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True Romance SE (director's cut, 2 DVD)

little update: True Romance 2-DVD is out in the UK as well, now, I don’t know since when.

the US and the UK are similar (PAL-NTSC differences though, if there are any).

as always I’d be glad if you’d order using my amazon links and if you’d post your thoughts about the DVD in here if you already own it

Sorry, it’s been a while. I got this DVD but I tend to order from another place as it’s cheaper for me with no delivery charge etc…

As for the DVD itself I’m really impressed with it. I especially liked the inclusion of the alternate ending and the cast commentaries of their key scenes.

Just need a decent Reservoir Dogs set now and everything will be cool.

the best Dogs set worldwide is the Australian 2-Disc SE.

runner-up: the US 2-Disc SE

the aussie dvd has better picture and no fullscreen shit.

You can always rely on the Aussies. Thank’s Seb

this aussie already has the old version … guess i’ll have to own 2 copies now

I have the dvd (canadian), and I think it is great. For a old movie, it seems the transfer is great and it looks good on the screen. There is lots of commentaries I haven’t got around to yet. I have watched the original ending, it was allright, but I haven’t touched the other features, but the 2 disc is pretty awesome.