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Ugly Tarantino?

I’ ve got a question to all the girls on this board:

I am always wondering why so many girls are keen on QT and want to have sex with him.

I mean, common, let’ s be honest:

In comparison with other Hollywood V.I.P.S QT hasn’ t much to offer. Don’ t understand me wrong, i like him very much, but he

isn’ t blessed with beauty.

Or am i wrong ? Tell me:

Why do you find QT erotic ?

my mum thinks he has an ugly chin :wink:

I´m always surprised, that so many chicks wanna fuck with him.

I read this article on which Qt talks about the hot letters he get from some female fans! He said that they explain what they wanna do with him!


Well I only wanna talk with him… hm… would I say.

Maybe those girls think that because he’s unattractive, he wouldn’t be as discriminating as say…Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.

I don’t about physical attractiveness, but I think Tarantino has a certain charisma and confidence that ladies love and draws them near.

[quote]I don’t about physical attractiveness, but I think Tarantino has a certain charisma and confidence that ladies love and draws them near.[/quote]
-Amen! I dunno, as a girl who likes QT, i have to say, its just the way he is - the thing that does it for me is his enthusiasm and passion for movies! He just as a special something. Can’t explain it lol!

[quote]he wouldn’t be as discriminating as say…Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt.[/quote]
Who says that Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt is discriminating ?

I don’ t think so. I suppose that especially Brad Pitt could have better women than J.Aniston…

Johnny Depp is shacked up with a really hot French model, and while Brad Pitt could do better than Jennifer Aniston, she is still pretty and rich on top of that. I would say that they are both pretty discriminating gentlemen, because, quite frankly, they can afford to be.

A few million dollars would make anyone 100x prettier than he is :stuck_out_tongue:

No offense QT, but you aren’t exactly a heartbreaker :stuck_out_tongue:

Now… if only i could get that sum of money…

He’s definitely…a unique looking guy, but I too am desperately in love with Tarantino. The best way i can explain it is that its not just a crush based on looks (clearly) but just him himself. He’s like a character—larger than life, such a vibrant personality. His fucking awesome-ness combines with the fact that he’s kinda funny looking, and at least for me, creates some strange sort of sex appeal. Part of it is that he ISN’T some perfect, chiseled poster-board hottie.

Of course, I have crushes on some really really random people, so maybe its just me. ;D

I’m funny looking too ::slight_smile:

And far from perfect.

Damnit, I need a shoulder to cry on :’(

It was quite amusing what Tarantino says on “Full Tilt Boogie” I think its something like

"If i’d wanted to, I could fuck anybody on this set! You were there when Bruce Willis told me on the set of Pulp ‘Just so you know Quentin, you could fuck anybody on this set’, right? Ha ha, but i’m not like that, I’m Johnny Responsible, thats me… Johnny Responsible"

Tarantino is one cool guy 8)

[quote]Of course, I have crushes on some really really random people, so maybe its just me. [/quote]
-its not just you! i agree with you totally!

I wouldn’t say that Tarantino is ugly. I also wouldn’t place him in a Kalvin Cline advert. Basically I think that he’s just a unique, weird, fun and brilliant guy. He reminds me of a lot of my friends, so that is the main appeal for me.

I suppose I do have a crush on him, as I would really enjoy meeting and spending some time with him. Basically, though, he seems like he’d be a good guy to chill out with and just talk to. Unlike a lot of celebrities, he doesn’t seem at all pretentious (i’m afraid that I can’t spell. sound it out, okay). In fact, he seems to be quite sincere most of the time, which is uber cool in my books.

I almost laughed out loud at the question about his “erotic” appeal though. snicker


First off, I’d like to say hi to everyone, this is my first post.

One day while watching From Dusk Till Dawn, I found myself strangely attracted to QT, I don’t know why. I’ve never really been attracted to the perfect chisled looks or the jocks. I’ve always been attracted to the misfits, the nerds, the chubby guys, the weird looking googly eyed bastards. But it’s not all his looks that attract me to him, it’s mostly his brain. I see him as an appreciator, as am I, of genre films, especially asian films. I’d love to just sit down and talk to him for a few hours, rather than fuck him or anything, that to me would be far more stimulating. I have a deep admiration for him, nothing that could be compared to a crush, alright.

Women like power and success. It’s a fact. Do I want to go to bed with QT? No, but then again he’s 40 and I’m 16… Look at Hugh Hefner. Do you think gorgeous models would flock around him if he wasn’t the founder of Playboy? Of course not.

Now, there is the personality factor. He’s a really cool person, and he’s not actually ugly, he just looks very, very different than normal people. Kind of like Uma Thurman, it’s hard to describe. Neither looks like your every-day average person. But while Uma Thurman’s unique looks get labelled gorgeous QT’s… don’t.

Bottom line: He’s just so damn cool. Have you ever seen him on Conan O’Brian - they’re like twins separated at birth. It’s halarious. Is Tarantino a pinup 20-something Orlando Bloom type person? No. But then again - he’s dating Sofia Coppola, so you could say the same about her. They’re a very good match, in my opinion.

[quote]Women like power and success. It’s a fact. [/quote]

Knowing that, these days, you can have success without talent, and power without ambitiousness, i think the words are not appropriate.

OKAY! First things first! I fancied Quentin before ANYONE else did! You can ask any veteren on this forum, so hands off!

Secondly, yes I do fancy Quentin BUT I don’t wanna have sex with him, I don’t even know him, if I met him in a bar I’d give him my phone number but nothing else, I’m no slut.

Thirdly I fancy him because of his attitude on life, he’s still the same guy from the rental store, just with more power, I think that he looks like a friendly guy and I’d love to sit on my arse all day and watch films with him.

Forthly, looks don’t matter, I found out the hard way that there’s nothing worse than a beautiful psycho.

Fifthly, if your after Quentin for his cash then your just sad, yes Quentin has money, but money has’nt brought him a family, at the end of the day no matter how much money and power he has he probably goes home to an empty house!

i agree. Quentin is the kinda guy id like even if he wasn’t as successful as he is. First time i ever saw him on TV, i was attracted to him, i loved his energy and passion for films. I didn’t even know who he was till the mentioned his name! Not all girls are after money and success! Its the energy and passion he has that i like.