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True Romance SE (director's cut, 2 DVD)

I just saw the news.

Thats some amazing shit. I was out to buy a DVD and looking at the selection and there was TR and i looked and only a measly trailer (maybe not even that i cant remeber) and now this is excellent!

I need to work this summer if i wanna get all the four Tarantino movies coming out on DVD. They will all be 2 discs, i cant beleive it!!


The cover of it is the bomb! Clarence and Alabamas tattoo! Man, this is gonnna be the best summer for Tarantino fans. We get all 4 QT films (Tony Scott directed TR, but I still consider it a QT film) in SE DVDs!! Now I have to rebuy 3 films, but Its worth it. :slight_smile:

tatoos? where have you seen the covers???

UPDATE: i can see them now. my screen brightness was turned down.

for all of you who can see nothing but black space between the dvd logo and the dvd-title, turn up your screen’s brightness. it’s like a miracle :wink:

What’s the release date? anyone know?

be patient. the cover-shot is always the first thing you see online, then there’s some rumours about possible special features and specs and then we get a release date and the official specs.

stay tuned, sign my newsletter :slight_smile:

I heard from somewhere that the release date might be:

Semptember 10th

Not sure though,


where did you hear that?

A topic of the same nature (i.e. TR DVD) is on and one of the guys over there said it he heard from somwhere, he didnt state where and when, that it might be Sept. 10


by the way, i just uploaded the revised version of the cover, now everybody can see the tatoo, no matter what brightness/contrast his screen has.

“True Romance” includes three commentaries by the principals (QT, Slater, Arquette, etc.), an alternate ending, more than 30 minutes of deleted or extended scenes, and ‘selected’ commentaries from the likes of Brad Pitt and Val Kilmer. Thanks 'Miqque’

That was over at

yippee!!! QT Commentary, sweet… maybe Tarantino just doesn’t like commenting on films that he’s DIRECTED himself. That seems to be the case.

hell now i am DISAPPOINTED!!! >:(

the details on the disc were on yours truly’s website called around 24 hours before they were at dark horizons. :o

Banky exerpt from AICN on the True Romance DVD:

"First of all, it contains the only SOLO Tarantino commentary track ever recorded, and it’s a fuckin’ doozy. He basically goes into the whole backstory of him breaking into the biz, trying to get TR financed (for himself to direct), writing NBK, all of that. He also talks about how autobiographical a lot of TR was/is. More or less, QT is Clarence. The minimum-wage, Elvis-loving, Streetfighter marathon-watching, no-girlfriend-having schlub. Clarence’s view that the only movies to ever win oscars “are safe, geriatric, coffee-table bullshit”, is pure Quentin at age 24. He even gets into the whole City On Fire/Mexican Standoff debate, setting the record straight about him “ripping off” John Woo and Hong Kong cinema in general. (Yes, I know Woo didn’t direct City On Fire, but he’s a part of what QT brings up)."

Pretty awesome! This has been a really great year for Tarantino fans. :slight_smile:

the 2-disc set is out at for only 21 EUROS. That’s fuckin awesome.

The first Tarantino-like Special Edition was back then with From Dusk Till Dawn Collector’s Edition, which had the most interesting and funny features ever. I have to get the True Romance Special Edition!!

Hello, this is my first post! As such you should all crack open a bottle of Champagne…

Just a quick query. Does anyone have a clue when the True Romance SE DVD is due out in the UK? I’ve been waiting an age and every other country seems to have it. Is it any good and what is the commentry like? Cheers,

hey master! welcome to the board!

it comes out in the UK sometime in November or December, check some of the following UK retailers for infos:

its basically the same - GREAT - special edition like the US one. i can only recommend it!

Thanks for that. I am going to get to grips with this forum by starting a topic…As soon as I can think of anything that hasn’t been done before like favorite camera make. That last part was a joke but I’ll start a topic at some point. ::slight_smile:

Wahey! It’s been a while since anyone posted here! The last time was…lets see…me back in November. Just to let everyone know just 20 days till the R2 DVD release (it was postponed). I could have bought it on R1 I suppose but I haven’t got round to buying a multi-region player yet. Well what do you expect, I’m a lazy student.

well as its the same dvd (as far as i know), if you have the choice, buy the R2 UK DVD, because it’s in PAL format and as we all know, PAL is better than NTSC.

oh, and dont buy any german Tarantino dvds, they all suck.

[quote]PAL is better than NTSC[/quote]

Thanks for the tip off. I heard that PAL is better than NTSC. It’s to do with the amount of lines that can be shown on screen isn’t it? Like 650 to NTCS’s 525 or something. When I was over in San Francisco I noticed the difference as the pictures just seemed less sharp. I could be wrong :-/

Got Wrath of Khan today!


Got Wrath of Khan today!

Great film!!!

Wrath of Khan was one of the first films I ever watched on a VCR. I was around 7 or 8. Its remained one of my favorite films, definitely my favorite Star Trek film.