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[Versions] Volume 1 Asian/Japanese cut


that article in japan today got me thinking about the japanese version of kill bill that will eventually make it to dvd…a portion of the article reads as follows…

"unfortunately, the Japan edition won’t have English subtitles for its many Japanese sequences)"

will these sections be subbed for the region 3 dvd release? what is the protocol for this? does anybody know?

since i want to see the japanese cut, i will have to buy the region 3 dvd…i hope the dvd has an option to subtitle just the japanese parts…


Why are you asking if the DVD will sub the Japanese parts when you just told us they wouldn’t be?

Second, I’m sure the US DVD release of Kill Bill will be un-rated so you can see the movie in all its glory.


it is far too early to start speculating about future DVDs …


"Why are you asking if the DVD will sub the Japanese parts when you just told us they wouldn’t be? "

thats the theatrical release…



okay I am just summing up a little, here.

The Japanese version has:

  • [*]The house of blue leaves is in COLOR and slightly longer
  • [*]The scene where Julie dies, is not cut
  • [*]The entire movie is about 2 minutes longer
  • [*]The japanese scenes are NOT subtitled.
  • [/list]

    So everybody who is afraid of not seeing any subtitles, hear this:

    IT IS THE ASIAN VERSION, that means, the subtitles are only missing in Japan. So if you buy it from Hong Kong, you’ll surely have cantonese AND English subtitles, so don’t you worry.


    I think we should all appeal to Miramax and A Band Apart to release this version at least in the US and UK (R1,R2) if not in every single region. We have a right to experience it uncut(this decade), and preferably with at least English subtitles.

    Some kind of electronic pedition maybe? So some of you say it won’t help. Then again, it doesn’t hurt to express our view. We have a large community here.


    I think that when QT releases the 2 movies together, he should release the normal US one R, to the multiplexes, and the Asian versions to the small art house theatres UNRATED, (with english subs) that would kick so much ass!!!


    [quote]okay I am just summing up a little, here.

    [*]The scene where Julie dies, is not cut.[/quote]

    Julie (Sofie Fatale) dies in Vol.1?


    Yeah I was just about to ask that…

    I think maybe Seb ment we see more of Sophie dying on the floor? :-/


    [quote]Yeah I was just about to ask that…

    I think maybe Seb ment we see more of Sophie dying on the floor?  :-/[/quote]

    But Sofie doesn’t die on the floor in Vol.1; unless you mean we see more of her squirming around on the floor, bleeding.


    Yeah, thats what I ment…Mr. Orange style dying on the floor…just lots of bleeding.



    User WongKarWai80 posted:

    Fortunally I am in Japan(I am Spanish but in vacation with my Japanese wife) and I could to see KILL BILL JAPAN VERSION. I could not to see usa/europe version but I can say that japanese version is so great. Some diference that i can guess after see movie and read forums are :

    The movie starts with homage to Kinji Fukasaku.

    The one thing in b/w is the begining of the movie(uma’s face). The hobl scene is full in a gorgeous red!!! and maybe there are more gore shots.

    The length of the movie is 3 minutes longer, 113 minutes.


    I read that in usa version dont appear the shot where the bride cut off the other arm of Sophie Fatale. In Japanese version appear. Very pretty moment.ahahahha.


    Until I dont see usa version, i can not tell anything more about diferences. Until december i will not be able to see it.

    About the HOBL scene, i saw some clips and trailers about usa version and that black and white is not artistic is shit and not beautiful. I dislike it.

    Miramax think that european are dumbers like amercian but that it is not true.

    I can not wait for get japanese dvd version!!!


    I dont know if you guys went to, but there are many interestings clips and pics about merchandising and so on.

    There are a clip titled as KILL BILL JAPAN PREMIUM PREVIEW NO CUT? VERSION with 24 minutes length 300k streaming.

    For watch it only you have to go to the web and in the main page push HELP. In HELP menu choose JAPAN and it will appear that clip window.

    I Could not to see it because my internet speed here is shity but maybe there some clips telling diferences between usa and japanese version.

    If you get to watch it please tell about it is. Thanks.

    PD: In Japan every day Tarantino appears in many TV programas. So Funny.

    Next time I will put some pics about things I got in Japan about Kill bill.

    Sorry if my english is a little poor. I try to give you some new information. Thanks.

    User ledfloyd posted:

    I clicked around for quite some time and it popped up, i don’t know what I did.

    the beginning is all japanese, then quentin, lawrence, chiaki, chiba, lucy liu, sofie fatale, and uma come out. quentin, wearing a lost in translation shirt, does the rock star act then says that england and america got the bullshit version and they get the full version cause they can handle it. Uma talks japanese, than says we made the movie for you and her tit falls out. Quentin dies laughing jokes with her and hugs her. “She showed you her breast!!!” Lucy says alot of japanese than says it was made for japan. Sonny, Sofie Fatale, and Chiaki say some stuff all in japanese. A lady brings out Quentin a bouqet and says something in Japanese. Lucy thanks her and reveals she is Lady Snowblood and says she made O-Ren who she is. Quentin says she set the bar he reaches for but doesn’t think he grasped. Another kid brings out a bouqet but he is never identified. I’d say all but 2 or 3 minutes of the 24 is japanese and it’s just the panel before the premiere nothing about the differences.

