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The briefcase topic


I’ve heard that since Miramax was partners with Disney for a while that it was tinkerbell, but that’s just a rumor I heard check Movie Urban Legends sites.


honestly what would a bunch of college kids be doing with a briefcase that had somthing of real value in it. i belive it holds marcellus’s dirty laundry. just a ol pair of golden undies. or i also like the dimonds from the res. dogs heist.


I think we all know that it was REALISTICALLY a battery and a couple of bulbs. Quentin has said many times that he didn’t write it with the knowledge of what is in it! I think it most popularly known to be Marcellus’ soul, but I for one, am happy I don’t know for definite it gives the film another level!


I think its a rather shiny ummm…breifcase light! Like a fridge light or car door light, but inside the breifcase.

I know! Thats what DEFINATELY was in it! We are smart LisaLovelace!

Everyone else ie stupid! hehehehe!


Good to know there is someone on the same brain-wave!


you poor poor people. LOL


What does that mean? ???

you poor poor people. LOL


I dont know?


that stuff from the Ark in Raiders? Knowledge. Ban Dora’s Box.


I say it’s the Golden Gun…


It’s obviously The Big Man’s soul, from the golden glow when opened and the soft hum that comes from it. And when they shoot the guys who had it, everytime it switches back and forth from Jules to Vincent, that golden glow appears again, so I think its a release of something… release of capture, or something. I also heard it could be the diamonds from R.D. but nah, I don’t believe that, diamonds don’t glow and make sounds.


I think its Marcellus’ soul. The devil took his soul and put it in a briefcase, thats why when Vincent opens the case, the numbers 666 are the unlocking code. Brett, “Flock of Seagulls” and “Seinfeld” are the devils helpers.

  • It is said when The Devil takes a persons soul, he takes it from the back of the neck. Thats why Marcellus has the band aid on it.

  • When the fourth guy tries to shoot Jules and Vincent all 6 bullets miss them. They experienced Divine Intervention. Why? Because they were saving a soul (Marcellus’).

  • Before killing Brett, Jules recites the passage from the Bible, another reference to God being part of the story.

  • Whenever the briefcase is opened, the person looking in it becomes transfixed or mesmerized by it. Vincent opens it, and then at the end of the film Pumpkin aka Ringo says “its the most beautiful thing Ive ever seen”. Whats more beautiful than a persons soul?

  • At the end of the film, Jules decides to quit being a hitman for Marcellus and lead a life of peace. Vincent thinks hes full of shit. Then later, he is killed by Butch. Vincent didnt believe in the Divine Intervention, so, he got killed for it.

This sums it all up, i believe in this theory aswell…but QT did the briefcase thing to have ppl imagine their own part of the briefcase-story, and for me, the movie is way more interesting if its Marsellus’s soul thats in the briefcase


I reckon it’s alot of gold bars, that would explain the glowing gold light and the fact that “Ringo” said “Is that what I think it is?’s beautiful”, which would suggest that it’s not a dead body etc. :smiley:


There is not realy anything in the case. Tarantino said its just a battery and a light bulb, but hes leaving the contents to our imagination. it cant be marcellus’ soul, because ringo said, “is that what i think it is?” how could u possibly just think it was a soul, u dont know what a soul looks like, unless you have seen one before and he said he doesnt realy read the bible when jules asked him. it is definitely not the diamonds from reservoir dogs because diamonds dont give off a GOLDEN glow. besides, it doesnt say anywhere in the bible the devil takes ur soul through the back of your head. When i first saw the movie, i assumed it was gold. Ving Rhames said the bandaid was to cover a scar he had on the back of his neck, a real scar he has. Not the spot where some devil took out his soul.

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but then Tom Cruise swears on his hot little panties that he’s not gay


Back on it might be Marcelusses soul. I think they were getting his soul back from hell. If you look closely on the briefcase dials. I believe Vincent dials in 666 to open the briefcase.


dude the band-aid is on the back of his neck b/c he had a cut there and they covered it up and the 666 on the briefcase doesnt have anything to do with wallace bein the devil…watch the pulp fiction special edition special features


I think its whatever you want it to be.


it’s there to fuck with people, but as far as theories of what could have been in there, it was probably the diamonds from the Reservoir Dogs heist, in Reservoir Dogs when White & Joe are talking, Joe asks if Marcellus still pushes White’s ice.


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