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The Royal Tenenbaums

This movie is so amazing maybe one of my favorites.Not to many movies with an all star cast are good but The Royal Tenenbaums are one of the few.The music is about as good as the movie.Anybody else like it?

I love it, But it’ not in my Top 30 :stuck_out_tongue: maybe Top 40

I think its a classic. You have to have a strange sense of humour like I do to find it really funny, though. I know a lot of people who didn’t really find it all that funny. I thought it was beautifully made.

I love this movie, but I was gonna watch it with my friends one night and they hated it. They said I have shitty taste in movies. Those bastards!

I love this movie, too! I think it’s very funny. Every character in it’s great, but Luke Wilson and Ben Stiller’s characters were my favorite.

Gene Hackman is the Shit.

Who here liked Bottle Rocket? I thought that was a really impressive debut from Anderson.

Hmmm…I may actually have to check this movie out now. Never seen it, but I’ve always been interested.

Now my interest has doubled.

This movie is as good as they get. It has some bizarre shit as well…the prosthetic finger is probably a bit much.

I love Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, but I have to say Royal T’s didnt really click with me. It was a little too, ehhh melancholy might be the word. i

I love Bottle Rocket and Rushmore, but I have to say Royal T’s didnt really click with me. It was a little too, ehhh melancholy might be the word. i

Yeah, my brother thought so too. He liked Bottle Rocket and Life Aquatic heaps, but didn’t really like Royal Tenenbaums.

Personally, I am very melancholy myself and I have a bizarre sense of humour, so it totally clicked with me. I think it requires a lot more patience than Anderson’s other films. It isn’t just a comedy, it gets a lot more dramatic than his other films. Even though Wes Anderson is known for being able to get an outstanding amount of character depth with such bizarre characters and circumstances.

Angel, I think you’re right. I’ve watched it several times, but the moodiness of it just doesnt sit with me well. Its a good Wes film, just not my taste I guess. ∞

Well, I finally picked up The Royal Tenenbaums and what can I say…it’s just one of those movies that’s hard to explain.

There’s really no story to it at all. But, I did seem to enjoy the mood; still strange though. But, I think it’s the cast which sold the movie.

Its one of my favorite movies

"Hey! I know you asshole!"

And the ending was done wonderfully IMO.

Yeah, I can definitely see myself watching it over and over again though…

This movie had a strange effect on me. The first time I saw it, I hated it for some reason. Then I tried watching it again three or four years later, and something just…clicked. I bought it on dvd and I love it. Its not in my top twenty favorite movies or anything, but its a great dead pan comedy.

I love that movie a lot ! But I do agree with all of you, it’s still a special movie, subtle humour, not everybody can find it funny, just smile and that’s all. But it was perfect, the melancolic mood is very chic. It’s not about big jokes or anything else, just mood, visual style, words, and all.

[quote=“Kilgore Trout, back by popular demand.”]
the prosthetic finger is probably a bit much.

I love that detail ! Gwyneth Paltrow was amazing in it, I’m kinda indifferent usually to her performance in movies. But in this one, so perfect. Every actors and actresses were perfect, and well casted. I wish I could see more Bill Murray though.

Does anybody else think Wes Anderson will ever make anything better than this? I thought The Life Aquatic of Steven Zissou was good and had some great scenes but it just seemed like it was missing something.

Of course, Wes Anderson has a great potential, don’t underrate him, I’m sure we can trust him and wait for a stunning movie again !

I loved the Life Aquatic. Although its a slightly different kind of humor from the Royal Tenenbaums, Bottle Rocket, and Rushmore, I really believe its just as good as his previous efforts. Die hard Anderson fans may not feel that way, and the majority of critics obviously do not, but I think its a great little movie.