    Thanks for the link.



    • There was a Huge press conference for a different version of “Kill Bill” held in Tokyo last week. Mr.Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Sonny Chiba, Julie Dreyfus, Chiaki Kuriyama, Lawrance J Bender,and Yohei Taneda(production designer) attended this packed conference.

      The greatly excited Mr.Quentin Tarantino looks so hyper at this conference you would think he was about to explode right there on the stage. He said loudly and with very much pride, “You guys will be seeing the much better one! Americans and Europeans are seeing a weaker one!”. Known as the “Japanese version” this KILL BILL will be including many more violent shots than the American version that is showing right now on the screens in Japan as well as the rest of the world.



    Alright, now that I got that out, this is complete bullshit. The MPAA fucked the movie up. We don’t get color PLUS we don’t get Sophie’s other arm chopped off. That seriously makes it SO much different. Having 0 arms isn’t twice as bad as having one arm, it’s about 50 times worse. Plus SHE DIES?! Holy shit, I did not know that. I’m guessing Bill shoots her in the head at the end.

    Fuck MPAA. Total assholes.




    As much as I’d like to i don’t blame the MPAA. I blame Quentin. It’s his choice and he seems to support it whole heartedly in all the interviews I’ve read, it was him who had the idea for a Japan version and US version. If it was all the MPAA then why do we get the same exact cut in every country NOT under the MPAA’s duristiction? Because Quentin WANTS anyone that doesn’t live in Japan to see a watered down version because we’re all to weak for it or some shit. He says if we don’t live in Japan we “can’t handle it”. Wank. It better make it to DVD in the west or I’ll be seriously pissed at Quentin… If he’s ever been accused as a tad pretentious I’d say this is the first real example of it that I’ve seen now. I’ll still love him tho.


    I blame Quentin, too. As much as I appreciate him and his works, what’s up with kissing so much Asian ass? He’s tongue is all brown by now…

    I didn’t think Kill Bill was his best work, and now even less so. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kill Bill very much as it is, but a part of me wants to think of Quentin as a calculative capitalist wanker now. Why did he lower himself to that? I don’t mind two movies, but what I do mind is the attitude towards us not Asians. Like they’re something better.

    And it’s not because the MPAA. The EU doesn’t have such censorship laws, yet we get to see the same version in Europe as in America. Sophie DIES? And we don’t get to know such an important detail of the plot? FU, I say.

    I’m quite sure he’ll eventually release the uncut version on DVD, but I have a funny feeling it will be the 7th DVD edition, so the fans buy all the six before getting the essential Asian version. That is just WRONG! >:(


    Uh…before you blame Quentin, do you guys have proof he wanted to water down the US version? From the interview I read, the MPAA did make him tone Kill Bill down and put in that B&W segement because it was deemed too intense and had too much prolonged, graphic violence. Just look at the trailer for Kill Bill and the watered down motor-oil blood on Uma’s outfit. Of course QT wouldn’t have chosen that. If the US had a better attitude towards violence and sex, QT would fuckin go all the way as far as he could go. Unfortunately, there are boundaries, and QT knows what they are.

    So before you blame QT, make sure you blame the MPAA first. 4 out of 10 movies you see in the US are edited versions anyways. This is nothing new.

    QT’s comment that the Japanese can handle their shit is really about the ratings board. Theirs is more lenient.


    I suggest u don’t take offence by his whole “western cant handle violence as well as the Asians" thing… he just means that Americans/ Europeans “mainstreamâ€? audience (not the “movie buffâ€? community) aren’t as well adjust 2 violent movies as the Japanese/Asian audience (which is probably true 2 the most part). I’m sure he is not putting down Americans audience as he is one…


    A reviewer who saw both versions said that the additions he saw in the Japanese cut are:

    -When Uma plucks the eyeball out of one of the Crazy 88s, instead of the scene switching to b&w, she shoves the eyeball into another yakuzas mouth and continues the fight. “The blink to color” in the version we’ve seen is eliminated, so there’s never a change to b&w.

    -After O-ren kills Boss Matsumoto, there is a shot of his split open torso, showing his intestines inside

    -and of course there is the Sophie Fatale scene in the trunk. After the Bride talks to her, she yells “Give me your other arm”, she then grabs Sophies remaining arm and chops it off at the elbow. So when you see her rolling down the hill, you do see an arm because she still has half of it.