The Best Overall Tarantino song


Randy Crawford - Street Life… from Jackie Brown




[quote]LITTLE GREEN BAG[/quote]


Res Dogs: Little green bag

Stuck in the Middle With You

Pulp: Miserlou

Let’s Stay Together

The end credits song

Jackie Brown: Street Life

The Lion and the Cucumber

Didn’t I Blow Your Mind

Straw Berry Letter 23

Overall? Let’s Stay Together…best song choice EVAR


The image of the Dogs walking down the street to this song is just too good: Little Green Bag


Stuck in the middle with you!! The scene where they play this is one of the best scenes ever in movie histoty I think.


Flowers on the Wall. I love that song. Twisted Nerve is great as well.


Bustin Surfboards

Bullwinkle Part 2


Lets stay together

Stuck in the middle with you

Little green Bag

The End song of pulp fiction

Jungle Boogie (Best Song EVER)

You never can tell


Battle without Honor or Humanity vs. Little Green Bage

who will win?


miserlou, stuck in the middle with you and little green bag still give me a rush everytime I hear them…

I’m from Holland and live in the same village as george “little green bag” Baker does…

He hit me with his car ones…the dumb ass MF! driving around in his old volvo, looking like he’s gonna bury himself…

But had to forgive him, cause…well the song remembers me of the opening scene…and well, gotta respect that!


Reservoir Dogs:

Stuck in the Middle with you

Little Green Bag

Pulp Fiction:


Girl, You’ll be a Woman soon

Jackie Brown:

Across 110th Street

Starberry Letter #23

From Dusk Till Dawn:

She’s just killing me

After Dark

Kill Bill: Vol. 1:

Bang Bang (my Baby shot me down)

Battle without Honor or Humanity

Great songs, all the time :slight_smile: !


Little Green Bag, I don’t know how he could make this fucking brilliant song, all his others are crappy. Paloma Blanca, that song sucks…


I realy like alot of them songs,can’t pick just one…

-Surf Rider (pulp fiction)

-Misirlou (pulp fiction)

-Dark Night (fdtd)

-Litle Green Bag (res.dogs)

-The Lonely Sheperd (Kill bill)

-Flower of carnage (kill bill)

-Bustin’ surfboards (pulp fiction)

-Never can tell (pulp fiction)

-Bang Bang (kill bill)

^^ those are my all round favorites.


stuck in the middle with you(dogs)

little green bag(Dogs)

Dark night(fdtd)


you never can tell(pulp)

jungle boogie(pulp)

Bullwinkle pt 2(pulp)

Battle Without Honor or Humanity(KB)

Nobody But Me(KB)

The little bit played of this song is so god dam awsome for the breakdancing/footdismembering.


5. The Lonely Shepherd

4. Countin’ Flowers on the Wall

3. Across 110th Street

2. Jungle Boogie

  1. Stuck in the Middle with You


1. Mirislou-Pulp Fiction

2. shitlist-natural born killers

3. jungle boogie-pulp fiction

4. bullwinkle part 2-pulp fiction

5. little green bag-reservoir dogs

there’s so many to choose from and I like it all so much. it was hard narrowing it down to five!

I think p.fiction had the best soundtrack though.


here’s my expanded list:



jungle boogie

bullwinkle part 2

you never can tell

girl, you’ll be a woman soon

bustin’ surfboards


little green bag

stuck in the middle with you

I gotcha


bang bang my baby shot me down



something I can never have

sweet jane


waiting for the miracle


5.You Never Can Tell-PF

4.Jungle Boogie-PF

3.Stuck in the Middle With You-RD

2.Battle Without Honor or Humanity-KB



Misirlou seems to be the favorite here  8)

Deservedly too… It’s a damn good song!

It’s on every list but one!


[quote]Misirlou seems to be the favorite here  8)

Deservedly too… It’s a damn good song!

It’s on every list but one![/quote]

Cause this song is so fuckin brilliant! Every time you her, you know its Pulp Fiction. This rythm, this style, just great!

One question: Why are they singing “Strawberry Letter 22…” in the song “Strawberry Letter #23”?