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The Wrestler. Mickey Rourke rises from the ashes!


Thank you Darren Aronofsky for bringing back a great actor. And I hope Mickey Rourke wins the best actor award for this great film. I want all members in this site to see this film. Especially you Geoi. You tell us if he got it right since you were a former wrestler. Here’s the official site and check out the Bruce Springsteen soundtrack. I love this film. Mind you I saw it on bootleg, but I will still see it in theatres this January.

I love wrestling too guys, I’m just a spectator and this film goes beyond the image of that strong crazy stunt person you all see on TV. *Look out for R-Truth in a small cameo role".


Aronofsky brought him back? From where?

Btw, I saw Rourke on this chat show here in the UK. He came across as extremely perverted, creepy and kind of disgusting. It also had Jessica Biel on the show, and Rourke kept hitting on her, she was very discomforted by that, it made for cringeworthy viewing. So when he says that QT is too big-headed - well, we all have our flaws!


Mickey Rourke sucked for a long time. Darren said no! No more! I will give you the film role of your life!

And then magic happened!


My mate Dylan is in this film! He gets all beaten up and bloody, just like he usually does. He’s a hardcore wrestler, so tables, chairs, barbed-wire, lightbulbs, fire, that’s what he does.

Go to youtube and look up “Necro Butcher”, you will be shocked. He’s terribly demented, but I still love him.


Mickey Rourke sucked for a long time.

Was it an ass?


No, it was a bong. You’re full of piss today.


Charming :slight_smile:



See he could have had a great career as an ECW superstar, back in the 90s.

I can kick his ass. 8)


We already have a thread for this great, great movie, don’t we?



See he could have had a great career as an ECW superstar, back in the 90s.

I can kick his ass. 8)

It’d surprise you to know that he’s really a genius. Necro, that is.


Necro and Samoa Joe, those two had some epic matches together. Stiff as all get out. I forget what match it was, but it was something like a 100 lighttubes deathmatch and might have been against Mr. Insanity, but after the match Necro appeared to be missing a golfball size chunk out of his arm. The guy definitely puts it all out there.


Yeah! That’s the match that made him think twice about that line of work. It took out half his tricep! It fucked with his head, cos he almost had to have his arm amputated! Is it worth AN ARM?

Anyway, he definitely does put himself all out there, and there is nothing BUT stiff work with Necro. He gives it half as hard as he wants to take it, and that’s just plain stiff. Not a working punch or kick in that man at all. Just all out stiffness.


I have the original screenplay for this if anyone is interested.

And the bootleg, but I won’t send that to you, it’s illegal and wrong! So don’t pester me for it!


i want the scritp :smiley:


post your e-mail. I’ll send it asap.


have to see this movie that and che but i think its called something else in the states


Joshua, do you still have my e-mail?


Joshua, do you still have my e-mail?

Yep. I’ll send it to you.


i really appreciate it :slight_smile:


Yep. I’ll send it to you.

Awesome! Thanks buddy!