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Okay, thx ;D


You can get the pussy wagon keyring here. I’ve already ordered mine, it’s so sexy and pink!


Sorry to double post :-[ .

Does anybody know where I can get the jeans that Uma’s wearing on the poster for volume 2? I’d also like to know where to get the belt and boots.

Thank you :slight_smile: .


Holy shit. I am getting this. anyone else?

for those interested and unable to purchase (i saw this at, ships only to european countries), i’ll be willing to sell those. if you send me 30 euros/or 33 dollars by paypal i send you this sweetheart


The official kill bill trainers that Uma wore.


found some t-shirts at (would be nice if you’d use these links if you intend to buy them):

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OMG awesome shirts!! ;D


I’ve got the ‘I will Kill Bill’ t-shirt and the ‘revenge is never a straight line’ shirt hehe i love them!


Here is a great place where you can get Kill Bill merchandise.




Here is a great place where you can get Kill Bill merchandise.



There are some damn nice swords on sale there. Those would be great for my upcoming movie. Too bad they are real, I don’t want to kill my actors (yet).


What kind of suits are the crazy 88s wearing? I’m trying to figure out the clothing label to go purchase one.


kill bill shirts on I found on this ebay store.

Kill Bill shirts

Kill Bill Shirt

Gogo Shirt

O-ren Shirt

Deadly viper squad shirt

Elle Driver shirt

gogo shirt

Kill Vs shirt

Kill bill shirt


<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ing-Bright”></LINK_TEXT>


do they even sell kill bill clothes any more???


Does anyone know the brand of the sunglasses Beatrix is wearing in the latter half of Kill Bill 2, the scene where she talks to Esteban.


Should be a Ray Ban Tech, from googling around…


Thanks for your reply :slight_smile: I wish it was, but the thing is that the frame of the glasses Beatrix is wearing is made of clear plastic not metal. I have been googling for about 3 years now, without any luck. And when i found this forum, i thought that maybe someone in here knew the brand of those sunglasses


I’ll ask around. But you know, sometimes props departments for movies take existing products and copy them, or customize them… or it was a rare preview or prototype or custom edition supplied to Thurman by the manufacturer just for the shoot


I didn’t know that, thanks for info. And thanks for asking around. I hope that you get lucky in finding an answer to this question. It’s been on my mind for so many years now. :wink:


It might be Prada. Have a look at their older models. Both brand source from the same supplier though