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The Jetsons

I heard that Robert was ask to make a remake of the Jetsons. That should be interesting!!!

any source to this?

Yes as a matter of fact, it from wikipedia so don’t hold me to it, but it says

In May 2007, director Robert Rodriguez entered talks with Universal Studios and Warner Bros. to film a live action film adaptation of The Jetsons. He had also met with Universal Studios to direct a film adaptation of Land of the Lost. Rodriguez was uncertain which project he would pursue next, though the latest script draft for The Jetsons by Adam Goldberg was further along in development.

Also IMDB says there is going to be a upcoming 2009/2010 movie called The Jetsons but it doesn’t go on, you know I glad you called me on this I completly forgot about his plans for Land of the lost, so thanks for jogging my memory.

He had passed on The Jetsons to do Barbarella, but now that Barbarella’s on hold, who knows.

idk, I knew he was going to make Baberella, but i don’t think he passed on it just yet though.

Yeah, I think he was given the choice to do either Land of the Lost or The

Jetsons at some point after Barberella. I don’t think it was the type of deal

though where he had to do one of them. I think he might have passed on both.

Maybe he can just focus on Sin City 2 now?

Yeah, but it’s not like Tarantino where choosing the next film is a big long decision. Rodriguez could make all three and more in the next two years.

He ain’t gonna do The Jetsons.

Ya think?

He is Doing it supposly after This new one Nervrakcers shit i forgot how to spell LOL Word on AICN is that he has been doing test on the Jetsons

So lets hope

Yeah, it’s looking less and less like he’s gonna get back to Sin City/Machette. At this point Frank Miller’s gonna be doing something else by the time Robert’s done with this stuff.

I find it hard to fathom where you could go with the Jetsons in a movie. Most of those cartoons turned into live action films never seem to do that well- Scooby Doo … George of the Jungle…Inspector Gadget…Rocky and Bullwinkle…

I wish someone in Hollywood would have original idea once in awhile instead of rehashing the same plots and storylines over and over.

The movies you listed did well enough to get sequels. They make money simply because there isn’t a whole lot of PG movies out at any given time so families flock to them when they’re available. That and they have an established fan base.

He Better Get William H. Macy to play George i can’t see anyone else palying him HAHAH

Off of the Empire magazine website, rumors he’ll be doing The Jetsons sometime in the future and is currently working on a new draft of the script.

A: "you ever saw that show ‘The Jetsons’?"

B: "yeah"

A: "you ever see any black people on that show?

B: "uh…no"

A: “looks like a good future, doesn’t it?”

Wow… how very inspired of Robert to do a movie about one of the worst cartoons of all time.

I liked the Jetsons… don’t think it should be made into a movie though … hasn’t hollywood crapped all over enough cartoons by turning them into live action movies Flintsones George of the Jungle Rocky and Bullwinkle Speed Racer stop me

I bet Rob will turn it into an all Hispanics jetsons Selma Hayek as the mom Antonio Banderas as George his kids as their kids

I don’t think turning The Jetsons into a Live action movie is really crapping on it. Maybe if the show still held up to today’s standards I could consider it untouchable but it’s not even that great of a cartoon considering the low standards of the 60s. So if anyone says they can make a version worth watching I’m all for it.

But may God smite him on the spot if he tries to put minorities in it!

But may God smite him on the spot if he tries to put minorities in it!

How come?