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The Best Overall Tarantino song

Well out of:

Pulp Fiction

Natural Born Killers

Reservoir Dogs

True Romance

Four Rooms

Jackie Brown


From Duck Till Dawn

which is the best overall song?

I would have to say either:

Misirlou from Pulp Fiction


Leonard Coen’s Waiting For The Miracle from Natural Born Killers

what do you guys/gals think??


there are sooooooooo many ::slight_smile:

well one of the best i think is STUCK IN THE MIDDLE WITH YOU from Reservoir Dogs by Stealer’s Wheel.


I dont really consider NBK a QT film. But True Romance I do.

I really like “I Gotcha” by Joe Tex from Res Dogs


"Bullwinkle Pt 2" by The Centurians from Pulp Fiction. Its perfect for the scene when Vincent Vegas shooting up. I love the use of the surf rock instrumentals in the film as well.

“Out of Limits” by the Marketts in Pulp Fiction in the scene where Butch and his chickadee are driving off on the stolen chopper…in an average movie, some song like “Born to be Wild” would play because that would be considered a song for that story ending of driving off on a motorcycle…but Tarantino uses an “eerie” song like “Out of Limits” making it seem like he’s saying, “Butch here is a badass” Then we suddenly go to the title card…and the song fades out perfectly…the rest of the song not heard in the film is great, but he cut if off in the right place…Great Song.

Hell Yeah!!!

Out Of Limits by The Marketts is excellent. I wish it was on the soundtrack. The beginning is the fucking best. Very Cool song and it should of been on for longer in the movie.


Pulp Fiction:




I Gotcha

Little Green Bag

Stuck in the middle with you


Its so good that QT even put it in two films, yall!! :wink:

“The Lions & The Cucumber” from J.B. is another big favorite of mine.

From PF: Son of a Preacher Man is the best song. Dusty Springfield rules.

Does anyone know of any songs similar to little green bag? I LOVE that track!

[quote]Does anyone know of any songs similar to little green bag? I LOVE that track![/quote]

Give some of these a try:

“Radar Love” by Golden Earring

"Pusherman" by Curtis Mayfield

"Love is the Drug" by Roxy Music

"Baby please dont go" by Them

Honorable mention

"Apache" by The Incredible Bongo Band (Always thought this tune belongs in a QT picture)

Thanks for the info. I’ll check those.

Radar Love is a cool song.

I’d have to say “Dark Night” by the Blasters

Probably because my cousin John is the bass player in the band. Cool fuckin’ guy–cool fuckin’ band.

I have to agree Strawberry Letter 23 is a classic!

I Gotcha

Little Green Bag

Surf Rider


Across 110th Street

Didn’t I blow your mind this time

QT always create memorable intro both in regard of music and images; I suggest Little Green Bag becuse really define Reservoir Dogs, for me it’s really the perfect “cool” scene…

also great is “101 Streeth” with Pam Grier Running trough the airport…

For PF I Like best Travolta and Thurman dancing on “Never Can Tell”

Did you know that Misirlou is a remake of a very old Greek ;D song? Well it is. And the lions nad cumberer from Jackie Brown is from a cool sexploitation movie (QT has said that is 1 of his favorite movies) called Vampyros Lesbos. I saw it recently :stuck_out_tongue: it was a very damned cool movie, with 1 of the best soundtracks ever for a b-movie. Check this out!

One that nobody has mentioned yet:

Hooked On A Feeling, by Blue Suede

Awesome song.

My personal favorite is probably “Girl, you’ll be a woman soon”.

c’mon, its gotta be surf rider from pulp fiction. thats the only movie where I actually sit through the cast and crew listing at the end.

hmm… very tough. At the moment I’m listening to “flowers on the Wall,” by the Statler Bros, damn this song is the shiznat! And just to clue you in as to how eclectic my taste in music is, next track on the playlist is “Back Down” by 50 Cent… hehe