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What was your favorite death?

First off, I’ll just list the deaths in KBv1… hopefull in sequential order.

-Thugs kill O-ren’s parents

-O-ren kills thug with a knife to the gut.

-O-ren snipes some guy

-DiVAS execute 8 peope at the Bride’s wedding

-The bride kills truck driver by biting his face

-The bride kills Buck with the door

-The bride kills Vernita with a knife to the chest

-O-Ren kills a naysayer with a chop to the head

-Go-go kills some guy that wants to fuck her

-The bride kills Go-go with a naily post

-The bride kills or wounds 88 henchmen

-The bride kills O-ren

I’m not really sure which happens first, O-ren’s or Vernita’s death. Whatever.

My question is, which death in the movie is your favorite? If it’s one of the Crazy 88’s, specify.

My personal favorite is when she kills Go-go. I found it the most disturbing in the movie. There’s such a huge difference between being stabbed or sliced with a sword and getting a table with nails stuck in your head. In one word - awesome.

Gogo with the nials in the head. That’s just genius. Pure and simple.

I liked it when O-ren sniped that guy in the car. That was fucking hilarious when the two chicks started screaming.

It’s a tie between Go-Go getting bushwacked and Go-Go “penetrating” the guy at the bar.

Even though Go-Go’s death is one of the most graphically disturbing deaths I have ever seen, I’ll go with Go-Go killing the guy at the bar. I think it’s funny she asks him to screw her, because it kind of makes fun of the Melanie-Louis fuck scene in Jackie Brown, except it ends totally different. Go-Go fucking stabs the guy for no reason. Good shit. Then, of course, the dude’s guts fall out, which was so fucking graphic I’m surprised the MPAA didn’t take that out.

By the way, Go-Go is the hottest fucking asian girl in a movie EVAR… She maka me-a-so-so hawny…

Shit… all the women in this movie are hot, good casting choices Quentin! Looks like someone was using their “head”!

I mentioned this in another thread…

Quentin has a tendency not to cast “hot” actresses. He casts “attractive” actresses. For example, Uma Thurman, Daryl Hannah, Fabienne, Lucy Liu, Vivica A. Fox, Pam Grier, Julie Dreyfus, juliette lewis

I guess Go-go and that blonde chick in Jackie Brown are the only “hot” actresses in his movie.

Fucking A.

my favorite is Bucks head in the door. i dunno, it was just so brutal and funny at the same time. i loved it. there were no swords, no guns, no elaborate battle but yet she still kicks his ass even though she couldnt use her legs. go-gos death comes in second.

Quentin has a tendency not to cast “hot” actresses. He casts “attractive” actresses. [/quote]

I’m a teenager, honey. “Hot” is the same thing as “attractive” in my book. There are miniscule differences.

Chiaki Kuriyama is damn hot. Maybe not the absolute hottest Asian girl I’ve ever seen, but damn hot. Although you’d never guess by watching her on screen, but she’s only 88 fucking lbs! Eating disorder likely.

I’d have to put Go Go “penetrating” the old guy as my favorite because it’s a homage to Battle Royale.

Vernita Green’s death …it set the tone for me, personally because up to that point I was sort of laughing and enjoying myself (which is great, alright Tarantino voice), but when she fires her gun thru the Kaboom box, and then gets drilled by the knife…MAN! It was a statement! The audience shut up real fast too…haha

i doubt Chiaki Kuriyama has an eating disorder. most japanese, or just asian girls in general, are smaller in build than the girls in the US. i dont think any one of my asian friends weigh over 100lbs. so even if she does have a eating disorder, she’s a typical sized girl in that country.

Yeah, Asian girls are generally smaller (Japanese girls are the smallest) but she is a size 0! Now, that is one skinny ass girl.


I’m a teenager, honey. “Hot” is the same thing as “attractive” in my book. There are miniscule differences.

I'm a teenager too, but apparently, I'm much smarter. Just kidding.

Just think about it... in all of his movies, he dosen't cast gourgeous knockouts. All of the actresses' beauties are subtle: they have to grow on you, and they get more and more beautiful. A prime example of this is Uma Thurman. At first glance, I didn't think she was that hot. After watching Kill Bill, I realized how gourgeous she is. Her beauty didn't punch me in the face, like Go-gos did. That's the difference btwn. "hot" and "attractive"

To me, hot, beautiful, pretty, attractive, sexy… they all have different meanings. I’d actually put Chiaki in the pretty column. Uma is more beautiful. There is a fine line between hot and looking like a whore too. It’s complicated :smiley:

I dont know…if she had an eating disorder she wouldnt have the strength required to hit Qt in the head with that ball.

I did enjoy her death. Very original. I mean who gets killed with a board with nails in it in movies? I also like how its shot…so you really only see Uma’s reaction until the “money shot”

The ball that hit QT wasn’t one of the heavy ones and was a prop one I think (QT wasn’t seriously injured or anything). OK, enough talk about eating disorders and getting off-topic.

What was up with the trucker’s death anyways? Probably from shock more than anything. Yet, he was pulling away from Uma so he was doing it to himself!

My favourite death was actually the death of the female Yakuza 88 member with mask on. The one that comes down the stairs with a male in mask, just after 3 males in masks came down before them and were killed.

Anyway with this girl, I just liked the way she was impaled by UMA and despite this tried valiantly to raise her own sword again and strike before gargling on her own blood and collapsing dead.

Was pretty cool.

The Bride’s “death” was quite stunning. I’m glad it was shot in black and white. It left the viewer to imagine what it looked like in color. It was disturbing and in your face. Pure fucking brilliance! :o

I’ll second the vote for the Crazy 88 fighter (the first of the Crazy 88 women to die) who happens to be Julie Manase Sonny Chiba’s daughter and one heck of a swordswoman in real life. When the sword plunged into her chest through her tie, and her valiant effort to still fight the blood flowing from her mouth was very tragic. She actually trained all the other actresses for their fight scenes. Julie Manase gets my vote!

[quote]-The bride kills Vernita with a knife to the chest

was surprising, fast and cool.

[quote]I’m not really sure which happens first, O-ren’s or Vernita’s death. Whatever. [/quote]

Why you shouldn’t do drugs ehen seeing a movie ;D