fed up working with all these “rookies”, decided his was actually the only professional here, and wanted to keep the diamonds for himself.

White shoots Eddie, but Eddie’s “squib” goes off at the wrong time, so it looks like no one shoots him.

Why wouldn’t they fix this?

Quentin thought it would make good conversation - like the briefcase in PF.

Who shot Nice Guy Eddie?

I did.

what a coincidense

It has to be Mr. Orange. It couldn’t be Mr. White because he’d have to be superman to pop off another round in that amount of time. It’s not Mr. Pink because Nice Guy Eddie was shot in the chest and so Mr. Pink’s bullets would have to turn corners if he was to have shot Nice Guy Eddie. When Mr. Orange kills Mr. Blonde he empties his entire clip but he might have reloaded during the flashback before the heist so therefore it has to be Mr. Orange

if anyone shot eddy it was mr. white. even if mr. orange magically reloaded his gun he still didnt shoot, the gun wasnt in his hand when the shooting occured.

but i like young_master’s explanation, if it takes watching it in slow mo maybe nobody really did shoot him…i dunno…either nobody did or its white.

it was white watch it in slow mo

I fucking shot nice guy eddy. :smiley: