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Vivica Fox as Vernita Green


I met QT a few weeks ago at a place in North Hollywood.

It was breakfast time, he had a bloodymary and came with a black chick. (SHE WAS HOT!) It looked by the way he was all over her, i think he is very happy to have worked with Vivica A. Fox in his new movie and also Pam Geri in Jackie Brown.




Where’d you get this pic?



Where’d you get this pic?[/quote]

Cattdaddy Gallery


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There has been an older topic in here called “vernita green not worthy”. I deleted that one. it was about why there was a knife fight with vernita, not a sword fight and stuff.


[quote]I personally love Vivica, I truly thought her career would take off after Independence Day, but she has been stuck in B-movie, straight-to-video hell and I’m not really sure why. [/quote]

Well you have to consider that there arn’t many starring roles for Black women which arn’t “B-Movie, straight-to-video hell”. Even after winning an Oscar, Halle Berry is doing crap like Gothika. She hasn’t done a seriouse movie since Monster’s Ball, it’s all been action. Vivica’s talented and hot, but talnted hot black actresses don’t get many good acting roles if they want to stay in Hollywood wide release movies. Maybe she should try a lead in an indie, plus hopefully Kill Bill will help.

Oh and her Ass looked hot in the movie too, when she’s lounged in front of the window when the school bus pulls up and she’s in those grey pinstripe pants. Damn!! (yeah! I objectified a woman and defended her respect in on post!)


Speaking of Halle Berry doing actions movies, have you seen the movies Vivica has lined up after Kill Bill. A thriller, an action flick, and a bloody fairy movie. I mean, give the woman a decent lead role! I can definitely see her in the Foxy Brown remake, which she said she’d love to do in an interview. But who are they considering for the role instead? Why Halle Berry of course…


I have seen this movie four times already…twice on Friday, once on Saturday, and again on Sunday…I think Vivica was wonderful, the end left me wanting more, which is also great, and what is even better is I used to live in Alhambra, CA, which is right next to Pasadena…I have driven through many a neighborhood just like those…pretty weird…I loved everything about this movie…especially the anime…(I LOVE anime, and I was tre excited about that scene.) Tarantino is a genius!! Also, to be even more off-topic than I already am…does anyone know where I can find the blue cover to Reservoir Dogs? I have found brown, and pink, and I located yellow in Salt Lake City last month, but no blue…anywhere. Any ideas? Do they just not make blue? Am I imagining things? I hope not…that would suck…Shit, I’m rambling…Vivica kicked ass…as did the rest of them… (I also really dug Hannah’s whistling through the hospital corridors…)


There is no blue cover. Only Brown, White, Orange, Blonde, and PINK!!!


I have no fucking clue why I thought there was a blue one :-[…I need white and orange, then.

Thank you!!! :slight_smile:


user Charbax wrote (without looking first if a topic like that already existed):

rtsp:// eb_8039_300.rm

use Net Transport to download that link: - Search “NEt Transport” it’s Chineese website, make sure you download the whole .exe file to install.


ok… well I guess I calculated more people would see the link to this great video if it was posted in a new topic.

Here is the link again:

I found it on the Comedy Central website.

I hope I can do, I’d like to make a new topic also when I have this The Times UK video interview with Tarantino ready for a hundred people to download.


The link isn’t working for me.


Lucky you Reservoir_Dude meeting QT. I wish I was that black girl he was all over. Was this you first time meeting him?


Yeah, I thought it was pretty cool.



She should do Playboy. Those breasts are just begging to bust out of her blouse and greet the world.


Vivica went to some Premiere with that bitch-ass wannabe rapper 50 Cents >:(


What’s your beef with harry?


Nothing really. I just thought it was amusing.


Here’s a new article by Vivica Fox on how she landed the job and survived. Very enlightening