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Hey I’m Justin. I love both Volumes of Kill Bill (perhaps the first one a tiny bit more) and Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown. I didn’t care for Res Dogs all that much, but it was still pretty good. I am a video game nut, I love to read anything wierd, and I’m addicted to QT stuff.

P.S. The Bene Tleilax or Tleilaxu were and organization in the Dune series that messed around with genetic science and did all kinds of sick things with technology and mutations. They also sold metal eyes, thus my screenname.

Yo, I’m Jason.  Been a huge QT fan for a number of years now.

My top three films of all time are: Pulp Fiction, Rear Window, and Fellini’s 8 1/2. My favorite Directors are QT, Hitchcock, Dario Argento, the Coen Bro’s and I love Kevin Smith’s Writing.  I also like Soderbergh, Rob. Rodriguez and some others. ÂÂ

I like to write, listen to music and play videogames as well.  I listen to all sorts of music.  I like a lot of indie rock (Minus the Bear, The Promise Ring, Death Cab for Cutie, Jeff Buckley etc.), hardcore (Bane, Madball, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Comeback Kid, Terror, etc.), hip-hop (Jurassic 5, Tribe Called Quest, Blackalicious, Outkast, etc.), and I even listen to country, oldies, Johnny Cash, Avril Lavigne (heh) and a lot of other stuff. ÂÂ

I live in Indiana, always have, definitely always won’t though.  I go to Ball State University and study Telecommunications with an emphasis in production.  I’m learning on Digital Video, but plan on going to film school or just moving to LA and making movies after I graduate in 2 years.  There ya have it. ÂÂ

Oh, and I look like Mark Wahlberg (i hear it at least once a week from someone new), that’s why my name is Dirk.


hey kiddies. most of my internet buddies call me by the name ‘grimey’, which is why i have appropriately chosen the very same word to be my QT board moniker. my real friends (there seem to be so few of them…) know me as ben.

i actually got into tarantino when i saw kill bill, vol. 1 on DVD. it was the first QT film i had ever seen. of course, i loved it, and i asked a friend of mine what other good tarantino films he would reccomend me. soon afterward i bought the special edition of pulp fiction and reservoir dogs. i love them both.

i’m a fan of movies, music and douglas coupland.

if you really feel like it, you can find me posting frequently on the ataris message board as ‘bentgrimz’.


evening to everybody, I live in Jo’burg that’s in South Africa for those of you who don’t know (yeah that’s right that guy Nelson Mandela is from here) anyway besides adoring Tarantino I’m a big film fan and well my other fav directors are Scorsese (I don’t include Gangs of New york how ever) Jean pierre Jeneut, David Lynch, Louis benul, Wong Kar-Wai, Sergio Leone, Pedro Amoldovar, Fedricho Fellini, Polanski, Sofia Coppola (fuck the italian names on the list are begining to bother me) Guy ritche (although his last movie was a big dissapointment), Spike lee, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, Goddard,

the Coen Brothers and if i forgotten any one sorry.

I’m a film student, 2nd year (majoring in Production Design, Sub majors Directing and screenplay writing) I’m studying in my home town of Johannesburg which is very much the vile and disgusting pit that Travis Bickle hates so much about 70’s NY in Taxi Driver yet there’s something sickly magnetic and vibrant about it.

Besides film, I love good music, good food, poetry (writing

especially), my dog, my mom, anything dark and sickly funny. Love Cape Town in the summer when I have big phat joint in one hand and table mountin behind me and I know that the party in the club that night is gonna rock even my world

hey there, i’m a chick who lives in canada. I love all kinds of movies, especially anime, Kung Fu and cult classics, except for teenybopper and chickflicks, i hate those soooo much. I aslo love all kinds of music, mostly Ennio Morricone stuff, but also a lot of floyd, zepplin and radio head. QT, Carradine, Michael Madsen and Clint eastwood drive me crazy, i love those guys so much, they’re so damn cool. may i say one thing? this site is amazing, kudos to you sebastien.

Hello. I’m Sushi, a 15 year old resident of San Antonio, Texas. I’m currently a sophmore attending St. Gerard Catholic School (I. Hate. Catholic. School.) Below are a few of my interests.

Film: I’ve always been into movies, and just hanging out at the movies and stuff. But then, two films came along and changed my view on everything. Donnie Darko (Best. Movie. Ever.) and Kill Bill Vol. 1. Soon after I saw the both of those I started watching more and more movies, I started reading books on flimmaking, and now I’m a psuedo-filmbuff and an aspiring film maker.

Music: I like quite a few different genres but mainly everything I like can be filed under “Rock”. I grew up on my parents music, Zepplin, Aerosmith, Rush, The Doors, ect. But around Middle School I started coming into my own. My current favorite musicians are Muse, The Killing Joke, and Mindless Self Indulgence.

Games: Before I got into film I was an aspiring game designer. I’m still a bit of a gamer but a majority of my focus has been switched over to films. Viewtiful Joe is probably the best game of this generation along with my favorite GameCube game. So, yeah…

Other things I do include… SkateBoarding, Sleeping, Eating, Reading, and watching TV.

Alas, I´ve found something like a welcome-thread, cps kinda urged me to join here, finally I made it, and so far its not bad at all.

