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Vega Brothers VS Gecko Brothers

I dont know of there is already a topic about this one. And I dont know in forum part this fit in.

But who do you like better the Vega brothers or the Gecko brothers.

I think the Vega brothers are better. Vic Vega a.k.a Mr Blonde kicks ass. And Vincent is just cool.

I like the Gecko brothers too. Dont get that wrong. But the Vega’s are cooler in my book.

I’ll say this…Seth Gecko would kick Vincent’s ass…not too sure about Mr.Blonde but then again, he got outwrestled to the floor by an over-weight fat-ass…

I’d say Vic Vega and Seth Gecko would be the coolest duo EVER.

is it just me or does Vincent kinda remind you of Mr. Pink? vincent complains about The Wolf not saying please and Mr. Pink complains about well just about everything

Here’s how this would play out. They would all pull their guns. Vic would disable Seths gun, and visa versa. Richard would tag Vincent in the leg while getting tagged in the arm himself. Vincent would try to crawl away and Richard would talk about raping him. Vincent begs for his fix as long as he will submit to Richard sexually. Richard gives him some, and Vincent shoots up. Richard then goes in for the “kill”, and Vincent stabs him in the eye. Richard, pissed, goes for his gun and shoots Vincent down for good. Too bad for Richard, he soon dies of blood loss.

Back to Seth and Vic, neither of which have their guns. they both dive for the ground. Seth stumbles for his gun, while Vic reaches for something else…a razor blaze! Before Seth knows it, he loses a few fingers. In immense pain, Seth tries for his gun with the other hand. Vic beats him until he loses conciousness. When he wakes up, he finds that he is covered in tape and stuck to a chair. Mr. Blonde then says something about 70’s music, but Seth is too afraid to pay much attention. Blonde then tortures Seth for hours and sets him on fire.

Um, no. Gecko brothers are way cooler. Why? George Clooney is a badass actor and QT is the funniest dork ever to grace the silver screen. Travolta is fine, but he is nowhere as near as explosive as Clooney playing Seth. Blonde is just a dull mellow guy on average. Don’t get me started on Richie. He could be in a movie of his own…but then again I love any acting job QT does anyway…

and the Gecko bros would definitely kick Vega bros asses. Richie could hold his own.

is this a fucking joke?? quite obviously it’s the Vega Bros.

Gecko :smiley:

Gecko is a cool name, it fits Seth’s and Richie’s badassness very well.

Mr Blonde got fucked in the ass while in prison for “Bad Luck” and Vincent is a druggie/brutal hitman so they lose.

Motherfuckers >:(

Vic Vega will kill Richie Gecko after a second. Vincent is high on heroine and doesnt pay attention to Seth who is shooting in his balls. Vic gets pissed of and kill Seth with a razor blade trough his throat. Vincent dies after a overdose. Vic wins.

I’d love to see a mtv deathmatch to settle this…

In this match the vegas will probably start good torturing and dancing the geckos to death…but than ritchie turns in to a vampire and eats them both while seth takes out his vampire stake drill machine to fuck them up a little more…

I mean, Vic would take Seth, cut off his ear, and then blast him away. Vincent would shoot Richard with an Uzi-the same one that Butch killed him with.

There is a similar topic on this website i found, Althought it’s Jules and Vincent instead of Vic Vega and Vincent :


[quote]There is a similar topic on this website i found, Althought it’s Jules and Vincent instead of Vic Vega and Vincent :

That isnt this website. That is an other website.


That isnt this website. That is an other website. [/quote]

yeah, when he said “this website” he was referring to the website that he was about to mention…if only you could use tones of voice on the internet.

If it’s Vince and Jules, my money is on them as well.

If it’s Vic and Jules, they can take anyone.

Tarantino’s the weakest performance of the four and FDTD is the weakest of the films…

[quote]Tarantino’s the weakest performance of the four and FDTD is the weakest of the films…[/quote]

Thats so off topic and of which films? cause its a RR movie…(and it kicked arse!)

EDIT: D’oh! I misunderstood the guy completly…fuck…see below…



D’oh! fuck…lol…sorry dude…NOW I understand what you was trying to say…sorry my bad…I completly misunderstood! ;D

yeah richie is the weakest of the 4 and…well It hurts me to say that yes pulp is the better movie… ;D

[quote]i think by themselves, the vega brothers are better, i mean vic vega is a cool fuking guy, and he just has that charisma.  vincent is also a pretty good character.  but the gecko brothers have that relationship that make them good together.  i feel like their relationship is the only thing that really carried FDTD.  i dunno about who would win in a fuking fistfight, but overall, if we were talking in terms of brothers, it would be gecko.[/quote]

Exactly.The Vega brothers never mention each other so I’m thinking their some kind of riff between them as far as the gecko brothers you can tell from their chemistry they would die for each other…