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For some reason or another, I had never seen this movie until the other night.  It was weird, but I liked it.  Actually, I liked it better than Requeim for a Dream.  This movie didn’t make me want to kill myself after watching it.  It was funny, weird, great music, great direction, great acting, etc.  It had more of a comic aspect to it, wheter than a brutal one.  I own Requeim on DVD, but I’ve only seen it maybe three or four times, it’s too much for me.  I’m going to buy Trainspotting on DVD, it seems like one I could view more times.  Requeim may be a better movie because of its impact, but I liked Trainspotting better (if that makes sense)…

What is everyone elses opinion?

Trainspotting is a better film than Requiem For A Dream

RFAD is ambitious,but comes off as just pretentious alot of the time.With the exception of Ellen Burnstyn,you dont connect or feel for the characters,and while the final scenes are pretty intense,it sort of comes across as cheap shock tactics.Trainspotting is a much more accurate drug-related film,and I know as people close to me have died from heroin

if you wanna see another Drug film, watch Basketball Diaries with Leo DiCaprio. Its more fun, but its not as realistic, but very good. Probably one of dicaprio’s best films.

As for Trainspotting: Read the book, its far better than the film.

Trainspotting rules!

Its one of the many movies I watched alot when I was in college with my friends. It has some of the funniest, craziest weird stuff in it. I loved it. Its like a druggie Reservoir Dogs.

I think its a much better film than Basketball Diaries. BD was mediocre, and it was almost nothing like the book by Jim Carroll (I’m a huge Jim Carroll Band fan, GREAT music!). It really didnt show the dangers of heroin use as vividly and creatively as Trainspotting did. Also, after seeing Trainspotting, you would never wanna go near heroin.

My favorite parts of Trainspotting:

  1. The baby crawling on the ceiling ( this creeped me the hell out)
  2. Spud shitting the bed (I was laughing so hard the first time I saw this, I nearly shit MYSELF)
  3. Ewan McGregor diving into the toilet to get the heroin at the bottom.

yea, I own Basketball Diaries, too, which is “alright”. There’s a lot of heroin movies out there, a lot I haven’t seen. I’ve heard of Jesus’ Son and Permenant Midnight with Ben Stiller, but I have not seen them.

I really liked Trainspotting. The book was awesome. Another great book by the same author, Irvine Welsh, is Filth. I recomend it to anyone.

Favorite Trainspotting parts.

  1. anyone of the scenes with Begbie in them

  2. Renton and Sick-Boy shooting the skinheads dog

  3. and When Renton steals the the tape of Tommy having sex

    a great movie

Trainspotting is one of my all time favs, both as a novel and as a movie. Trainspotting was never supposed to be a “realistic” drug movie, as much as a black comedy. And it works fucking well for me! Having read the novel, I’d say the book is far better though. Much of the dialogue and the scenes have been cut for the movie, simply because no-one could understand a fuckin’ word what they say, outside of Scotland.

A brilliant movie based on a brilliant novel. It made me check out Welsh’s other works as well, and I instantly became a big fan of the author. He’s NOT for everyone though. His texts are often provocative and gross and that’s why I understand if somebody hates him. I don’t. Personally, I loved FILTH, as sick and gross as it was, I just couldn’t put it down.

This is my favorite drug movie.The thing I liked about it was in someways it was not a drug movie.It was but it had a strong crime drama element.Renton and his friends at one point become England’s answer to Reservoir Dogs.The most originial drug movie is The Basketbal Diaries and my favorite one is Trainspotting.The first controversiol drug movie was Drugstore Cowboy.Requeim For a Dream was good but was a bit too depressing.I wish Requeim For a Dream had a happier ending but it had to have a sad one to work.I am a sucker for happy endings.If they make the sequel to Trainspotting based on Porno the book they will get the original cast back.The only probalem is Ewen McGregor and Danny Boyle had a fallout because he wanted to be in the Beach but he said he might do it.Have any of you seen Shallow Grave and A Life Less ordinary?They are good flcks.

Trainspotting was a good movie, and so was Requiem for a Dream, but my favorite is Basketball Diaries. Leo’s performance was great and I think that movie is still the peek in his career, that and This Boy’s Life. Leo did better movies when he was a kid.

I liked trainspotting better than Requiem for a Dream and Basketball Diaries. Those two just made me depressed. Really good movies, but i like the style of trainspotting. How it looks, the soundtrack, everything is good. Also, i really like the director. I LOVED 28 days later… However, my favorite drug movie right now is Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. It’s hilarious and i love johnny depp in that movie. that’s my favorite performance of his.

BADMOTHERFUCKER YOU NEVER SAw bAsKETBALL DIARIES. and if you did what other movie is the crack head girl in.

Oh shit starkey, you’re right. I was thinking of Fresh. My bad. Maybe i’ll check out basketball diaries. Damn, how could i have been thinking of Fresh. Damn good movie though. Mmm mmm mmm! Fresh.

Oh, and i believe the crack head girl you’re talking about is Juliette Luis. She’s been in Natural Born Killers, From Dusk till Dawn, and Old School. Goddamn. Fresh. Love Fresh. Mmmm mmm mmmm mmm MMMMM!

i’ve read all of irvine welsh’s book and theyre great. i heard theyre making a sequel to yrainspot6ting called Porn. i’ve read that book as well and it should be good. i hope he keeps the old cast!

That’s hella cool! I really hope they keep the same cast and director. BTW, how was the book? Was it better than Trainspotting?

I didn’t like Trainspotting at all. To me it looked like they were trying to make heroin cool. Half Baked works cause you can make a funny movie about pot. You can’t joke around with heroin. At least I don’t think so. I don’t even like the scene in Pulp where Travolta shoots up then he’s shown in the car lookin’ cool. But Travolta dies so it kind of levels out. Requiem was great, it really showed you what heroin addiction is like without trying to make it look cool or funny. I dunno, I just think heroin is much too serious a thing to take lightly.

But I will second that Fear and Loathing is one of the best drug movies out there.

How did Trainspotting make heroin look cool?

To me it showed redemption with Ewan overcoming his fiendish ways and leaving his devilish friends behind him.

It showed how bad it could get going through withdraws and how pathetic the people doing the drugs were.


the book, Porno was definitely one of my fav books. mainly because the book he had written before that, Glue( my favourite of all his works) had this one character, Juice Terry that was also added to Porno. i really do recommend ppl to read it but then i guess when you see the movie, you’ll be disappointed when you know the ending already.

about the cast, i heard that they’re not certain about keeping the old cast because everyone looks too healthy to be convinced as a drug addict. also, a rumor stated that Ewan McGregor doesnt want to be in the sequel, Porn for fear that it might not do as great as Trainspotting did. (thats a bit stuck up, isnt it?)

Trainspotting is awesome- what the hell happened to Ewan McGregor? he needs to go back to some of those raw roles because that’s still his best role. Same for Russel Crowe, anyone seen Romper Stomper? Man he was bad.

BTW as for drug movies, anyone here seen Human Traffic? It’s funny as, u gotta watch- it could be argued that it glamourises drugs a bit, but still…must see if u like a good drug flick.

Romper Stomper was crazy!

Irvine Welsh is perhaps one of the most unique writers out there today. the guy can tell a fucking story. I would recomend any of his books. Filth espicially. Trainspotting, a pretty good drug movie. not my favorite genre, but well directed and very well acted. thumbs up