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Hey everyone, I’m new to the boards and my names Sidney ;D. Anyways, it’s obvious that I admire Quentin’s work, and absoloutley love it! Hehe, especially Kill Bill and Reservoir Dogs! And that’s my introduction to…myself…heh… ::slight_smile:

Hi, I’m tracy.

I’ve been looking at this site for a bit now, and thought I should finally join!

Click here:

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and scroll to the chap on the bottom where you can read a bit about me.

Reb  4?  Sweden.  Love Tarantino movies.

Other good directors would be Ethan and Joel Coen…and maybe Guy Richie  8)

Hi folks waves I’m BB, as you can see. I’m old enough, a non-smoker, GSOH, and a bit mad.

I sort-of-like QT’s work, although I’m more of a fan of the combination of his acting and Robert Rodriguez’s directing.

Other interests range from viciously slicing up cardboard with a blunt scalpel to classical music and Medieval architecture.

If you have any questions or further interests about myself or my dubious past life, just yell in my general direction.

I read the rules thing and well I’ve been a member for a while just never got on and posted because of my very busy schedule. This is my first post. I would like to introduce myself as a student filmaker and musician(been playing the bass guitar for about 4 years, and guitar for 2 and upright bass for 6 months). I’m a big fan of Tarantino’s work and really like his style of filmaking. I have actually yet to see Jackie Brown but hope to soon. I have recently begun work on 2 film projects in which I hope to complete one in the next month. Both will be very short anywhere from 5-15 minutes. I don’t want to make my post too long so I’ll end it here.

My name is Anthony Cagle. I live in Clinton, Mississippi. I am a high school senior. I love movies. I recently got into Quentin Tarantino movies. My favorite Tarantino movie is Pulp Fiction. Just look at my screen name and you’ll guess who my favorite Tarantino character is. I also liked Kill Bill: Volume 1, Kill Bill: Volume 2, and Reservoir Dogs. I haven’t seen Jackie Brown yet because I have heard mixed things about it. In addition to movies, I love reading, serfing the web and posting on message boards, and I am also a big history buff. I also love writing short stories. I really want to write a novel one day. When I go to college I want to major in journalism. I look forward to getting know you all.

“Looking at something, friend?”

“You ain’t my friend, Palooka.”

“Excuse me?”

“I think you heard me just fine, Punchy.”

  • Vincent Vega and Butch Coolidge, Pulp Fiction

Hey wassup. My name is JP and Im a high school kid from CA. I love QT’s work. My favorite has got to be either Pulp Fiction or Jackie Brown. I also am a huge fan of the work of George A Romero (if you like him too i have a thread on him thats not doing to well- check it out please!)

Yo. I’m a college student from Indiana, majoring in archaeology and paralegal studies. Just saying hello to everyone.

another warm welcome to all newcomers from myself.

Please feel free to rock this house. There’s so much to discover, I am looking foward to reading from all of you!

Thanks from me for the crazy emailing thumbs up I would never have shifted my lazy behind and paid a visit otherwise.

I’ve been posting for some weeks now, but… ooops! I never introduced myself, so here I go:

My name’s Laura and I live in Spain. I love movies, and I fell for QT the first time I saw Pulp Fiction.

I found this site just by chance, but I think I’ve been very lucky! It’s really interesting to be able to share opinions and sometimes just have a laugh with people who have more or less the same likes as me.

I also wanna thank Seb and everyone who helps him for all the hard work… thanks for making this a nice place to hang around! (lol, that sounded like I’ve received and oscar… ;D )

Im new.

Buono knows me, but for the rest of you…

Hello fuckers

Hey all!

RJ here

female…25 years old … from so calif…

Names rebecca… call me becca or rj… not Becky please…

another female in da house… (New here)

Qt baby I worship you, your crew & ALL the movies you make…

Especially Kill Bill 1 & 2… and of course Pulp Fiction…

Looks like I found a new place to worship at…


hi everyone.

i know this from more than 1 year

i’m twenty years old and from turkey.

best film of qt is still pulp fiction.

Heyyy there I do believe I am the newest newcomer…so hello everyone.

Hey Everyone, I will just like to say that I’m a huge fan of Quentin, so big that when I talk to my parents they get mad and don’t want to hear it because I talk so much about him. So yea I just wanted you guys to know that I’m new and wanted to say hello. :slight_smile:

i’m not new i guess, but i havn’t been here much and i wanna make some qt friends. so, howdy :slight_smile:

p.s also, is it possible to get my name changed to darth_dwaino? :stuck_out_tongue:

y helo thar


My Name Is


President and Founder of WeaselCO

"We do nothing and we do nothing well"

I’m from MN. I like movies. I hate the AFI. How can you have a 100 best film list without Space Balls.

I use to post at the Kill Bill Board but I posted so much it stopped working. Now I found this place. You shall all feel my wrath. I like watching kungfu, stupid comedies and cheesy 80’s action flicks. I like quoting kungfu, stupid comedies and cheesy 80’s action flicks. I like repeating myself. I like repeating quotes from films. Mostly kungfu, stupid comedies and cheesy 80’s action flicks. Did I tell you I am from MN. I like near Fargo though so I like to repeat myself. On rare occasion I even repeat myself.

And now for something completly different. I have more dvds than the regular person but less dvds that a regular person would watch than a regular person. Mostly kungfu, arggghhhhh.

Since this is a qt site I should express my feelings towards his films.

Resevoir Dogs - Groundbreaking but boring after repeated viewings

Pulp Fiction - One of the best films ever made

Jackie Brown - Kicks Ass. Deniro totally reminds me of my dad in this film.

Kill Bill v1- I saw it three times when I had to drive 50 miles for the theater.

Kill Bill v2 - Seen it twice so far. Better than v1. Waiting for Deluxe Edition.

I live in Detroit Lakes. A small town that gets big aroung July 4th. The only movie theater we have is a 5 plex that always shows kiddie crap. No KB, Hero, 911 nothing. It took them two months to get the Passion. Two weeks to get the spongebob squarepants movie. So I pretty much have to drive to Fargo to see anything that isn’t hollywood teenyboppin crap. Theres no best buy in town either so I pretty much just sit on the internet and play poker or cs or fill up unsuspection chat boards with my useless jibberjabber till the moderator goes crazy and deletes whole subjects at a time.

Unfortunately Yours,

Joseph M. Weitzel

President of WeaselCO

Not WeaselCock