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[color=Orange]Since I am new here, I have been requested to introduce myself.

My name is Terrence and I’m a 35 year old Black Male Capricorn (hence my Avatar and board Name). I am a filmmaker trying to get his debut Horror Thriller made, which has been a daunting nearly 2 year process to date.

I had been studying film part time in a community college for several years, then I transfered over to a full time 4 year college to major in film (as a writer director - although I do have a strong interest in editing as a hobby), which I finished in the year 2000.

In addition to film, I love music, and I used to play drums in a very obscure thrash metal band in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 80’s when I was a teenager.

I like all types of music, but I hate today’s teeny bopper homogenized Pop Culture in all of it’s forms (whether its wannabe thug rap, soulLESS R&B, saccarine bubblegum pop, sissy boy pseudo-Rock Bands and fake-ass/corporate formalaic Pop Punk Rock).

These days I either listen to old soul to some neo-soul to classic Rock to very underground Extreme Metal music (Black Metal, Death Metal, Doom and Thrash) and almost whatever that’s in between that barely has reached mainstream recognition.

Some of the filmmakers whom have inspired me (in no particular order AFTER Leone):

Sergio Leone

Martin Scorcese

Stanley Kubrick

Akira Kurosawa

Spike Lee

Francis Ford Coppola

Steven Spielberg

Quentin Tarantino (him and Spike have been my main inspiration to get off my ass and do something)

George Lucas (everthing except for the STAR WARS prequels)

Jean Luc Godard

Francis Truffaut

David Lynch

Mira Nair

Dario Argento

Lucio Fulci

Mario Bava

Takashi Miike

John Woo (Hong Kong era and “FACE OFF”)

Ringo Lam

Tsui Hark

There’s many others whom I like a lot, but at the moment the ones above have been influential on me.

And that’s me in a nutshell!!!


Hello all, I’m Hilda…i’ve been coming to for quite sometime now… I finally decided to join the forum instead of being just a lurker… I’'m glad to see so many fans on here :slight_smile:

I’m obviously new and it cool to be here. I’ve been watching this board for a while, wat ever happen to Reservoir Dude? or BadMotherFucker? or Bullet? They were funny as hell.

erm, well okay, maybe some people are pissed off of me now.

But I just deleted some posts here.

This is the first post, written by STARKEY, the guy who made this topic:
[quote]This is the topic where the newcomers can come in and tell us a little about themselfs. But that’s all it’s for. I don’t want to see any comments about anyone, good or bad. Infact, anything in this thread that isn’t an introduction will be removed. Also, please don’t introduce yourself if you’ve been a member of for over two months. [/quote]

We had a topic like this before and it was ruined by "some" posts and then deleted by the admin. I asked the admin to allow to start a new one and he said, yes, but that we mods have to take care for ot. So Starkey opened this one.
[b]We decided to allow only ONE INTRO POST by everyone[/b] - only ONE post and no answers - NO welcome to the board and more.

So, this topic has a special rule, written and explained by Starkey in the first post.

Please accept this, we want this topic so bad it gives us a chance to learn more about new members. This decision about the special rules here was made to protect this topic.

From gwenabee8703 in an other topic :

Hi…Just introducing myself here, I could do this in the intro thread but I figure none of you read it anymore so I just made my own so…hi! Im Lindsey,nice to meet you

Please, use this topic for your intro, don´t open a new one: One theme - one topic.

Don´t forget, answer are not allowed here.

Hey. I’m Bleeding Orange, after Tim Roth in RD. I had resisted Tarantino for a long time until a friend shoved the KILL BILL DVDs into my hands and said, “Watch!” I watched , then I did PULP, DOGS, DUSK, JACKIE… Pretty fun. One thing about QT: He enjoys making movies and hopes that people will have fun watching them. (Remember when you were like that, William Friedkin?)

With JACKIE BROWN, Quentin showed a great talent in adapting crime fiction. If he ever runs out of ideas, maybe he’ll adapt some Higgins, Westlake, Gores, Pronzini etc.

Im Chris Lovin… Im 18, live in Virginia Beach USA. Pulp Fictions been my favorite movie since i saw it when i was 10 and ive loved Tarantino ever since, but not so much that it blinds me from seeing something i dont like :wink: . I love trivial information about movies and playing the guitar.

Edit: oh and i love invader Zim ;D

my name is deadasoren aka buck and I like to fuck

I am very popular in, well known for Buck jokes and I hate the moderator Ukbill in because he banned me without a warning

hey ukbill

you can’t ban me here ;D

hi all

im Dj about 4 year’s.I’m playing psy-trance (and other eletronic stuff)

Im living now in Germany but im not german im coming from Ukraine… i’m interesting on Tarantino art-work and to be a part of this interesting community…


Hi, I’m Jeff. Long-time lurker just saying HI. Cheers…

Hi, I’m Ester, I live in Barcelona, Catalonia, and I’m a Tarantino fan, as everyone else in this forum, I guess. My favourite Tarantino’s movies are Reservoir Dogs and Jackie Brown although I also love the rest of his films. :wink:

Hi, Im evets, from england - “English motherfucker do you speak it?!”

Hi, I am a new member who loves reading and watching films. And worship QT and obsessed with Uma Thurman. And believe whenever QT collaborates with Uma, Keitel, Jackson, and Madsen it is pure blissful cinematic dynamite.

hi i’m new!

Hi, im new here.

Hello i’m jmammoth i like hip hop, movies, and DVDs my fav. filmmakers are Kevin Smith and Quentin Tarantino.

hi my fake name is Johnny Kage. i like long walks on the beach and sodomy. i think ive been a member for 100 years but finally figured out how to log on.

i get beat up and dropped on my face for a living but will retire from that in two years and make some of the best movies you guys will ever see.

thats all for now

Just here introducing myself so the emails will stop already. name’s gary. big fan of tarnatino obviously or else i wouldn’t be here. so anyways. whatever.


Rachel from the UK.

Single (most of the time) therefore big movies fan. Loved Kill Bill, didn’t get Reservoir Dogs but enjoyed all the others. I like vampire movies so Dusk to Dawn was a favorite too. Kill Bill has got to be in my top 10, great story, atmosphere and music. Uma Thurman was brilliant. Love John Travolta so enjoyed Pulb Fiction although not his best film. I am really into Jude Law at the moment would be great to see him in a QT film.

What else? Loved LOTR (but didn’t everyone).

Other likes are travels, dancing (especially latin), good food and the internet (obviously)

Very happy to be with you all and thanks for letting me join.