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The Big Lebowski

I want to dedicate this thread to one of the coolest movies. A movie that changed my life, my view on this world. I’m talking about “THE BIG LEBOWSKI”.


We are close on the Dude, upside down. As the picture fades in, the bowling noises continue, but filtered and faint. They come from the Dude’s Walkman, the headset of which is now askew, with one arm off his ear.

As the Dude opens his eyes we spiral slowly upward to put him right side around. His head is now resting against hardwood floor, not rug.


Oh man.

The dude is this world’s messiah. Don’t get me wrong, actually I am an atheist, but the dude, man. you know, he’s the man. He’s takin’ her easy for all us sinners.

Some of my favorite lines from the film:

BIG LEBOWSKI: "Are you employed Mr Lebowski?"

DUDE: “Employed?..heh”


  • Nice Marmot.

  • That rug really tied the room together did it not?

  • Hey uh man, this is a private residence.

  • Shut the fuck up Donny!

  • Your phones ringin Dude!

“What do you need your Johnson for, Dude ?” :smiley:

"Well that’s just like your opinion, man" :smiley:

"Well I still jerk off manually" :smiley:

Dude…I LOVE YOU !!! :smiley:


Do you like sex, Mr. Lebowski?


Excuse me?


Sex. The physical act of love.

Coitus. Do you like it?


I was talking about my rug.


You’re not interested in sex?


You mean coitus?

“Dude, Chinaman is not the preferred nemanclature here, Asian American please”

“I didnt blame anyone for the loss of my legs…some chinaman stole them from me in Korea…”

“Who stole your dirty undies Walter?”

“Didnt that ever occur to you maaan? sir?”

“Woo, isnt this guy supposed to be a millionaire?”

“Obviously your not a golfer”

“Is this your homework Larry?”

it’s just such a great movie. An epic so to say. Coen at it’s best.

Drafthouse down in Austin, TX is showing the Big Lebowski with the Dude himself there. Below is there info on it:

The Ultimate Lebowski Experience just got better!

We have arranged to bring in Jeff Dowd (the REAL Lebowski) to do a Q&A before two of the screenings of THE ULTIMATE LEBOWSKI EXPERIENCE on August 5 & 6. Dowd gave the Coen brothers their initial break in the business by finding distribution for their first film: Blood Simple. He is currently the subject of a documentary in production called THE REAL LEBOWSKI, which will premiere at Sundance this year. The crew will be filming his appearance at THE ULTIMATE LEBOWSKI EXPERIENCE on August 5 & 6 at Showplace Lanes. Dowd will talk about the fact and fiction of the portrayal the Dude, his early time with the Coen Brothers and where bowling fits in to all of this. We have also added a 4th show on August 13 (Dowd will appear only at the 5th and 6th shows, and will bowl with one lucky fivesome).

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damn that movie is so fucking awesome, man.

i watch it again and again and it gets better every time you watch it. its the DUDE, man!

so quotable, so cool, so dude.

"…this isn’t 'Nam, this is bowling! There are rules!"

Ulee: Who IS that?!

Dude: Its the driver, I’m not driving the car, handling the money and talking on the phone all by myself!"

Walter: I told that Kraut a million times I dont roll on Shabas!

Dude: She kidnapped herself…I mean look at it, a young trophy wife in the parlance of our times…I mean she wants money, shes gotta feed the monkey…

Dude to Walter: What are you? a fuckin park ranger now?!

The Stranger: I like your style dude.

Dude: Yeah I like your style too man, you got that whole Western thing goin.

Stranger: Thanks Dude, but its more than just a thing.

Big Lebowski: I’ve done MORE than most men, and without the use of my legs… what makes a man Mr Lebowski?

Dude: Dude.

Dude: uhh I dont know sir…mind if I do a J?

Dude to Cop: You guys got any leads?

Cop: Leads? uh yeah we got a bunch of guys downtown on the case, we got em working in shifts hahahahaha…Leads!!

Maude: Go see the doctor Jeffrey. Hes a good man…and thorough.

“…this isn’t 'Nam, this is bowling! There are rules!”

“He peed on your fucking rug.” - “he peed on my fucking rug.” - “he peed on your fucking rug.”

“it reall tied the room together.”

Dude: "She owes money all over town…including to known pornographers…and thats cool… thats cool…"

BL: "Wheres my money you bum!!!..they didnt GET the money you nitwit!!!"

Fat guy: "Thats MY car man!!! i just bought it last week!!!"

Brant: "Uh, Mr Lebowski this is Brant at uh…well at Mr Lebowskis"

Dude: "Far out man, far fuckin out"

Maude: "Shes been “banging” Jackie Treehorn to use the parlance of our times"

Monty: Hey Dude Im performing my quintet this week, you know my cycle? I was wondering if you could come by and give me notes"

Dude: Ill be there man.

Monty: oh Dude, its almost the 10th, if you could just slip the rent under my door?"

Dude: Okay maan alright.

Dude: They also stole some of my papers, business papers…

Cop: And What do you do?

Dude: Uhh Im unemployed.

I can not believe it. Today I saw this movie for the first time! :-[

And I can say, that it is really cool.

The funny thing is, right after watching the movie, I take a look for double topics on the board and found this old topic made by Seb…

I can’t imagine how any arguements could arise with this one…it is my way of saying "Im sorry"

If I get out of line - just say “shut the fuck up Donnie!”

Shut the fuck up, Donnie! :stuck_out_tongue:

I love this movie.

That’s the spirit! >:D

Did you know that “shut the fuck up, Donnie” was included in the movie because his character in Fargo wouldn’t shut the fuck up?

Fan of Imdb, eh matey!?

We used to have a party where we would all make White Russians - or as I like to call them - Caucasians…

we would have to drink the whole goddamn thing everytime anyone said “shut the fuck up , Donnie” I used to get really fucked up when they said it in stereo.



Milk - skim if available

What a wonderful feeling!

p.s. you have to include “shut the fuck up, Donnie” in every post - or you’ll piss me off…and you know what happens when I get pissed off. >:(

Shut the fuck up, Donnie!

Big Lebowski is awesome. Everytime you watch it you explore something new in this extremely quotable and intertwined script

"over the line!"

‘‘Your entering a world of Pain!’’ ;D