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The most hated country in the world?

What country do you think is the most hated in the world? I would have to say USA.

Nah, nine times out of ten people don’t really hate America. They’re just jealous.

Honestly though, I don’t know how you can hate an entire country. I don’t understand how you can assume that your experience with a country is all it has to offer. I’ve never really understood hate in general though. If I don’t like something I’m not gonna give it the energy it takes to hate it. I just move onto something else.

This is one pointless topic.

One of the dumbest things I’ve encountered on the internet. And I’ve seen The Lobster Claw.

You obviously haven’t seen some of Bio’s posts.

Or some of Dman32’s “who’s better, Some chick you’ve never heard of or someone famous?” polls.

I’ve seen some of Bio’s, his are more scary than stupid.

Dman sounds like a gem.

Nearly everyone I know hates America.

Nearly everyone I know hates America.

How come? And are they all fourteen? I know our Government sucks, most of our celebrities are whores or douche bags, and ninety percent of what our mainstream media pumps out is complete bullshit, but those things represent a very small percentage of the actual USA. I hear it all the time that people hate America but I’ve never heard a solid reason as to why.

Not trying to be a dick. Truly curious.

Nearly everyone I know hates America.

Are you friends with a bunch of angst teenage/20somethings who follow trends?

Let me guess. They love Obama.

I tend to believe that the things other countries hate about America, most Americans hate about America too. And if we had a reason to pay any attention to their countries we’d probably hate the things about them that they hate. If any of that makes sense.

Unfortunately the people who care about their country enough to make a career out of controlling it buy into the bullshit system that’s already been established or they’re put down so early in their careers that they never have a chance to make real change.

I feel lucky to be Canadian! 8)

Nobody dislikes us…except Americans.

And the Russians…but they hate everyone. Only because of that Igor Guzenko ordeal.

I’m American and I really don’t give a sh*t. I worry about me and my family. Oh and of course you QT fans. Yeah right. ;D Well some of you all are really cool, others act like I haven’t been on here for over 2 years.

everyone hates america because its full of americans.

everyone hates america because its full of americans.

You’re a real genius, aren’t you? The Pride of New Zealand.

Quentin Tarantino, the guy you’re emulating in your photo, is from Knoxville and he’s American.

I never said I hate America but everyone I know does. All I know is that every American living in NZ is a cunt.

I’d be a cunt if I had to live in New Zealand too.

All im saying is that every American I know is a cock sucking faggot that likes to drink their dads expired period.

You, sir, a comedian’s dream.

I just…I can’t say anything to that. It’s too stupid.

Dude, most Americans don’t even know where N.Z. is on a map. So don’t act like you know Americans, because we are too stupid to know where N.Z. is. So take that.

All I know is I like Southeners ever since I laid eyes upon that magical TV Show "The Dukes of Hazzard"

And on South Park they said San Francisco is full of hippie douchebags, and I will believe everything Trey Parker tells me.