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What to do with a finished screenplay

Ever finished a screenplay, Im close, I’ve just got a lot of juggling to do.

The end of the film is based on twenty minute long action sequence where all the main characters and characteristics of the film come together in a sequence of shots split between a number of people all based within the same location.

The closest example I can think of is LOTR 2, the sequencing of the ending including the trees.

Has anyone completed a screenplay and how did you know you had finished?

I tried writing screenplays when I was like 14 and 15 but I couldn’t do it. I’ve never finished a screenplay. Everytime I write one, in the middle of it, I come up with a new concept and begin writing about that and drop the other screenplay. Always happens. I wouldn’t mind gettn back into it. It’s definitely fun but I hardly ever spend much time writing that kinda shit. I’d do like 10 mins once every day then go do something else. If I had a few months where I didn’t havta do shit I’d totally be up for writing a screenplay. 8)

I started so many, I actually finished one, at least first draft, but I accidentially deleted it. that sucked so much, if I had worked it over again, and rewrote it, it would’ve been a great movie

I have finished lots of first draft, but usually they start to suck to me, and I put them away until I can think of some way to make them better. I have 3 that I am working on right now, and one that I have all my focus on called “Empty Vessel”. It is a drama, and that is all I am going to say. Once I am finished with it, I will post it up here for all to read. I have 94 pages finished so far in the first draft. I am sure that I will be finished with it in 2-3 months, hopefully.


I’ve got ideas for scripts, I just need to work them into some coherent whole. I plan to attend a film school next year, where I can learn the whole nine - editing, directing, writing, acting, etc.

I just finished a script for a 10-minute Kill Bill parody. I’ll probably film it sometime, when I get the resources and actors and such.

Im close to finishing my first screenplay, I can see it so clearly in my head but the ending is very technical.

Its one of those events where every feature of the film so far features in twenty minute shoot.

Very similiar to LORT 2 or Saving Private Ryan, I guess I just have to keep picking at it.

[quote]I’ve got ideas for scripts, I just need to work them into some coherent whole. I plan to attend a film school next year, where I can learn the whole nine - editing, directing, writing, acting, etc. [/quote]

What school are you going to attend?

I’ve been looking at the New York Film Academy. They have locations in New York and Universal Studios in LA. I want to go to LA. Tuition’s a bitch, though: The one-year program, which is the longest one they offer, is about $22,000. It’s very intensive and hands-on, though. They also have shorter 4-week, 6-week, 8-week, and night school programs that are naturally cheaper.

im this close to finsishin bird men…

I’ve finished a screenplay which I consider to be an epic tale of a teenagaer who wastes all of his time on a forum and makes lies up about going to u of t. Its called Deliveryman… the man the myth and the truth… u didnt even write golden showers ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :o :o :o :o

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Moviepoopshoot, do you actually know deliveryman in real life or are you just the last addition to the bunch of retards on this board?

I’ve finished about 5 FEATURE screen plays (longest one about 130 pages) and probably about 20 or 25 short screenplays.

I’ve started a lot though and havn’t finished.

im writing one called random decency about these 4 people one form MA one from RI and and one form 2 NY and they live there normal life but then a guy makes then do this heist stuff its pretty cool im on my 56th page but im 13 and i wont probly get no were with it but it has a bunch of tie ins with stuff quentin did like one guy works at hero for sale then one guy is watching reservoir and more it starts at the heist and through out the story it explains why they got in that mess

i did the same shit when I was younger too… I started writing in 8th Grade (i’m a Junior in HS now) and I used to rip off Tarantino too n shit. You gotta fight through that shit. In a year, maybe even a couple months, you’ll read back on your script and be like, “Whoa, this sucks. I’m a rip off artist” You’ll get better though.

thanks man

You’re Welcome :slight_smile:

I write alot, but ive never finished a full length script, ive compleated quite a few short ones, the thing that sucks, ill be all into writing this new one, ill be showing people and stuff, and then i just think about how stupid its turning out, then i scrap it, i usually cannabalise that for something else i start, im trying to get this one script going with this one girl, who is an amazing writer, and if/when we finish it, ill post it here, but its an anthology, and so far, each story revolves compleatly around the gang rape of this one woman, some stories, its only mentioned, but some its a big part, ive had this in my mind for quite a while, and it hasnt seemed dumb to me yet, so [knock on wood] maybe ill finish this one, cool thing is, cause its an anthology, i can always take out any stories that i dont like, one thing that i just wanna shoot soooooo freakin bad, is this one school shooting thing that im planning out in my mind.