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I have only been collectin’ for 3 years :slight_smile:


Pretty impressive! I know, im a geek :stuck_out_tongue: ;D


Nah, im the ‘‘ultra geek’’ or like that test said - ‘‘outcast genius’’ :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha, i was the modern geek i think. Whatever that is :stuck_out_tongue:


the Supergirl dvd is Kick-ass i saw the movie in tv last Week end.



What’s “Hitler’s Sista”?


I think its supposed to say Hitlers sista dagarwhich means ´Hiters last days`


Oh, ok. Thanks. ;D


No problem :wink:


Hitler’s Sista is a movie I would love to see. “Don’t fuck with Hitler’s sista, bitch!”


Hahahaha!!! I would love to see that one too ;D


Jack Hill present’s a Roger Corman film

’‘Hitler’s Sista’’ 8)


Hehehe ;D 8)


:slight_smile: old pic of mah tv, im watching Godfather 2 8)

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I have that book too. It’s the Swedish Maltin’s. Actually we have all of those as well, back to like 1990…


I see Kyle :stuck_out_tongue:


Kyle is awesome ;D


I´ve got Stan and Cartman ;D




here’s mah custom covers for mah bootlegs! :-</E> 8) :stuck_out_tongue:

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