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The briefcase topic


…Or maybe the combination is 666 because the owners of he suitcase are some badass motherfuckers, and 666 is a badass number, and maybe the suitcase contains gold, because gangsters deal with gold, a theif like Ringo would see all that gold, and know all it’s worth, and realize it’s fucking beautiful.

How about you guys cut all the religious bullshit, Tarantino’s movies are pretty much to brass tacks, and other than Kill Bill, as realistic as possible, gold makes sense, just settle down.
actually tarantino is somewhat religious in his movies he even admits so. and as for realism in his movies, dude hes just as immaginative as any of us. so why dont you have a little fun with it.


In pulp fiction what do you think is in the suit case? ???

i think it might be gold because it glowed .


Yes…gold…hmmmm…cough cough.


Maybe a glow worm?


Maybe a royale with cheese… :wink:

I’m kidding. At the risk of sounding cliche , I think it’s Marcellus’ soul.


I think its a rather shiny ummm…breifcase light! Like a fridge light or car door light, but inside the breifcase.


I think it is the script of Kill Bill


hahahaha ;D


Hehe, or maybe Castor Troy’s golden Springfields? :wink:


maybe a foot massage kit?



Maybe it’s one of those foot scraper things…you know what they use to get the dead skin off!! ;D


[quote=“Royale With Cheese”]

Maybe it’s one of those foot scraper things…you know what they use to get the dead skin off!!  ;D

Nah, I doubt the characters would give that same emotion to the content if it was a foot scraper thing :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s the script of Inglorious Bastards 8)


I’m saying its the soul.


I’m saying its the soul.

yes thats one of the first things that were mentioned.

i think we should open 2 topics:

  1. the briefcase topic: what’s REALLY in there and
  2. the briefcase topic: what are your interpretations of what’s in there, storywise


I lliked the briefcase itself. What brand was it?


I believe it was a Caseco.



jimmy hoffa


no actualy i realy thought about it and desided that the bandaid is irrelavent and the briefcase is a gateaway to hell and masulus is the devil. first 666 then vincent looks in it sees hell then gets killd the power of hell over powerd him so he dies pumpkin on the other hand becomes a believer in heven and changes his ways. now a lot of you are gonna think what about zed well mebe the devil needed this wrong scene to happen for vincent to die. and think about it marsuslus gets hit by a car gets the tar beat out of him and god knows what happend in the back room and still butch saves him.


It was his soul…for sure.

In the bible it states that if someone saw a soul they would know immediately what it was. Its the most beautiful site ever.