The movie references thread for Pulp

If someone starts pasting stuff from the again, I’m gonna get medieval on his ass.

let’s work out references by telling them, what scene they’re out and so on.

I’ll start: The entire Jack Rabbit Slims scenes are a gold pile for references. All the movie posters on the walls, the waiters and so on.


  • Attack of the 5 foot woman
  • Frankenstein

    Also, at Butch’s apartment:
  • The motorcycle movie

well, of course there’s the reference to the TV show “kung fu”…

The poster from Frankenstein is not on the wall of Jack Rabbit Slim’s

The  posters on the walls are the posters from these films: Dragstrip Girl, Rock All Night, Motorcylce Gang, Daddy-O, Sorority Girl, Machine-Gun Kelly, Roadracers, and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman.  The poster from The Young Racers that is hanging over the slot car track at Jack Rabbit Slim’s restaurant. ÂÂ

The waiters are

Buddy Holly

Marilyn Monroe in her ‘‘Seven Year Itch’’ Dress


James Dean in his ‘‘Rebel Without A Cause’’ garb

Mamie van Doren

The dance scene between Vincnet &  Mia was a reference to Godard’s Bande àpart.

when vincent is driving in his malibu after shooting up on heroine at lance’s and the background looks really fake, it is another Godard and French New Wave reference (also when butch is in the cab)

[quote]when vincent is driving in his malibu after shooting up on heroine at lance’s and the background looks really fake, it is another Godard and French New Wave reference (also when butch is in the cab)[/quote]

i don’t know if that was a direct reference to that, movies all the time do that (especially really old ones up through the 70s) So I wouldn’t consider that a direct reference to French New Wave…considering even James Bond movies use this technique a lot.

Someone said a long time ago on this board that the Mia overdose scene closely resembles the Pacino one from “The Panic in Needle Park”.

The suits worn by Jules and Vincent are similar to what is worn in quite a few Asian Action films, Tarantino himself has talked about “A Better Tommorow II” as being the main inspiration behind the black and white. Also quite a few surf bands from the late 1960s would perform in black suits and thin black ties…and Pulp does have Surf Music.

The sodomy scene in the Pawn Shop along with the hillbilly esque characters are obviously inspired by Deliverence.

The way Butch searches for a weapon in the pawn shop reminded me of a scene in “Last House on the Left” in which the father character (out for revenge) looks through his garage for a weaon suitable to kill the convicts.

butch, with a sword drawn on Zed saysm “You want that gun Zed? Go on, pick it up. I want you to- There ya go!” is similar to a line in Rio Bravo in which John Wayne and Dude go into a saloon searching for a shooter, they have all the patrons remove their guns, one guy tries reaching for his gun and John says to him, “you want that gun? Pick it up, I wish you would”

A reference to Ragin Bull is how Butch waits inside the Pawn Shop with a beer bottle, then SMASHES it on Marcellus upon entering. In Raging Bull Joe Pesci does this outside a restuarant.

Lance selling the heroin to Vincent reminded me of theguy in Taxi Driver selling Travis the guns.

A street fight busts out in Foxy Brown and a shot is used similar to that of Butch punching Marcellus.

I know the Ezekiel speech by Jules came from a Sonny Chiba film but which one did it come from?

The Bodyguard

Lance has a ‘‘Speed Racer’’ shirt on.

The scene where Butch is driving pulls up and sees Marsellus is like the scene in Psycho where Janet Leigh’s sees her boss.

while she pulls up to him.

The Wolf’s remark to Vincent and Jules that a cab ride is in their future is a reference to The Dead Zone. ÂÂ

Jules talks about The Guns of Navarone and Superfly T.N.T. while he and Vincent are cleaning the car.

The show Young Butch is watching is ‘‘Clutch Cargo’‘

The Three Stooges Short Lance is watching is

’‘Brideless Groom’’.

