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The Clothes & Merchandising topic


Due to the fact that we have several topics about the KB clothes and other stuff i.g. sun glasses, we now have this topics to put in every question about this stuff…



at Suncoast Video (Kill Bill/Pulp Fiction Neca figures)!!! I thought they were supposed to be released in late May!?

Have you guys seen them anywhere else?

Man of the hour:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … mpany=NECA”></LINK_TEXT>

the admin:

some merch:


gtsec asked:

What T shirt is she wearing in the Sushi shop?

Ing Bastard:

Same one from the boxset, I believe.


it is just a t shirt that says Okinawa on it…tourist shirt


Yeah, it’s the same shirt from the Box Set. I badly want that shirt. But not bad enough to dish out nearly $200 for the Box Set.

I wish they sold it seperately somewhere.


Mata Hari:

I don’t know if you had that question before? On another board we finally solved the mystery of what it says on the sole of Uma’s Tiger shoes

lol @ QT!

You can buy them here:


Gatsu about Gogos shoes:

Something always bothered me about the fact that she wears Nikes, when that company exploits sweatshop labor through most of China and SE Asia. I just figured Tarantino would be more sensitive in picking his sponsors, considering he’s trying to promote Asian culture in Kill Bill.

Ing Bastard:

Good point, but maybe you’re over looking it abit… they’re only shoes heh.


Pure gave this link:


Kill Bill Deluxe Five Poster Set

Oh How I Want That!!!

the admin:

check out the Pussy Wagon hat! awesome



Hey does anyone know what kind of sunglasses “Buck who likes to fuck” wears. I think they are great but I can’t find them.


They’re Elvis sunglasses; the same kind of glasses the king of rock and roll used to wear. Clarence also wears them in “True Romance”. Don’t know where you can find them though


They have them at the official Kill Bill US site( but their $20.


They sell Elvis sunglasses at gag giftshop type stores.


They sell the sunglasses at the Miramax Online Store.



Well, here are the shoes (the “Ta-Chi” model) Uma Thurman wears during the “House of Blue Leaves” sequence:

However, they aren’t available in the “KILL BILL” color. Besides, I don’t know who the hell would want those shoes anyway. ASICS does have some other, better looking shoes though.

the admin:

the official t-shirt


I’m not sure if the apparel being sold on Ebay is offical. I am wondering if anybody looked at the shirt on, where a guy is standing next to Gordon Lui. If you haven’t seen it check it out. You know I wouldn’t be surprised if some specialized record shops start carrying Kill Bill apparel.

Miss Macbeth:

Hey, I finally feel like a geek - I got myself a Kill Bill shirt…(my first “I like this show/movie/music” shirt ever) anyway, everyone’s going where’ the hell did you get it!? I want it! …I feel cool.

Here’s a pic…if I can figure out how to work html…this isn’t the actual t-shirt (I don’t have a camera yet) so here’s basically what it looks like… only cost me 13 bucks! cheap or what! :

Mr Bill:

Does anyone know about the leather jacket and where I can get it?

Or the tracksuit Uma is wearing in Kill Bill?

Thanks for help.


This is not official Kill Bill stuff, but a political offshoot / parody. Looks just like the official movie poster. Pretty funny, unless you’re Republican or a Bushhead. Probably not many of those on here as they are busy bashing the film for being too violent and mindless.


i’m not a fan of bush but i wouldnt wear a shirt or hat saying kill him

thats awful

the admin:

Official Kill Bill merchandise at

posters, t-shirts, sunglasses…


From my O-Ren


Kill Bill Unofficial Merchandise (is it ok to buy them?) at Comic Fusion store

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … —tv.html”></LINK_TEXT>

List of KB stuff available:

ID Case and Lighter Set

Pussy Wagon Necklace

Shooter Set

Tin Lunchbox With Thermos


And the next:

anyone know if they will start selling them? ive seen a few pics but it was a give-a-way type thing.

anyone got one they want to sell me?

the admin anserwed:

I got 4 pieces by Miramax. I kept one, gave one to my girlfriend and the other 2 I’ll sell on ebay (but only!)

Have you checked out yet? I am sure they are out there somewhere and easier to get in the USA than over here in Germany, where the only seller is me, haha. (Germany only), currently at about 41 euros:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 204721&cat”></LINK_TEXT> egory=40768

The best way to find Kill Bill stuff there, is to enter Kill Bill and click search… You can get the Promo DVD there, lots of posters, and so on…

but let me tell you, I just browsed and couldn’t find the damn keychain. sorry


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 6319064&ca”></LINK_TEXT> tegory=197

here is one on ebay now


I won it from The Z Review, but Miramax is who shipped it to me.


Backdoor Bandit opened a topic and wrote:

I was just wondering if anyone knows some stuff about Budd’s shirt in Volume 2. From what I remember it has a sort of turqoise color and has “North-Western Precision Inc.” written on it. Could be South-Western, can’t remember…

Anyway, I would love to get my hands on that stylish shirt. Anyone know if it can be ordered online? I have been out of luck until now.


The knive the Bride used in Kill Bill Volume I was a SOG Desert Dagger.


cool, how did you find it out?


[quote]cool, how did you find it out?[/quote]

I don’t know if that was the actual knife shown in the movie, but it’s the knife referenced in the script.


Oh, I thought that he meant that he recognized it in the movie. So I was surprised.


I read in another Forum about knives.

Just use google and you’ll see it’s the same.


Hey, about Uma’s shoes. I can’t really make up whats on there. Can’t really read it.

Can someone help me out?



Fuck U!

hehehe, no I didn´t mean you, it is what you can read at her soles… ;D ;D ;D