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[Vol 2 OST] General Kill Bill volume 2 Soundtrack Talk



Ok, I know it’s a bit early, but we can already start posting what MIGHT be on the soundtrack, or what we’ve heard what will be on the soundtrack.

  • Robert Rodriguez is set to compose a bit (official)
  • Lars Ullrich seems to be on the payroll (rumor)
  • QT seems to have the rights to “born to be alive” by Metallica (rumor)
  • “Get up and Get Down” by The Dramatics (rumor)
  • “When Will I See You Again” by Three Degrees plays at the end of Vol 2 (rumor)
  • “Don’t Mess With Bill” by The Marvelettes (rumor)

    at this point we can also assume that the Bride’s REVENGE THEME (Ironside) will re-appear as well as maybe a bunch of other tunes or themes from Volume 1



  • “Don’t Mess With Bill” by The Marvelettes (rumor)

LoL, I just made that one up. It would be kind of cute to have that in though.

I’d be willing that the mysterious tune that plays at the beginning of bootleg trailer #1 will be on the vol 2 soundtrack. Does anyone know what song this is yet?


i hope they use some more Morricone in Volume 2


I’d be willing that the mysterious tune that plays at the beginning of bootleg trailer #1 will be on the vol 2 soundtrack. Does anyone know what song this is yet?

hasn’t that been cleared up in the old soundtrack topic? if not, check it out, maybe we can find out.


I seriously, really, want that Grand Duel M10, alternate version, whatever. Like the one that’s in the movie. If anyone has it pleeeease send the fuckn thing to me!!!

make sure you specify that it’s the Grand Duel song in the email subject, otherwise I might delete it by accident. Ya know ya know.

Thanks peoples.


I read in an internet article last week that Guns N Roses will have a song in Vol2. Maybe this will finally lead to their much delayed Chinese Democracy album.


Do not forget The RZA…no one makes beats like RZA.


4th disciple can make beats like RZA, he sampled Lone Sheppard.

BUt I dont think 4th Disciple will be on it.


I hope the RZA sticks with beats and doesn’t give us another rap song. I really enjoyed his contribution to Vol. 1 when it came to beats and instrumental music.


I wouldn’t be surprised if QT used some music from old Giallo movies, seeing how Fulci’s The Psychic is an obvious influence.


Fuck The Psychic, Qt should use the theme to Zombie 8)


I not often open topics for some shit, but this is necessary.

Here comes the so extremly desired tracklist of Vol. 2 Soundtrack.

The cover will be finished till monday.



3 IL TRAMONTO - Ennio Morricone

4 CAN’T HARDLY STAND IT - Charlie Feathers

5 TU MIRÃ? (edit) - Lole Y Manuel


7 THE CHASE - Alan Reeves, Phil Steele and Philip Brigham

8 THE LEGEND OF PAI MEI - David Carradine and Uma Thurman

9 L’ARENA - Ennio Morricone

10 A SATISFIED MIND - Johnny Cash

11 A SILHOUETTE OF DOOM - Ennio Morricone

12 ABOUT HER - Malcolm McLaren

13 TRULY AND UTTERLY BILL - David Carradine and Uma Thurman


15 URAMI BUSHI - Meiko Kaji

. . . The RZA! (hidden track - title tbc)

Holy shit, isn’t that great??


glad to see the morricone tracks as well as another track from Luis Bacalov. not to mention the tracks with uma & bill

when’s the release date? March 30?


[quote]when’s the release date? March 30?

I don’t know. Here in germany the soundtrack will be released april 19th, I think.

According to in USA it’ll be the 13th of april.


Man, Johnny freakin’ Cash, man!


Check out the tracklist of vol. 2 Soundtrack:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 1079112901”>;action=display;num=1079112901</LINK_TEXT>


soundtracks come out before the movie right?


Right man.

USA release dates:

Movie: April 13th

OST: April 13th

Ok, these dates are equal.

Germany release dates:

Movie: April 22nd

OST: April 19th




sounds good