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[vol 1 OST] General Kill Bill volume 1 soundtrack talk



Does anyone know the track that was used during Bill’s final death scene. you know the one when after he gets the five finger palm pressing heart technique by the bride. The song they play when he gets up, fixes his jacket and then walks 5-6 steps and dies.

I’m dying to know the track and where can i get it. It’s awesome!

Someone please tell me the track name… and where can i get it? or post it online.

Thanks everyone! Much appreciated.

  • Esmond


bill’s death music is by ennio morricone…

its called “the demise of barbara, the return of joe”

listen to the whole song, the que used in kb2 appears during the last minute of the song…



do you think you can e-mail me a copy at .

I’m in desperate need of that song.


  • Esmond


Whats is the title of the song that plays when The Bride is about to kill someone… It is like a siren.


The revenge theme? That’s the theme from Ironside.


Does anyone know the name of the song that is played when the bride meets o-ren outside in the snow. It’s not flower of carnage it is before that. If anyone knows the name i would greatly appreciate it.


Santa Esmeralda - Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood.


anyone know what music is played during Kill Bill Volume TWO’s 2nd credits roll?

when the trix is driving by herself, and the names of the DiVAS are being scrolled and slashed except Elle Driver’s who gets a “?”


Just to let everyone know, if I haven’t sent you Yagyu Conspiracy, it’s because I’d prefer it if you’d e-mail me and then I will reply back with the song. E-mail:


What’s the name of the song during the O-Ren sniper scene?


[quote]What’s the name of the song during the O-Ren sniper scene?[/quote]

It's called "Run Fay Run" by Isaac Hayes, track number 7 on the volume 1 OST!!


One question and an answer to a potential or already asked question:

  1. Does anyone have access to any or all of the robert rodriguez scoring of volume 2? I’ve been trying to find some good quality versions but with little or no luck.

  2. Also, the song after Beatrix delivers the five point palm, and Bill gets up to button his shirt is “Navajo Joe” from Ennio Morriconne. Correct me on this if I am wrong.


Hi everybody,

I’m a great fan of Tarantino’s works like all here. I came to this site reading a review from and found all stuff quite amazing.

My question is about a song that I can’t find in the tracks list and even in the extra material list. The song is a version of the Beethoven’s Flight Of The Bumblebee and appears after the council meet in the travel/arrive to Tokio.

I’m sure that lot of people here knows what I’m talking about, then I’ll be grateful if someone answer me. Sorry by the lame English and if anybody have questions about the repercussion of the movies here in Brazil just ask me.

Thanks and goodbye.


From an other topic:


Does anyone have a list of the music played in kill bill 2 that is NOT on the soundtrack? For exemple the song when shes walking in the desert. PLEASE anyone help me? thanks!!!


Bride B.

Jack answered:

Dies Irae 2 (M9) - Nova Orlandi

Ay Que Caray - Marilu Esmeralda Aguiluz

A Fistful Of Dollars (Main Theme) - Ennio Morricone

Il Mercenario (Reprise) - Ennio Morricone

Three Tough Guys (End Theme) - Isaac Hayes

Invincible Pole Fighter - Su Chun Hou

Sunny Road To Salina - Bernard Girard Christophe

The Demise Of Barbara & The Return Of Joe - Ennio Morricone

I’m sure there’s some more too.

There’s also some original music by Robert Rodriguez as well, but as far as I’m aware there’s no way of getting hold of it (bar some short samples on the official site).


xJapAnim8edx asked:

hey this is kinda a dumb question but, whats that song called where O-ren and The Bride were fighting (the one with all the clapping)

Jack answered:

“Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” by Santa Esmeralda.

It’s on the Kill Bill Vol.1 soundtrack album.


i’m desperate to get the lyrics to the ‘death rides a horse’ track(the sophie-dismembering part), be they in italian, spanish or english, i don’t need a translation it’s just i cannot find them at all, i’ve bee told that the track is a mix of two other tracks, ‘a million dollars’ and ‘ride into freedom’, i can’t find those either. and apparently the track is from a soundtrack from a film of the same name ‘death rides a horse’ or ‘da uomo a uomo’, in any case, i don’t have the soundtrack, all i want is to know what they’re saying!



I´m really sorry, that I can´t be a better help, all I have is are links:

Morricone songbook:

different version of morricone songs:

if you need translation-help, send me a pm


Hey guys, look what i found on in the music/soundtrack section. Check a torrent file called "Bonus music for kill bill"

Here is the playlist :

01- Kill Bill intro title 1 (the shaw brothers logo)

02- Kill Bill intro title 2 (our feature presentation)

03- Frank Mills : music box dancer

04- Vince Tempera & Orchestra : seven notes in black

05- Isaac Hayes : truck turner

06- Luis Bacalov : the grand duel M10

07- Armando Trovajoli : long day of vengeance

08- Bang Bang (short)

09- Lily Chou Chou : Kaifuksuru Kizu

10- The 5 6 7 8’s : I walk like Jayne Mansfield

11- The 5 6 7 8’s : I’m blue

12- Ennio Morricone : from man to man

13- Riz Ortolani : day of anger

14- Harry Betts : police checkpoint

15- Human Beinz : nobody but me

16- the sunny road to salina

17- Meiko Kaji : urami bushi

18- Neu! : super 16

19- Quincy Jones : Ironside

20- Ennio Morricone : silhouette of doom

21- NJPW : makai club (Kill Bill theme)

22- Tomoyasu Hotei : shin jungi-naki tataki (extended)

23- Ennio Morricone : a silhouette of doom (edit)

Hope you apreciate if you don’t already have everything there.


heres my little contribution. this is a great local band here in austin, and i think they shouldve been in kill bill vol 2. imagine if ennio morricone started a rock band.

download the song ‘i’ll never get even with you’ and tell me that wouldnt be perfect for kill bill 2! they have other great ones, and if yall are interested in hearing them let me know.

what do yall think?


I don’t see that torrent under music and sountracks on suprnova, all I see is a bunch of the OST torrents. Am I just not seeing it or somethin’? Could I possibly get a direct link or would that not be allowed?