I come from germany, and I´m way into asian movies, especially japanese and korean cinema. Lately I came to despise Hollywood-Mainstream-Cinema more often than not, so it´s great to talk with people, who are also into “real” movies with real virtues, like “Kill Bill” and all. My favorite movies still are (in no particular order): John Woo´s “The Killer”, “Fallen Angels - Chungking Express 2” (Wong Kar-Wei), “Hero” (Zhang Zimou), lately also “Azumi” (Ryuhei Kitamura) and of course “Kill Bill”, but also western masterpieces like “Fight Club” and the first “Matrix” (Reloaded and Revolutions sucked ass, the former less, the latter royally). Tim Burton is also among my favorite directors of all times, and I love drama way more than comedy.

So, I´ll hope being able to enjoy my stay here. And thanks again, cps, for PM-kicking-my-ass until I joined. :wink:

[quote]cps kinda urged me to join here[/quote]
Yeah, I´ve been through that too. :smiley:

Like i said the other day, I´m from Germany too. I´m interested in films more generally (some might say “mainstream”) and don´t prefer a special genre, so you probably won´t see me post in threads like “name your 250 favourite zombie films” and stuff like that. :-*

Some of my favorite actors: Norton, De Niro, Pacino, Walken, Depp, Willis, Law, Roth, Bana… | Kidman, Watts, Thurman, Streep, Driver, Beals…

Some of my favorite directors: De Palma, Burton, Cameron, Lynch, Scott (both of ´em), Tarantino, Smith (but only for the New Jersey trilogy), Cronenberg, Shyamalan and the Coen Bros.

When it comes to music, I dig artists like Radiohead, R.E.M., Bright Eyes, Whiskeytown, Doves, Massive Attack, Wilco, The Mountain Goats, Ryan Adams, Beck, Dan Bern, Beth Orton and, of course, the great Bob Dylan.

See you around.

Hi fellow Tarantino fanatics

I’m an 18 year old male from Norway. I’ve been crazy about movies for as long as I can remember. Learned how to speak english from watching movies (learned some more at school). First Tarantino movie I saw was True Romance when I was 11 or 12 (never heard about Tarantino at that time). Fell in love instantly. Along with Princess Mononoke, it is still my favorite movie. I’m into ever type of movies there is; from low budget movies about necrophilia too romantic comedies about dancing. From Japanese and Chinese movies too Italien and German and of course too Hollywood. I love it all. But Tarantino really is something special  :wink: My music style is like 80% Black and Death Metal.

Looking forward to a good time at this great forum (it’s a little crowded though, I’m mean… There’s ALOT of posts :slight_smile:).

Hi, i’m Jot.

Hey people, I’m Christina, 20 from Australia. Just joined this place, dunno why it took me so long. Seems cool here.  :wink:

I’ll add a pic of me too

Hey All. My name is Scott. Im 22 and I am from Australia.

I could quote ZoDiAc’s post and call it a day, but that would be boring.

I’m born and raised in Norway, but I’m not planning to die here. I earn my living by working in a videostore and I feed my need by watching movies. I’ve been a Tarantino fan since I don’t know when, but I know that my first bite of the pie was Pulp Fiction and I loved it.

I also make my own movies, preferably full-length feature, but a 17 year old boy is doomed to stick to shorts.

ive been on this forum for a lil while but just saw this topic. anywho, im almost 16 and live in cali. i love tarantino i think he is a god. my fav genres are pulp fiction, spaghetti westerns and i love cult and B-movies.

I copied this post from EDDIEUK a new member of this board, who opened a new intro topic. Don´t forget to use this topic for the introduction and that it is not allowed to answer here. Please read the first post from STARKEY.

this is what EDDIEUK wrote:

WEll just thought id log on to this site to view my opinions about this guy, well untill a few months ago i didnt even know who he was until a friend introduced me to jackie brown and i fell in love with the film almost immediatly, then came pulp fiction and well what can i say i was hooked just wanted to say how unique this mans filmmaking is, i love it his films are both intreguing and interesting and i dont think i can put any words down that describe kill bill volumes 1 and 2

would be nice to chat to some other fans

thanks for listerning to me rabbit on lol

Hey what up eveyone one, just like to say i’m a fuckn’ huge tarantino fan and all my mates cant keep up with me when i’m talking my ass off about pulp or dogs etc. so i’m looking foward to discusssing the man an his movies with you guys ;D

Hey people my name is Stephanie I’ve been watching Tarantino since I was four or five (I think I’m the youngest person on the forum). I love all different kinds of music jazz, disco, rock, soft rock, rockabilly, and opera and stuff. I cant stand most of todays pop culture. My favorite shows are SNL and Late Night with Conan O’Brien (Conan rox!). I’m from Cali and my favorite movie of Quentin’s is either reservior Dogs or Kill Bill vol. 2

Hello all. I will be very suprised if anyone actually reads this besides perhaps the next to post after me. Whatever.

Hello, Jesse, movie fan, English, likes rice and chicken, flaming lips nut, young filmmaker just like everyone else, brunette, not very tall, in pyjamas, wrote a novel, has a literary agent, is now showing off, X-Files is on TV, so bye.

Hey, im Porkfriedrice, my favorite movies anr Resevoir Dogs, Donnie Darko and Taxi Driver. My favorite bands and Nirvana, Beck and Modest Mouse. My favrorite book is Battle Royale. Ive seen most of the great crime movies so im looking into new genres, specificly horrow and asian cinema so if anyone could give suggestions it would be much appreciated.

Also im writing my first screenplay called Winner, does anyone have a good name for a gameshow where people kill eachother? Thanks, O ya im from Mass and im 14

Hi, bit late, but hell.

I’m Bierbommetje (Dutch for Small BeerBomb).

I’m Dutch, male, 17, having a good time on the boards.

Fave movie: KB1+2

Cya! ;D