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[Vol 2 OST] General Kill Bill volume 2 Soundtrack Talk



Does Anyone know the female singer in "About Her"

PS Blaze Alpha, who are the ladies?

It isn’t a female singer.


Its Colin Blunstone of the Zombies

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I have the original version of “She’s Not There” by The Zombies so I am already aware of that. In fact there is a female singer on the Malcolm McLaron Version and it is Bessie Smith and it is extracted from “St. Louis Blues” recorded in the 30’s!


Sorry, I took you for one of those people that thought Malcolm was a female singer


Anyone know where I can get an english translation for the lyrics of ‘Urami Bushi’ (Meiko Kaji)…I know the song off by heart, but have no Idea what its about.


You’re beautiful, you’re the flower, he praises you.

But if you bloom, he will get you scattered.

Stupid. So stupid.

I go so stupid singin’ my grudge blues.

You can accept your pitiful fate.

But when you cry, he’ll make you cry more.

Women, oh women,

It’s women’s tears that makes my grudge blues.

I hate you. Full of regret, never forgiven.

Try to erase my memory, but cannot forget you.

It never ends, never,

It never ends, 'cause that’s my grudge blues.

They say it’s a dream, embers of one-sided attachment,

laughing at you.

So you decide to wake up, but fear to be fully awake.

Women, oh women,

Women’s soul beats on my grudge blues.

Crimson roses have its sharp thorns.

Don’t wanna hurt you, but have to stab you with my thorn.

Burning, it’s burning,

It keeps on burning within my grudge blues.

No flower would bloom on my dead body.

So I will live along hanging on my grudge.

Women, oh women,

My woman’s life belongs to my grudge blues.



the volume 2 OST is also nominated for a grammy


is rza getting the grammy or quentin or will they share if they win?


Cheers! 8)


is rza getting the grammy or quentin or will they share if they win?

depends on the category. if its “original soundtrack” or “best compilation”


Hi guys, sorry if this dosnt really apply but I saw an ad for Kill Bill 1 and 2 the other day on a pay per view channel in the UK.

Over the ad there was this really cool, spageti-western style music - i have so far had no luck finding it, maybe u lot can help so heres

a sample (me humming it)

Hope u can help, thanks!


Yeh I liked that music too (Front Row? Box Office?) When I heard it first I was saying how they played that music even though it wasn’t in the film, but it was damn good, shame it wasn’t in the film!I am almost certain it is from Ennio Morricone, but I’m not 100%! Can anyone help?


Yep front row. I agree, very Ennio Morricone. At first I thought it must have came from the film “Man with the Harmonica” but after hearing samples of the soundtrack I discovered that it was’nt :frowning:


Isn’t “Man with the Harmonica” the name of the music and not a film? There is a tune in Once Upon A Time In The West called “Man with the Harmonica” by Ennio Morricone!


Could be but I’m sure theres a film with a similar title, maybe wrong though, i’ll have to re-check it


if you search in imdb, he cant really find a smiliar title

so, you must be wrong ;D


Yeah u guys are right, its a tune in an OST, not a title. So where the hell does this song come from them … :frowning:

I’m gonna do a big check over at Amazon for Ennio Morricone samples.


Hi again, sorry for the double post but I found the below tune while checking out the soundtrack for “For a few dollars more”:

It sounds similar to the one I am after. I’m sure that tune must come from one of the “dollars” films … but which one :frowning: LOL


the complete soundtrack listings:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … Soundtrack”></LINK_TEXT>


Hi! I adore Kill Bill and its Soundtrack!!! It`s so awesome I think.