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You should know better, you’re the fucking meister in going off-topic.[/quote]

lol, damn Scarface beat me to it

i like watermelons :wink:

[quote]Trunkshot discussion = open section news, Topic: Inside the trunk shots

It´s on the last site…  :wink:[/quote]

Thanks CPS! I didn’t see that topic.

But it still stands…who used the trunkshot first? So far Speed Racer is the first one…that is if there isn’t any BEFORE it.

I have to admit, that this question made me crazy. So many people told me “Of course Scorcese!” I´m pretty sure, that they only read it in the internet…

Well, but I couldn´t remember to see it there, so I was really happy to read that it wasn´t there.

cough… goodfellas…cough