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Haha, thanks. And it’s so clean because that computer doesn’t work :stuck_out_tongue:


See the trainspotting poster, is that the one that comes with the dvd?


DVDs in my collection: 268 (box sets count as one)

Non-Asian movies 84

Asian movies: 184 (89 Chinese/Hong Kong, 77 Japanese, 16 Korean, 2 Thai)


See the trainspotting poster, is that the one that comes with the dvd?

Yep, that’s the one.


okay… I’ll try to be calm but it wont be easy… I just spent 30 minutes writing in all my dvds in excel. when I look up, ONLY 10 ARE LEFT!! Fuck excel and fuck my computer. I’m gonna WRITE a fucking list.

I can count em: 127.

I’m just so fucking pissed. burn in hell excel. (hahahaha it rimes :stuck_out_tongue: )


Im 17 and I have around 600 dvds


This is really scary… When I first came to this place I had 51 dvds… I counted them last night: 139…

thats uh, 88 dvds in 8 months and I’m not a rich bitch :wink: haha… shit… if they were 100 sek(10 €/$) each then I have spent 8800 sek… haha, seriously :stuck_out_tongue: I guess I got some from other people but still… this is scaring me…

Oh, and i’ve figured out Excel I think…


i’m coming close to 400 if boxsets don’t count as one

VHS collection: 180, not counting the ones i taped from tv (yes i keep them too, always)


I have soooo many taped movies… I try to buy them so i can re-use the tapes :stuck_out_tongue: My parents have got over 200 tapes with movies they have recorded from tv…


I know that the godfather is in more than one place, thats cus my dad finished my new dvd-thing when i had already taken the pics so i took more of them :stuck_out_tongue:




The Mia Wallace and RD pictures look like the paintings wezzley sells on his site. Are they?


I have about 350 DVDs so I cant write em all down, but I’ll do about 100:

1.Pulp Fiction CE, Pulp Fiction 1st DVD

2. 2 Reservoir Dogs CE (Blonde and Orange), 3. 1st Res Dogs DVD

4. True Romance 1st DVD

5. Jackie Brown CE

6. Scarface

7. Blow Out

8. Barfly

9. Raising Cain

10. Easy Rider

11. GoodFellas

12. Taxi Driver CE

13. Cape Fear

14. Casino

15. Texas Chainsaw Massacre

16. Godfather Box Set

17. Apocalypse Now and 18. Redux (2)

19. Barton Fink

20. Big Lebowski

21. Evil Dead 1 CE (Book of The Dead)

22. Evil Dead 2

23. The Beyond

24. Carlitos Way

25. Straw Dogs

26. A Clockwork Orange

27. The Wild Bunch SE

28. Coffy

29. Foxy Brown

30. The Mack CE

31. Breathless (Criterion)

32. Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas

33. Sisters (Criterion)

34. The Streetfighter

35. Return of the Streetfighter

36. Streetfighters Last Revenge

37. Enter The Dragon

38. The Chinese Connection

39. Fists of Fury

40. The Good The Bad and The Ugly

41. Fistful of Dollars

42. For a Few Dollars More

43. Touch of Evil SE

44. Stardust Memories

45. Annie Hall

46. Cheech n Chongs Up in Smoke

47. Cheech n Chongs Nice Dreams

48. Cheech n Chongs Next Movie

49. Rio Bravo

50. Deliverance

51. The Crow

52. Starship Troopers

53. Showgirls

54. The Matrix

55. Black Sabbath

56. The Thing

57. King of New York

58. Ms. 45

59. Repo Man CE (Tin Collectors Box)

60. Leon: The Professional

61. Do The Right Thing (Criterion)

62. Malcolm X

63. The Game

64. Platoon

65. The Doors SE

66. Southern Comfort

67. American Graffiti

68. The Seven Samurai (Criterion)

69. Rashomon (Criterion)

70. Bad Lieutenant

71. Mission Impossible

72. Mean Streets

73. King of Comedy

74. Phantom of the Paradise

75. A Better Tomorrow 1

76. A Better Tomorrow 2

77. Face/Off

78. Death Wish

79. Switchblade Sisters

80. Mighty Peking Man

81. Box of Moonlight

82. Boxcar Bertha

83. Four of the Apocalypse

84. Big Trouble in Little China SE

85. The Big Doll House

86. Cleopatra Jones

87. The Last Waltz

88. Truck Turner

89. Suspiria

90. Hard Boiled

91. Bob La Flambeur

92. Dazed and Confused

93. Zombie

94. Escape From NY

95. The Dynamite Brothers

96. X The Man with the X Ray Eyes

97. Cannibal Ferox

98. The Wild Angels

99. Two Lane Blacktop

100. Cockfighter


How long did it take you to collect 350 movies?

I just started my collection.

Heres my collection:


Ichi the killer

Street fighter(box set)

Last house on the left


Master of the flying guillotine

The vanishing(re-make)


Sonny Chiba boxset(Dragon Princess,Shoguns Ninja,bodyguard,Legend of the eight samurai)

Shogun Assassin

Lady Snowblood

Once upon a time in the west

Horror movie box set(House by the cemetery,Chiller,Sleepaway camp,Night of the living dead)


Here are some of my dvd’s… I made the shelves their standing on 8)

I have some Custom dvd covers too :slight_smile:

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[quote=“Bad Max”]
I have some Custom dvd covers too :slight_smile:

looking for a custom dvd cover for resdogs SE dvd. drope me a pm if you have one




1. Young Guns II

2. Wooly Boys

3. Black Cobra

4. The Big Lift

5. Bedazzled

6. Monster In Law

7. Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

8. Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

9. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

10. Resident Evil: Apocalypse

11. Joe Dirt

12. Starsky & Hutch

13. Angel Seasons 1-5

14. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

15. Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 5-7

16. Firefly: The Complete Series

17. Wonderfalls: The Complete Series

18. Profit: The Complete Series

19. Serenity

20. Reservoir Dogs

21. True Romance

22. House of 1000 Corpses

23. The Devil’s Rejects

24. Daredevil Directors Cut

25. Red Dragon

26. 8 Mile

27. The Big Red One

28. The Punisher

29. Dukes of Hazzard

30. Mystic River

31. Point Break

32. Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone

33. The Wedding Date

34. Assault on Precinct 13

35. House of Flying Daggers

36. Labyrinth

37. Ladder 49

38. Joy Ride

39. The Last Samurai

40. Troy

41. The Chronicles of Riddick: Pitch Black

Like everyone has already said, some were gifts and some I picked up for cheap cheap. A lot of those are special editions but I didn’t specify.



how many movies do you have?

where did you buy those shaw bros. movies and Lady snowblood movie. never seen a dvd spine like that around here.


Its custom covers :wink:

I have about 400 dvds


I wish i had atleast half of your collection. But im a poor student. :stuck_out_tongue: