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Vivica Fox as Vernita Green


Once again I think QT has hit gold with this choice. I personally love Vivica, I truly thought her career would take off after Independence Day, but she has been stuck in B-movie, straight-to-video hell and I’m not really sure why. She has this sultry, almost gritty tone to her voice that I can literally hear when she and Uma have their scene in the house. I can see why Quentin chose her for Vernita. She has bad-ass housewife written all over her. She’s gorgeous, but she has a street edge to her. It seems Quentin likes people that you can almost smell on-screen. Thats why I love him as a writer and a director.

Maybe after this she will get more play in hollywood. I may be a little bias since she grew up in my home town. :wink: But she’s still going to work it in Kill Bill. Any thoughts?


I don’t like her at all. And I don’t think she is hot, her face looks kinda ugly to me.

But she will probably change my mind in Kill Bill.

I hope so anyway.


Eye of the beholder, man. People say Uma’s doofy; Lucy cross-eyed; and Hannah autistic (not that it has anything to do with outer beauty). Hell, zey are all beautiful. They have to beautiful–they’re hollywood people! Me? I’m just glad Tarantino didn’t choose Halle Berry (she’s everywhere!!).


now that you mention it… DAMN Halle Berry would’ve been awesome. I love her :wink:


I think this black girl is very pretty personally.

Actually all the girls in Kill Bill are great looking.It’s cool that Quentin uses both black,white and asian girls…makes for lots of variety!

My favorite is the Battle Royal girl!


Battle Royale? Which girl is it? Is it that one schoolgirl that swings that big metal ball - Yuki i think it is…(oh no wait, thats the name of her sister…) Anywho, i obviously have not seen Battle Royale and have no idea whats going on right now. I should probably just stop typing, sorry for wasting your time.


Yes the Yubari girl is the one from Battle Royal.For everyone that hasn’t seen this movie,I urge them to get that dvd.

Masterful movie!


Chiaki Kuriyama (not much info for the non-japanese reading audience, but still a few pictures and some other interesting stuff)

And yes, chia_kun you should definitely see Battle Royale. One of the greatest japanese films of recent times.

To stay on topic…

I imagine Fox will do a good job, she’s never really impressed me in the past (other than her looks) but i think she’ll do well in this role. She always kind of struck me as the kind of actress who would work in television rather than film, but that’s just me.


Vivica has got a lot of brown sugar and spice I think!


Vivica is one sexy lady. I’d like to get me some of that! :slight_smile: I like her looks, she kinda reminds me of Jada Pinkett Smith but taller.

I think Vivica will be great in the movie. Shes not in it very long, but while she is, shes gonna be one badass bitch. Shes gonna be goin apeshit on The Bride, cant wait to see it!


i think it’s one of the best casting decisions since casting George Clooney in FDTD, i mean FDTD made Clooney a superstar, imagine what Kill Bill could do to Vivicia & Co.

besides, … to repeat myself… SHE’S SEXY


to stay on topic…

…I also think the casting was a great idea. When i imagine a housewife assassin, i imagine someone like vivica.

to stay off topic…

…this battle royale you speak of, can you find it at a local videostore - or must i look to another source?


No use staying on topic, i’ve already said my piece :slight_smile:

About Battle Royale…

Kind of depends on where you live, if you live in the states you’re probably going to have a hard time finding it in a video store. I’m pretty sure it hasn’t had an offifial release over here yet, some say because of columbine (the movie is about kids killing kids) but i also heard that the company releasing it was wanting too much money to release over here or something. I’m betting on the columbine thing myself. It’s still fairly easy to find though, HkFlix has a regionless dvd of it, and i’m sure there are plenty of other online places that have it.


there’s a special edition DVD of BR available somewhere but that’s off this topic now.

what was the best of Vivicia’s previous movies, do you think? i dont know much. i just remember her sweet ass in Independence Day.


I only remember her from Independence Day,but she made a good impression there!


I’ve seen her in quite a bit.

One of her most recent flicks, Two can play that game, is a romantic comedy which uses that “In-your-face” narrative that’s been done in FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF. You know, the type of “breaking down the wall” stuff where the character looks into the camera and talks to us,the audience. Which isn’t really a bad thing here since Vivica is very easy on the eyes. Besides her beautiful presence, You can see that these type of roles were made specifically for Miss Fox. As far as wits,charm,sass, and charisma. Not too many could display all this stuff quite like her.

Aiight, if the sappy, love-story really aint your thing. You CANT go wrong with Set it Off! In this one, we got Jada Pinkett-Smith (Lead character) Queen Latifah (The scene-stealing, Lezbo) Vivica (A former bank-teller) and Kimberly Elise (The pee-wee of the bunch) all playing best friends who resort to bank robbing.

I remember seeing this one in the theaters being pleasantly surprised by it. It’s sharply written, well-acted, and its action sequences are top notch given the budget. As for Vivica, she doesn’t have a whole lot to do besides the memorable opening act, and towards the film’s finale. But this just goes to show how great Vivica looks holding a gun! I recommend this one.

Booty Call should be viewed only if you want to see Viv in her undies.

Last, but not least, Soul Food is the affectionate,funny, family melodrama. Again, not a whole lot of Viv to be found here, but that shouldn’t stop one from not watching this film cuz everyone I know who has seen it, Including myself, really likes it. The quintessential soap-opera flick!

That’s all for now, check 'em out if you wish!



Ok, I came across these pics today on the net and have no idea if there’s an interview with Viv concerning KILL BILL. But in the meantime, here’s a peek to see what Vernita Green’s got going on underneath her viper outfit :stuck_out_tongue:


I think she’s one of the most beautiful black women in show biz along with Beyonce, Ashanti, Pam, and Halle. She has a great body, and a great presence on the screen. Can’t wait to see in her Kill Bill.


Vivica is HOT. She needs to be in more movies, preferably ones that have her in tight small clothing or nothing at all!!! :wink:

QT please do a Women In Prison Movie and cast Vivica!!!


Seriously, what the fuck happened to all those “women in prison” movies, like they had in the 70’s? There were naked shower fights and everything? Why don’t they have these kind of movies anymore? Yes, I’d definitely cast Vivica.