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The Grindhouse Soundtrack

One thing noones mentioned at all is what kind of music will be in the films. What kinds of songs do you think QT and RR will use for the Grindhouse films?

I’m thinking something on the lines of Goblin and John Carpenter. It’s the kind of music that most fits this type of movie.

That would rule! What about RR doing an original score? Thats a possibility too.

Another thing I was thinking was that QT may use some cool 60s garage rock or hard rock music that youd hear coming out of a suped up muscle car for his film.

I think RR will do most of the music for his part himself, don’t you think?

but i guess some italian stuff will be in there in one or the other part i think, from italian zombie films etc

It would be awesome to hear some score samples from Fulci and Romero films in there.

would be cool if they’d have a teaser ready that they could show at the QT fest…

Maybe QT will use an idea that Eli Roth used in Cabin Fever and use some dare I say it David Hess!!!

As a side note QT might be a Hess fan musically due to the fact that he wrote All Shook Up.

i think the movie soundtrack will be along the lines of the '70s rock bands such as BLACK SABBATH and other popular bands of the time period.

I’d really like to see Rodriguez score Project Terror, and I have no doubts that he will. My only question is whether or not QT will compile a soundtrack or let Rodriguez score, OR, check this, maybe he’ll get off his lazy ass and actually score some of it. Fuck it, I’d be happy with Morricone.

Has anyone heard any rumours of what is actually on there??? We can’t wait to find out…

We only play the tunes from his films and they are usually spot on. I guess I’m just excited to know what I’ll be learning next…

Theres no telling what QT will do, but with a killer car based movie he definitely must have some retro pop music ready to use.

Logo look familiar? This is the logo from the metal band Death By Stereo. A possible soundtrack contributor? (pointed out by Bret at Everything Tarantino)

Heres some connections between Death by Stereo and Death Proof:

  • QTs Death Proof script features a muscle car with the Death by Stereo logo on the hood.

    DEATH Proof…DEATH by Stereo (obviously both have Death in the titles)
  • Death By Stereo got their name from a line in The Lost Boys where Sam (Corey Haim) kills a vampire by impaling him on a stereo. He then states: “…Death by stereo!”
  • QT namechecked The Lost Boys in his film Reservoir Dogs: “Motherfucker I’m tryin to watch Lost Boys!”
  • Interesting background connection in The Lost Boys: The head vampire in the film, Max (Edward Herrmann) owns a video rental store. As every QT fan knows QT worked in a video rental store before becoming a director.

I hope Rodrigueze’s part will contain lots of nice guitar solos

Im guessing that ennio morricone will be in there somewhere

It would be awesome to hear some score samples from Fulci and Romero films in there.

Definetly. Some of the music from Dawn was really great and would work well with Planet Terror.

Im guessing that ennio morricone will be in there somewhere
Yeah the theme that Ennio did for Carpenter’s version of The Thing would be great for a giallo style film.

Two things I definetly see happening.

1)“Planet Terror” will be entirely scored by Rodriguez

2)Expect “Death Proof” to open with a slight obscure pop song. I bet Rodriguez will provide some musical filler in between, but I also see a few more oldies (With lyrics) popping up.

Probably opening with some pop driving song. 8)

I’m pretty sure that the DP script describes the opening track as a Rockabilly song.