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What marvin really knows

ok this may have been done before, but when mr. blonde is torturing the hell out of marvin why doesnt he say something about he cut of his ear. then poured gasoline on him. he was screaming in agony yet he couldnt say that the guy over there is an undercover cop?

I believe that they’ve been trained for that sort of thing.

^^Exactly.When White,Pink and Blonde beat the shit out of him and is asked if he knows about any set-up he constantly says no…but when Mr. Orange kills Mr. Blonde and tells Marvin he’s a cop and Marvin replies “I know” it showed that Marvin sucked it up and put himself out there(getting his ear lopped off) for Orange to maintain his undercover status…

Yeah the real heroic cop…or

maybe he knew about how psycho these guys where and figured out that they where going to kill him anyway…so any chance of surviving is to keep his mouth shut and take the beatings and torture…because they wouldnt kill him if he didnt say anything…

but it just doesnt seem likely for him to be all heroic. i mean he is new on the force and he is just an average man. now i dunno about you guys but if i was about to be burned alive after getting my ear loped off, i would have told him.

i think its because he knows hes gonna die anyway and why rat you know good deed before death

[quote] i mean he is new on the force[/quote]
I don’t think he’s necessarily new on the force, that was just the reason he gave Blonde for not knowing anything about a rat.

I think he was a real hero, he kept his mouth shut and took it like a man, like MaHnIgGaBeAuMoNt said, he’s like Blonde. Omerta can be followed by cops, too.

Marvin tells Mr. Blonde that he’s only been on the force for 8 months, which may or may not be a lie. It seems to me that all he did know was that Orange was a cop and wut his name was. Even if Marvin had told Blonde that Orange was a cop, would Blonde have even believed him AND would he still have gotten brutally tortured?

Oh sorry, but Marvin Nash a cool and though guy? Never ever, fellas! OK, he didn´t tell Mr. Blonde that Mr. Orange was the undercover cop, but Marvin is a stupid prick, cause he has no fuckin nuts.

quite frankly, I thought it was brave of marvin not to tell about Orange being undercover. I would have snitched in a second.

[quote]quite frankly, I thought it was brave of marvin not to tell about Orange being undercover. I would have snitched in a second.[/quote]

My thoughts exactly. Marvin has HUGE nuts for not snitching.

Marvin had to know he was gonna die, especially after what Eddie said. He had big nuts, but he might not have been quite as loyal if he thought he had any chance of remaining alive.

Okinawa, that was pretty retarded.

My view point excactly. Marvin didn’t tell because he knew he would die and he didn’t want to take this other cop with him. It was about loyalty. QT does the same thing in the end when Mr. Orange tells White that he’s a cop. He didn’t have to but he had developed a friendship with Mr. White and thought he deserved the truth after killing all of his friends over if Mr. Orange was a cop or not. Mr. Orange was loyal but in return was killed just like Marvin.

P.S. Does anyone know where I can find a 12" Marvin Nash figure besides nitrocomics. Thanks.

Marvin is a stupid motherfucker. Hey sorry, this little piece of shit has a gun and is a good cop (thats what you’re saying). So how could actual a psychotic killer like Mr. Blonde catch him?! Marvin is really a pussy, and he gets on my nerves in the scene talking to the bloody Mr. Orange. Stupid prick, but thats because Mr. Blonde is simply the coolest motherfucker everywhere :slight_smile: !

I will agree that Blonde is cool, but I don’t think that Marvin is a stupid motherfucker.

I’ll agree with both of you. Blonde is a cool motherfucker, Marvin is a pussy but he’s a loyal pussy.

what? you saying you wouldn’t cry your ass off if you got your ear sawed off with a razor?

^^^ He has got a point. You have to take in to account that Marvin couldn’t fight back and even though he took a beating he kept his mouth shut.

I don’t say, what I would do in real life. For sure I would tell Mr. Blonde ALL about the undercover cop, but this isn’t real life, this is a movie, and in a movie, Marvin’s a stupid motherfucker for me, and Mr. Blonde is the cool guy. So I was nearly crying when Mr. Orange shot him :smiley: .

So Marvin is a pussy simply because he is one? That’s pretty lame.