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The Seventh Seal (Ingmar Bergman)

Has anyone seen this film?

My brother just saw it this weekend and said it was weird and good. I’m into weird, so I’m now wanting to see it. That, and Death looks pretty cool.

Its amazing.


very cool movie

reminds me of tarantino when he shifts from funny stuff to serious stuff really quickly

bergman keeps shifting the mood of the film by doing that, but it works really well.

never seen it…sounds kinda interesting though…

and the squire is a badass

I was gonna see this a while ago, just because my friend wrote a short story, that was loosly based on it, but his script sucked, and i fixed it up, made it pretty decent, and now its probably nothing like this, but ill see it eventually.

I finally saw the movie today. It is indeed awesome, and like I said before, Death looks cool.

Has anyone seen this movie? I just watched it today, and I thought it was pretty good. It has awesome cinematography and Max von Sydow is the man. Still, though, I can’t help think it’s overrated.

Dude, that’s exactly what I was gonna say before even reading your post. Seventh Seal is a cool movie (didn’t like it a whole lot the first time, but it was pretty good the 2nd), but I do agree that it is a bit overrated. It just didn’t captivate me like it really should have. Still worth a rent though.

i like this movie a lot, i’m not sure if it’s overrated, but i sure liked it. :slight_smile:

by the way, there’s a thread already about it HERE

i was thinkin about renting this instead of Blue Velvet on friday, and i probably should have because i was really dissapointed in Blue velvet.

what the hell dude… it is a swedish movie and i haven´t seen it…AND I AM SWEDISH! this really pisses me off!is it wirth buying?

Oops! Worth

The Seventh Seal is a fantastic movie. I bought the criterion dvd a few months ago and viewed it for the first time. I don’t want to mislead you fellow Tarantino fans by saying that its a great Tarantino-eque movie, because its not in any way shape or form. Its really a story about a man struggling with his faith and religious conviction during a time of great darkness. In all probability, a movie 180 degrees away from Kill Bill. Its not an action movie or a feel good movie, but it does testify to the power of cinema in being able to present controversial, powerful issues on the screen intelligently and thoughtfully.

I haven’t seen any of Ingmar Bergman’s other movies (I want to, though), but I can easily say that the Seventh Seal just has to be one of his best at the very least. Most directors could only dream of making such a movie.

‘Persona’ and ‘Wild Strawberries’ are two excellent films. Try and get the uncensored version of ‘Persona’ that has the flash-frame shot of a penis during the opening sequence. ‘Wild Strawberries’ stars Victor Sjostrom who was a pre-eminent Swedish film director during the silent era.* Like ‘Persona’ it too has a remarkable opening sequence, kind of like an avant garde short film within itself. A decade ago the BBC showed Kevin Brownlow** and David Gill’s documentary about European silent cinema called ‘The Other Hollywood’ in which each episode focused on a different country (for example Germany’s Ufa era and expressionist films like ‘Der Golem’, 'Faust and ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari’.) The episode on Sweden talked about their cinema’s incorporation of nature into its cinematography. In other words the wind blowing through the leaves of the trees.

Bergman’s film ‘The Silence’ is a cold and unsettling affair.

Recieved opinion has it that ‘The Seventh Seal’ is a moody and depressive film (the cinematic equivalent of Nick Cave’s ‘The Boatman’s Call’) but in reality it has some amusing sequences. One scene has a barrage of insults that is very much like the French Taunting sequence from ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ and there is a bawdy seduction scene which is pure ‘Carry On’.


[size=70]** Who made an excellent movie with Andrew Mollo about the Nazi’s winning and occupying Britain called ‘It Happened Here’.[/size]

i dont think i will watch this looks soo bad.and im also swedish! :o

bad? :o its classic, the swedish must be proud of ingmar

Being Swedish and hating Ingmar Bergman is like being British and hating Alfred Hitchcock. I just doesn’t happen.

Some films are more than essential to watch.