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I was wondering which film, out of all films, used the TRUNKSHOT for the first time.

For awile I thought it was Reservoir Dogs…but Army of Darkness has it also…Reservoir Dogs hit Theatres in October 1992…and Army of Darkness hit theatres in February 1993. So I’m thinking maybe…they tied? Cause Army of Darkness must’ve been wrapped up in filming by time Reservoir Dogs was released.

But I’m thinking there must be at least another movie made before these 2 to feature a trunk shot.

Then today I was browsing channels and stumbled upon an old Speed Racer cartoon…and they used a trunkshot.

Maybe Speed Racer was the first to use it?

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Who cares? WHO CARES?

I just wanna know the original source.

Me too, Kentucky. Me too.

I looked it up and I believe that goodfellas used the trunkshot first…so scorcese used it first…

Yes. A Website out there does say Goodfellas used a trunkshot. But if you watch Goodfellas there is no trunkshot.

[quote]who cares[/quote]

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Trunkshot discussion = open section news, Topic: Inside the trunk shots

It´s on the last site… :wink:

[quote]it’s weird how a conversation can shift so much.[/quote]

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