When Butch is looking for weapon in the pawnshop he picks a bat which is a reference to Walking Tall and then he picks a chainsaw which is a refrence to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and then he picks up a Kantana a possible reference to Hattori Hanzô: Kage no Gundan  ÂÂ

The dance competition is clearly influenced by Jean Luc Godard’s 1964 film ‘Bande A Parte’ which Tarantino has named his production company after.

The unknown contents of the briefcase are a homage to Robert Aldrich’s film ‘Kiss Me Deadly’, made in 1955.

The pawn shop rape is clearly reminiscent of ‘Deliverance’, made in 1972 by John Boorman.

‘The Bonnie Situation’ contains Jules and his friend Jimmy, clearly a reference to Francois Truffaut’s film, ‘Jules et Jim’.

The character of Wolf in this story is taken from Jean Reno’s portrayal of a ‘cleaner’ in Luc Besson’s ‘La Femme Nikita’, a role reprised by Keitel himself in the American remake ‘Point of No Return’.

It’s strange, in france we call ‘La Femme Nikita’ just ‘Nikita’. I wonder why they changed the name of the movie out of france. But it doesn’t matter anyway lol :slight_smile:

This may sound a bit odd. But the scene where Marcellus accidentally shoots the woman, was a partial influence from Takeshi Kitano’s Violent Cop. Where Kitano kicks the gun outta the guys hand and then…

See it for yourself. :wink:

-The movie on the TV in Butch and Fabienne’s hotel room is Jack Starrett’s (one of Quentin’s favorite directors) “The Losers” starring William Smith and Adam Roarke. Its a Vietnam biker film.

  • One of the kinds of heroin that Lance has is called “Bava”. Its a homage to one of QT’s favorite filmmakers Mario Bava, an Italian horror director who’s own film, Black Sabbath was inspiration for the 3 story plot of Pulp Fiction.

  • Jimmys’ unseen nurse wife Bonnie is inspired by Pam Griers character in the blaxploitation film Coffy (1973).

  • When Captain Koons visits the young Butch to give him his father’s watch, his recollections refer to an airman named “Wynocki” who transports the watch back to safety. “Wynocki” is the name of John Garfield’s character in Howard Hawks’ film Air Force (1943). Hawks is one of Tarantino’s favorite directors.

  • After Butch kills Maynard, Marsellus Wallace says that he’s going to call some friends “to go to work on [Zed] with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.” In Don Siegel’s film Charley Varrick (1973), a character named Maynard warns a bank manager that some mobsters “will go to work on you with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch”.

    -Wilson is the name of the fighter to whom Butch is instructed to lose.Wilson was also the name of the fighter against whom Terry Malloy took a dive in On the Waterfront (1954).

  • The book that Vincent reads is “Modesty Blaise” by Peter 'ODonnell . In that book, a killer indulges in a Biblical rant very similar to that of Samuel L. Jackson’s character.

  • Mia calls Vincent “cowboy” - John Travolta starred in Urban Cowboy (1980). Vincent calls Mia “cowgirl” in return; Uma Thurman starred in Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993).

  • Mia asks Vincent “Can you dig it? I knew that you could” - a dialogue reference to Saturday Night Fever (1977).

  • The many extended tracking shots in Pulp are obviously inspired by Brian DePalma whos known for his tracking shots.

can i have one of those cowboy ( john travolta urban cobway)

you can have this one cowgirl ( uma thruman cowgirls dont cry)

I was watching the movie the bravados and when that guy comes out of the bathroom and sees his friend being shot reminded me of the end of PF when vicent comes out.

I was watching DRESSED TO KILL and nacy allen’s character said, " Im going to powder my nose, and when I come back your cloths better be on the floor " Mia also talked about powdering her nose

i didn’t know this stuff. this is freakin awesome.

vincent tells lance he’ll be a “grease spot” … i think it is a reference to grease … furthermore i think the character of vincent is like what would have happened to to john’s character in grease if he had taken the wrong path

I was watching De Palma’s The Fury the other night, known to be one of Quentins Tarantinos favorite directors. Anyway when peter sticks the gun at the guys armpit he says Im scared were gonna run over a bump. Or he says something like that, anyway kind of like in PF.