The Quentin & Sofia Topic

Just wondering, does QT have a girlfriend? I know he did when he made PF, but I don’t know now. Just bored and curious…

I don’t think he has one at the moment, but I’m probably wrong

i am hearing conflicting reports on the status of QT’s lovin… som esay uma thurman, which i doubt … but wouldnt put too far by them. ANd many others which dont make sense, so pretty much i would go for a no, but i could be wrong

uma’s with some other guy i think

Okay Gentlemen!

German TV said that Uma Thurmann sold her appartement in New York City for 6.500.000 $!

And that no one knows where she wanna live up to now!

So who is the guy on this board who persuade Uma to give up her home and live with him in perfect harmony?

Uma does have a boyfriend, however she only recently started seeing him according to the press and celebrity magazines.

I read a quote from Quentin before saying that him and Uma were closer than boyfriend and girlfriend (when asked if they were boyfriend and girlfriend) they were more like man and wife! So it’s obvious that Quentin dosen’t think of her in that way.

Do i need to make my usual suggestion about me and QT? Or does everybody already know?

Why would he settle down?

Granted hes popularity isnt pulp fiction status today, but he could pretty much bag a babe with the snap of a finger. Especially in hollywood, chicks are such camera whores.

I’m glad he hasnt hooked up with Uma, she seems like an incredibly cool person, and something romantic would wreck the good bond they have going.

Do i need to make my usual suggestion about me and QT? Or does everybody already know?[/quote]

No, you don’t. Seriously, don’t.

All I know is he used to date Mira Sorvino.

right now i think hes datin Daryl Hannah

Uma is dating some old man joe who owns hotels … he looks like a shrimp compared to her.

and i dunno about QT, he gets chicks all the time i think…

Check out Quentin and Sofia at the recent opening Ceremony of the “57th Cannes International Film Festival”. Quentin is really after Sofia’s ass. Check out pic #3, where it looks like Quentin is in love and shit. Wouldn’t surprise me if down the road he ends up marrying this chick. Check out pic #4, where it looks like Quentin is staring off into space thinking to himself “Damn, I can’t wait to get her back to the hotel so I can lose my dick in her translation” ;D

yeah they just said that on TV too. That would be a marriage… Tarantino meets Coppola. The sensation wedding of the century

think if they had a baby,

the home movies would be epics

…they have been dating for a few weeks

I was more interested at looking at uma.

I still think the only girl for QT is Uma, but Sofia would be a close second choice.

tarantino better not get too lovey dovey and end up getting all soft and shit. He better stay focused on making awesome movies like reservoir and pulp, wouldnt wanna see this world withtout QT or even worse a married QT.

check out the main page. tons of pictures for ya

OK, this is slightly off topic: Yay to QT and Sofia, good luck to them and all…but…

What the fuck is with ‘Lost In Translation’ winning a best screen play oscar??? IT WAS THE MOST BORING, POINTLESS MOVIE OF MY LIFE!

Okay - yes, it has many cool elements that would be much better suited to something such as Cannes etc…but not at all Oscar material…which makes me think that Sofia had a damn outstanding publicity team. And Scarlette Johanson being nominated…for what? saying a page of dialogue and ‘looking’ inspired by the Japanese scenery gets you an oscar/Golden Globe nomination? Shit, I should have won three of those by now then!

Ok - before I get fired at. I like Sofia, I’m jealous of Scarlette b/c she’s only a yr older than me and has my life…(but she deserves it so it’s cool)

I’m simply stating my opinion of this movie, and don’t think it deserved what it was awarded - commercialised awards wise I mean.

Okay, it’s off the chest…I can sleep at night now.