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[Vol 1] Songs not on OST CD

Im looking for the correct title and the artist that performs the last song they play during the credits. i looked at the end song list and i saw what it was but i forgot the artists name and the correct spelling of the song. its a japanese song, it was something along the lines of urami-burushi, i know it was that cause i heard it in the chorus. but i forgot the artist(s) that performed it. if anyone knows what im talking about and can help me out thatd be awesome.

Here are all the songs in the credits that are not on the soundtrack, as originally posted in the Kill Bill Soundtrack thread:

“Music Box Dancer”

Written by: Frank Mills


Written by: David Allen Young

Performed by: David Allen Young

“Truck Turner”

Written by: Isaac Hayes

Performed by: Isaac Hayes

“Seven Notes in Black”

Written by: Franco Bixie, Fabio Frizzi & Vince Tempera

Performed by: Vince Tempera & Orchestra

“I Lunghi Giorni Della Vendetta / The Long Day of Vengeance”

Written by: Armando Trovajoli

Performed by: Armando Trovajoli

“Il Grande Duello / The Grand Duel, M10”

Written by: Luis Bacalov

Performed by: Luis Bacalov

“Wound That Meals”

Written by: Takeshi Kobayashi

Performed by: Lily Cheu-Cheu

“I Walk Like Jane Mansfield”

Written by: The’s

Performed by: The’s

“I giorni dell’ira”

Written by: Riziere Ortolani

Performed by: Riz Ortolani

“I’m Blue”

Written by: Ike Turner

Performed by: The’s

“Death Rides a Horse”

Written by: Ennio Morricone

Performed by: Ennio Morricone

“Champions of Death”

Written by: Shuzsuko Kibushi

“White Lightning”

Written by: Charles Bernstein

Performed by: Charles Bernstein

“Police Check Point”

Written by: Harry Betts

Performed by: Harry Betts

“Nobody But Me”

Performed by: The Human Beinz

“Yaguyu Conspiracy”

Written by: Toshiaki Tsushima

Performed by: Toshiaki Tsushima

would anyone have a mp3 for

“Wound That Meals”

Written by: Takeshi Kobayashi

Performed by: Lily Cheu-Cheu

I think the song you’re looking for is called Kaifukusuru Kizu by Lily Chou-Chou. You can get it on soulseek.

hm its not the lily chou chou song, i just listened to it. its sung by a woman. if anyones recently seen the movie and know what im talking about let me know. i think it might be the yagyu one, i have to hear it first.

ok, so the list you guys have is missing a song. its the song at the end of the credits. i figured out its by Meiko Kaji is called Urami-Bushi. i knew i saw it in the credits in the theater. the list you guys have must be from an old work print or something.

Which one of these songs is played when Uma first sees all the swords in the attic? Is this the Lily Chou-Chou song? Thanks.

Some of the film’s best music was left off the soundtrack.

What gives? Why release 46 minutes of just some of the music and not put in the extra effort of producing a CD that truly does the movie’s score justice? I’m pissed.

I agree about the disappointment in so much good music being left off the soundtrack CD.

Once and for all, a question: the “attic scene” where Uma looks at the display of samurai swords on the wall — what is the music in that scene? Is it the Lily Chou-Chou thing?

What’s the name of the song that plays when The Bride’s fighting the main Crazy 88 dude, then she like jumps down off the railing, lets go of the big ass stick, or whatever it was, and it hits him in the head, etc etc. That’s a wicked song.

here’s the page:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … rack_2.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

additions and corrections? please post

The soundtrack is very good, but you’re right. I wish they deleted RZA’s Ode to O-Ren Ishii. His other song is good though, the one that plays when the Bride sees O-Ren I think, or maybe when all the Crazy 88 surround her. Also, he should have gotten rid of those sound effects at the end and added half an hour more of music.

Complain complain complain! Disc 2 might be released.

[quote]here’s the page:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … rack_2.htm”></LINK_TEXT>

additions and corrections? please post[/quote]

Here’s when the music plays and a few minor corrections:

Frank Mills - Music Box Dancer -Ice Cream Truck-

The Pasedena Neighborhood

Vince Tempera - Seven Notes In Black

Buck loses a tendon

Issac Hayes - Truck Turner

Hospital parking lot

Luis Bacalov - The Grand Duel - M10

"Wiggle your big toe" and Chapter 3 Intro

Also, O-Ren killing Boss Matsumoto

Armando Trovajoli - The Long Day Of Vengeance

Shot of sword in O-Ren’s father’s head panning up

Lily Chou-Chou - Wound That Heals (Not Meals, and it is the same as Kaihukusuru kizu)

The’s - I Walk Like Jane Mansfield

End of song, briefly after Battle Without Honor Or Humanity

The’s - I’m Blue

The Bride narrowly escaping Go Go when she tries to spy on O-Ren

Ennio Morricone - Death Rides A Horse

The Bride dismembers Sofie and challenges O-Ren

Riz Ortolani - I Giorni Dell’ira

Start of Crazy 88 bloodbath up to eye-pluck

Shuzsuko Kibushi - Champions Of Death

Swashbuckling action, bamboo snapback

Harry Betts - Police Check Point

During Crazy 88 bloodbath action after O-Ren retreats to the back

White Lightning IS on the soundtrack, it’s coupled with Crane on the same track

The Human Beinz - Nobody But Me

Two swords, mass "de-footing"

Toshiaka Tsuchima (Not Tsushima) - Yagyu Conspiracy (Not Yaguyu)

The Bride’s “Second reason” speech

Luis Bacalov - The Grand Duel - M10

“Wiggle your big toe” and Chapter 3 Intro

Also, O-Ren killing Boss Matsumoto

This song is on the soundtrack, track 3 :slight_smile:

I can’t seem to find "Shuzsuko Kibushi - Champions Of Death

so if anyone can point me in the right direction then please email me on


Anyone know the song thats played in Bootlegg Trailer #1? Its the trailer where The Bride says “How did you find me?” and Bill nods, “I’m the man”. Its a very western-esqe song and its played up until Sonny Chiba comes on (then Death Rides a Horse comes on).

So anyone know the song?


I just updated the page with all the corrections I found.

I desperately need the following three tracks


Champions of Death

Yaguyu Conspiracy

If anyone has these please let me know, i am willing to exchange any of my unofficial tracks from Kill Bill, I have every single other one except the above three.

Cheers 8)

Ennio Morricone - Death Rides A Horse

The Bride dismembers Sofie and challenges O-Ren

Riz Ortolani - I Giorni Dell’ira

Start of Crazy 88 bloodbath up to eye-pluck


They could put them into the original soundtrack…they are great…

Does anybody know the song that plays during Bootlegg Trailer #1 when the Bride is walking through the desert? The Bride asks Bill How he found her?. It goes like “ahhh, haaaa, uhhh, aaahh, haaaa”(real harmonious, u get the drift) Its a pretty old spaghetti westernish. It plays before Man to Man(Death Rides a Horse) the scene with Sonny Chiba asking her why she needs a sword. I don’t think I could be any clearer than that. Someone told me it possibly is "Day of Anger by Riz Ortolani. If someone has the track(mp3) or at least knows the title, please, please, zip and send to Thanx. Much, much appreciated. :’(

Greetings, I would like to know the name of the song on the trailer no.2 - QT Bootleg. The song starts playing approx. at 01:40 minutes into trailer and it’s the last song of the trailer. I believe I heard the song in the movie too, but I don’t remember where;))